Learn And Earn Contest - Everyone Is a WINNER

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How is the week going my fellow steemitizens? I believe fruitful and good. Let's make it better, more fruitful and funful ( lol). Let's do this guys.

I have been running the "Learn And Earn Contest" for sometime, which let's you do a little research and earn from doing such. However, this one is a SPECIAL kind of it. But...

What's So SPECIAL About This?

Well, let's just say that everyone who follow the Requirements/Guidelines accordingly, is a WINNER. I believe it will also add a little LIGHT to our steemistory. Did I just notice you say...


Generally, the number of posts has decreased recently since the bearish trend in the cryptospace. This has affected everyone whether we choose to accept it or YES. Lol. The passion seems to be waning and some feel a bit worried, which is quite human.

The contest will serve as an ultimate EQUALISER of ALL who choose to play by the Requirements. It does not Recognise plankton, minnow, dolphin, orca, whale e.t.c in its distribution of the reward. EVERYONE IS A WINNER.

Let's Talk About...


Unlike the previous editions of the 'LEARN AND EARN CONTEST', this series requires a little more efforts from the participants.

This edition is expected to run for 26days according to the English alphabets lettered 'A' to 'Z'. To be part of the reward, please follow...


  1. Please make a post of more than 50 words based on either an ANIMAL or a PLANT whose name corresponds to the alphabet of each day. ( You can get idea of how to write by visiting previous Learn And Earn Contest post Here. You can also use your style if you wish so far it conforms to the Requirements here.

  2. Your post MUST have at least one image of the plant/animal you choose to discuss. (Please put the source link of the image if it is not original work from you)

  3. You are required to RESTEEM my post corresponding to the alphabet of your entry to be ELIGIBLE for the share of the Reward.

  4. You are REQUIRED TO UPVOTE AT 100% my post corresponding to the alphabet of your entry. For instance, if you joined the contest at alphabet 'E' or any other alphabet before the contest ends, please find my alphabet 'E' post and implement the Requirements here.

  5. Please share link of this Original Post in your entry post so that others can see the requirements.

  6. Please share your post link as a comment to my post corresponding to the alphabet.

  7. You are required to use 'learn2earn' as one of your tags.

  8. You are required to upvote ( at any vote percentage ) and comment not less than 10 words on any post under the #introduceyourself or #introducemyself tags, and to share the link to the post you commented on along with your post link using the format: my entry - (your post URL) and my comment - (the URL of the post you commented on) to be eligible to share in the reward of the contest.

  9. The title of your post is required to be in this format: Learn and Earn Contest Entry: A (Or any other alphabet you are writing on) = (Name of the plant or Animal Corresponding to the alphabet).

  10. Tag/mention at least one person in your post to join in the contest.


At the payout (after 7 days) of each post of the 26 alphabets, ALL the ELIGIBLE participants will share the liquid SBD and/or Steem ( excluding the worth of the sp) EQUALLY.

NOTE: Please follow ALL the requirements to be ELIGIBLE to share in the rewards else, your entry will be seen as a contribution to the fun.

RANDOM BONUS: I will send an additional 1 SBD or 1 Steem randomly to any Participant that does a certain simple task that I will be featuring randomly in my post during the contest period.


To get the contest rolling my entry is down ( Subsequent entries will share a link to this post). Let's do this...

Learn And Earn Contest Entry: A = APPLE 🍎


" An apple a day keeps the doctor away". That is similar to the original saying.

Eat an apple on going to bed, and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread." The current phrasing, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away", began usage at the end of the 19th century, [1][2] early print examples found as early as 1899.[3]

I choose this sweet fruit as my entry today because of the taste of it and the health benefits associated with it. Such health benefits includes:

  • Lowering of bad cholesterol in the body system

  • Reducing the risk of cancer.

  • Has a rich source of antioxidants that fights diseases.
    Those are a few benefits associated with it. You can read more of the benefits on the link [https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/267290.php]

I tried inscribing Emjoe in the red apple above, you can see it untouched down lol.


That's all for the alphabet 'A'. I look forward to seeing your fine entry. I will like to nominate @nellyprecy.


My Signout Message Is:

Everyone Is a Winner. Celebrate Every Little Success.




For the first time I know about this contest, Very soon I will joine this contest. Thanks @emjoe for your exclusive idea for learning.

Thanks for coming around.

I look forward to your entry

Thanks for nominating me, I'll do justice to it.

You're welcome. I look forward to it

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