Master Banner Post 3/23/2018

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Master Banner post update 3/23/2018

What's Inside

  1. Building an Icon Link Step by Step
  2. Links of Importance
  3. Links of a More Normal Nature
  4. Storytellers and Authors
  5. Previous Banner Post
  6. Iconic Clicky Links
  7. Closing

    Building an Icon Link Step by Step

I have had a few people wonder about the clickable and resized links I occasionally use, so I'll start the update with it.
Note above image links to @newbieresteemday page

Pick the image you want to use.

          Below in the highlighted pink is the code that is used. The first part is just your standard I want to go here link, (to daves post about the launch of newbie resteemday).
That's the <a href="....initiative"> part.

          The next part is the < img src=, this part is divided into two parts. The first part the resizing of the image, followed by the image link. by changing the 200X100 you can pretty much pick any size you want for your image. Now this will not work on all images, and I haven't the foggiest clue why.

          The last part></a>

So the different parts:

  1. <a href=""> "The Link"
  2. <img src= "The Size"
  3.></a> "The Image"

If you dd not want to resize the image: <img src=></a>

And here it is all put together:
<a href=""><img src=></a>&nbsp;

If you have any questions or need clarification on the process let me know, but as I said above I really do not understand why some images can not be resized on the fly.

Links of Importance

Cheetah Bot FAQ
Help I've been Hacked
Introducing @guard -- a Proactive Measure to Limit Phishing on Steemit

          There is still, and always will be, a lot of questions asked about what Cheetah bot is, hopefully the FAQ's will answer any you have, and even @anyx who is a very busy person, she will when time and priorities permit respond to inquiries. @guard is another one of her creations in conjunction with @steamcleaners, in an effort to help protect steemit members. It is still very new so a few glitches, as with any new system, may be experienced. Let them know through the provided link if things seem funky.

Links of a More Normal Nature

  1. @Newbieresteemday
  2. @newbiegames
  3. @IFC - Still very new and a work in progress, Just letting ya'll know it is coming soon.
    a. @apolymask - - For Information Finding Championship Contest/Game information.
  4. @greetersguild
  5. Newbie Discord Chat
  6. IFC Discord Chat
  7. SGG Discord Chat (Steemit Greeters Guild)
  8. Teamusa Discord Chat

Storytellers and Authors

They keep writing, and I keep reading. It has been some time since I have added to my Author Collection, I would like to introduce to you, if you have somehow missed him @warpedpoetic. He has his own very unique style that blends poetry and fiction together, I really like his work, so if you get bored or want something different to read, give him a try. I have read stories from all those in my table of Authors and they all bring their own style to the steemit table.

@pibara is currently running a well paying help edit the story contest.

The deadline for entering into this beta reading lottery is 0:00 UTC on April 15 2018.
So a lot of time to still enter, Potential prize of 500SP for 6 weeks just for telling him about some grammar errors, inconsistencies, and other errors.

Previous Banner Post

My Master Banner Post 1/16-3/23/2018

Iconic Clicky Links




If there is anything you would like to see added, let me know, likewise if there is anything you would like me to remove let me know. Or if you find a link that does not work let me know.

I want to thank @jogreh for the really nice divider he made for us at newbieresteemday.

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Thank you for the mention bro and thanks to for that quick tutorial. I believe there folks out here on steemit who need it just as I do.

Once thanks for finding quality in my stories. So stay safe out there. Peace.


I like adding quality Authors to my list, and you are definitely one.

Cheers for the shoutout!


Sorry for late reply, but you are welcome, I enjoy reading, even though I have not had much time lately.

Thank you ✌️


Just an update, and sorry for the late reply, has not been a good week. I will never lose my Author list, so it will always be part of my banner post.

Finally! I never knew how to insert these clickable images. Your post is awesome. Thanks so much for explaining in a way I can understand and use.


It won't work on moving gif's, at least not that I know.

Superb informative post my friend, nice dividers. :-)


Thank you I forgot to include @jogreh for making the dividers, a quick edit is coming.


That was not why I said that, so don't feel bad, great post is what I meant.


Oh, no I did not feel bad about it, I completely forgot to put his name in there. I really like that divider he made us. So your comment just clicked that into my (at times) pea sized brain.


lol don't be so hard on yourself, I put the sugar container in the fridge earlier, instead of the milk. :-)


I hope the milk didn't sour, but if it did, you could always make lumpy pancakes.

Seeing some of the great names in the rest of your 'author' list, I felt that my name must have been entered by mistake. Now that I've had some time to reflect on it, I've decided not to do anything to risk having my name removed, as seeing it is a tremendous ego booster.

Thank you.

PS: I have bookmarked, as there is a lot of useful info here.


I read some of your stories, I read a story from each and everyone of those listed. I have just gotten so busy, that I had to cut down on my story reading, a lot. I still find time to add new ones though, just not as many, I will always have room for more, and a place to find something to read if if when I get there I have to scroll an scroll and scroll some more.

Thank you for the bookmark, I do have to warn you though that it will change in a couple of months, but the most current will always be below my user name in the page banner.

@dreemsteem add to list on next update, Author.


your tag brought me here .... and now this post is going into buddyup's post-spot! :)

we always have people looking for these kinds of tips!!!

speaking of tips - since your post is past payout - please allow me to toss you a tip instead of a vote!

@tipu send tip please! Thank you, you lovely little tip jar!!!!


thank you for the tip. I use my master banner post to remind me of things and help jog my memory, I kept forgetting how to re-size on the fly so now I have it handy, along with all my Read list authors.


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