Learn And Earn Contest Entry : S = Sapodilla

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Hello members of steemit.
I've come with another post.
a friend mentioned me to a contest of @Emjoe.
I'm trying my best to join in the contest.
the contest rules can be found here.

This time I'm sharing post about Sapodilla that I've found with letter S.

Source of image

  • It is one of the high-calorie fruits where 1000 g provides 830 calories
  • It is an beautiful source of dietary fiber
  • The fruit is rich in antioxidant polyphenolic compound tannin whichhelps limit conditions like erosive gastritis
  • It contains a good amount of antioxidant vitamins like vitamin-C.
  • Fresh ripe sapodilla is a great source of minerals

It's everything I can give about this.

And another thing.

I think we should use this app as it really gives rewards to peoples who use this app and it's a helpful app for newbies where many good features are available.

The app for mobile phone and PC can be found in their website which is...

This is the end of my post.
I think this post is okay to go.
Give upvote if you think my post deserve that.

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