The Labyrinth Of The Holy Trinity: The Soul-Spirit, The Mind & The Body (The Labyrinth Of The Space Peace)

Few years ago I got an idea to build a #labyrinth in The #Holy Forest Tramontana on the very, very special island Cres situated in Kvarner bay, Croatia. With the big help of my dear woman Nikolina we managed to build it. It is pretty huge. Right next to it there are Isis's (on the left; in Croatian we say: #Izida) & Vesna's (in front) labyrinths which were made as the replicas of the already existing labyrinths.


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#Vesna is an old #South-Slavic #Goddess of spring. #Isis is an old #Egyptian Goddess representing wife, mourner, mother, protector, magic, wisdom but she is also a sky & universal Goddess. Both of the Goddesses have a very close meaning representing very similar & closely connected natural phenomenons as #birth, #fertility & #motherhood.

The Holy #Trinity Labyrinth is, of course, divided in 3 equal parts, each representing one part of the human #existence - the #Soul-Spirit, the #Mind & the #Body. In the middle there's a tree-sided 3D #pyramid with a #calcite #crystal top. (It can also be a #vagina.)



If I remember it correctly, we were building it for 6 days & 6 nights. This is process:


Nikolina was working hard:



We were visited by two friends - Ariana & her boyfriend at that time. They helped a bit too!






We have also built a #comet in it:





Some funny photos:




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Your comments are always unique!




This one looks like "oho"?! 😆


In all honesty, she could do with a bit more variety :P

But I am always pleased to see her dig up a gem of a post like this one. That labyrinth is amazing and dang... that's some heavy lifting you guys did there! Awesome photography, too!

I love it! 100%


Oh thank you for the nice words! True! It was hard work but the results are thrilling! 😉


More than thrilling! and I've hauled a few rocks myself before... so I can just about imagine the tremendous feat you've done there...

I just don't understand the part with the "vagina"... but that's probably just meant in a spiritual way... well... I hope so :P

P.S.: sorry for the immature humor, I just can't stop myself sometimes


Thank you for visiting, reading & everything!


Vagina is a beautiful thing!

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I love labyrinths and yours is so beautiful! And a design I don't think I've seen before. Blessings on your path!


Thank you very much! I really appreciate your comment! Very glad you like it! If you ever visit Croatia, I could give you instructions how to find it!


Thank you. If I ever visit Croatia your labyrinth would be on my must-see list!


You are welcome!

Why are the labyrinths so captivating? Will each one represent a journey into the interior of a mind?


I didn't really expect this kind of a question but I'm happy to see that someone is interested in my work! Thank you!

Well, it's hard for me to answer to your question cause I'm watching it from a completely different perspective & I didn't have a goal to capture anyone while I was building it...

I wrote a longer theoretical text which follows the photos but it is in Croatian. I was planning to translate it in English so maybe you will get an answer from it...


I will read it carefully. Thanks for taking the time

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awesome picture brother


Which one? ☺