Calling all IFC Entrants!!!!! Would you like to WIN some SBD?!?!?

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Hello all [IFC] entrants, I have a quest for you! I know a lot of you use discord, or, so I would like for you to do something for the IFC and ultimately, yourself!

I think we need MORE, MORE, MORE challengers! You can call me greedy, but it's deeper than that for me! I have a desire to change the world, and I believe this championship is going to do that. Even if it only changes our perception on things, sometimes that's what it takes. To change perception!

Every single one of you have been so creative and I see the evolution with each round as people are starting to really enjoy doing these rounds. So former entrants and current entrants, lets get out there and find our people!
Judges, you too can do this!

@apolymask , @kryptocek, @bashadow, @deliberator, @amariespeaks, @lynncoyle, @noisyboy, @addempsea, @rarebooksleuth, @luckysteem, @harj, @xomegax, @plushzilla, @bitpizza, @swolesome, @gailbelga, @grizzman, @yura81, @newcastle, @markkennard, @auminda, @ahmartinz, @yaboyjon, @mnallica, @happoculturation , @beeyou (mello), @gduran, @nxtblg, @mmasim, @mnallica, @yaboyjon, @ahmartinz, @auminda, @sophiabydesign,, @bitpizza, @gailbelga, and @markkennard!!!!

Here's what I would like from you:

  • Find as many people as you can to make a post for the IFC.
  • Explain to them what the IFC is or guide them in the right direction.
  • Invite them to join the discord chat.
  • If they make a post, you get an entry.
  • Depending on how many new challengers you find, who make a valid IFC post, you may win some SBD.
  • The person who brings the most new Challengers to IFC will win 3 SBD.
    Remember to tell your friends to acknowledge you in their posts so you receive your entry.

If you need help to explain what the IFC is, then here are a few links to get you started!

  • kryptocek explains a lot of great information pertaining to the Information Finding Championship HERE
  • amariespeaks explains a little bit more about apolymask's vision HERE
  • The simplified rules can be found HERE

If you are reading this and would love to know more about the #informationfinding championship, feel free to contact any of the above mentioned people, or join us in discord. Want more info, comment below, and I or any others mentioned will help in anyway we can! I look forward to meeting all the new contestants!!!!!

Good Luck to all!!!!

p.s. Whoever gets the most contestants to join, will win an IFC magnet of @yeszuzia's recent creation of the Judges and @apolymask in front of the Digital Castle!!!!

Click to enter the Discord Chat room! Artwork by @yeszuzia

Click to go to the rules page

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I will try.

That's all I ask. If you can't get to it bashadow, that is perfectly ok! You are a busy man! I appreciate you giving it a read! Enjoy your day/night!

          Congratulations you have been upvoted because you, or a friend left a post in the NewbieResteem Post promotion Box. Discord Chat channel post Promotion Box.

What do you think?


Clicking on the images will take you to "Newbie Resteem Initiative info" - Our Discord Channel - abh12345's - IFC page

We invite you to use our tag (#newbieresteemday) to connect with more of our members. To learn more visit: Come Join Us!!! (Newbie Resteem Initiative)

I @bashadow invite you to also click on the IFC Castle and learn about @apolymask and his game, be sure to tell them I sent you. As abh12345 has made lots of votes possible, apolymask thru his IFC game has made lots of fun possible.

Lots of votes made possible due to the kindness of abh12345 and his Steemit Curation Leagues

see there! You are doing great things for each of us!!! I love that! Keep being awesome!!!! I just realized you have added a line of photos there, is that all one string?

Pretty much yes, one string with a couple of blank sp holders ( ). But they wrap if the response is not at top. Oh and the IFC link comes here so people can it is US (the players/judges) looking for more players and not necessarily apolymask, even though it is his game.

I see what you did there, you are a clever man!!! I love it! I know you get around in the comments so hopefully we will see if this works! Thanks @bashadow the GREAT! You really are doing awesome getting others to join in with us and the fun! Looking forward to seeing more great things from you!

Congratulations @bashadow you get an entry for bringing in @iexplore to the IFC! Thank you and Good Luck!!!

Can you please not say that I wrote "I wanted more"? Or I wanted "more more more".
I look like an avid bitch, which I am not. The first week of this IFC I complained because there were too many rounds, once a day, and since I put my creativity and my energy in it, I said that priority was given more to quantity than quality and I asked to have less rounds.
Something quite different!

I will edit my text, I really enjoyed your entries, but will respect your wishes. It would be awesome tho, to see more of your creations! You are a very talented woman and I have enjoyed each one of them. If you decided not to participate that is your choice. Although, it would make my day to see more from you! If you do not, I understand, and wish you all the luck in your steemit dreams!

I love you too @dreemit!

But you are an avid bitch. HAHAHA, kidding, you set that record straight! I love you!

Awesomeness. :D Great idea and drive. I love the effort you're putting in to help this idea come to life more. And.. I want to at least match your prize, I'll send 3 SBD right now, and maybe some more later. :)

Wow, that is awesome! Thank you @apolymask, I want to see where this goes! I think you are really doing great things with the championship which in turn makes me want to help even more.

Thank you so much for share this matter.

Il try

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Mission Accepted!

Awesome! Good Luck! and remember you can tell anyone through any way of communication, it doesn't have to be a post. as long as you get them to enter discord make a post and give you credit.

okay! cool :)

I saw some SBD in my account and didn't actually realize there was a bounty for this. I read the first part about trying to get more people joining the IFC and didn't keep reading since I was already trying to pull a few more people in anyway. I am looking forward to the new ideas that they bring to the next few rounds!

Oh wow this is pretty interesting and would be smashing to be a part of. Might be able to connect with some pretty awesome people.

There's still plenty of time to enter the latest challenges as well as this one if you would like!

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Screenshot_20180301-155814.png how this?


Yes, you can do it however you like and if they enter the IFC before the payout of this post, you have an entry! Good luck, and thank you for accepting the quest! BTW you are doing awesome getting the information out there great job @xomegax

Thanks charisma!

Of course! Ihope you have a great day!!