STEEM POWER Delegators: @tipU Pays 100% Of Profit + Extra 50% Of Curation Rewards To Investors

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Hi guys, this post is addressed to steemians that are willing to delegate their STEEM POWER to @tipU for daily payouts that come from @tipU sharing its profit with the investors.

How Does This Work

In general: @tipU pays out 100% of the generated profit to investors. The income is distributed proportionally to the amount of STEEM POWER delegated, no fees are taken by @tipU.

On top of that 50% of the curation rewards are also distributed among investors proportional to their investment in form of liquid STEEM. This further increases the profitability for the investors.

The payouts are made daily at the same hour (20:00 CET) and they look like this :)




The most important part for the investor :) Let's do some simple math:
Currently @tipU upvotes with 2.2 profit multiplier which means, that if for example, user wants to receive 1 SBD upvote, he needs to send 0.45 SBD (0.45 * 2.2 = 1). This 0.45 SBD is the profit distributed to investors (again - no fees taken).

Now let's use and check the profitability for an example of 1000 SP delegated.

Currently 1000 SP gives 0.1 SBD upvote. Because you can give up to 10 full upvotes per day, 1000 SP allows to upvote with total of 1 SBD per day. This fits in nicely into our previous example - if your @tipu delegation allows to generate 1 SBD of upvotes daily, you will receive 0.45 SBD daily as your payout :)

This 0.45 SBD scales of course to any other delegation amount: 2.000 SP will give 0.9 SBD daily and 10.000 SP will give 4.5 SBD daily.

Please note that those calculations are valid for currently reported STEEM base feed price which is 1.5 USD. But yesterday STEEM price jumped to 2 USD levels which means that profits will go higher :)))

On top of that - if your delegation is at least 7 days old, you will start to receive liquid STEEM which is the payout from 50% of the collected curation rewards per day.

Currently I'm working on systems that will allow to maximise curations rewards - their goal is to spend more voting power on new and valuable posts that generate more curation rewards.

How To Delegate SP or Invest To @tipU

If you want to invest, just send at least 0.01 SBD or 0.01 STEEM to @tipU with memo: invest . Your investment will be automatically changed to STEEM POWER and will work as normal SP delegation. If you want to withdraw your investment, let me know in the comments :)

If you want to delegate STEEM POWER you can use one of those links:
Delegate 1 SP
Delegate 10 SP
Delegate 100 SP
Delegate 1000 SP
Delegate 10000 SP

If you need link for a custom amount, let me know in the comments or
use this useful delegations tool:
Type your steem user name in "delegator field", then @tipu as "delegatee" and the amount of STEEM POWER you want to delegate :)

That wraps it up, if you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments :)

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very nice initiative @tipu! Delegated 10 SP to give it a try 😉

@tipu upvote this post for 3 sbd :)


Dear @tipu,
sorry if I disturb you for my miserable investment, but I would like to withdraw to then do powerup and delegate some more SP.
Thank you very much!

Nice idea. But can I be part also.. I just recently joined.. And I don't think I can delegate what I don't have... Or can I?? I need to be put through on how this plz

I'm in just delegated to you! Thank you for your service and good work!

This is kinda old post so update is needed - it's 60% now :)

what are the basic requirements on steemit for new steemians to actually get noticed and grow


Erm, theres no official list ;) create valuable, useful content I guess. @tipu send tip :)


Hi @ready4them! You have received 0.3 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Good initiative @tipu 🤝. Gave it a try😉. Just delegated 1SP couple of minutes ago to have a feel of how it actually works.Screenshot_20180404-204935.png


Cool, thank you :) let me boost your return on investment - @tipu send tip ;)


Hi @loso! You have received 0.3 SBD tip from @cardboard!

Protip: if you want to send tips and upvotes from @tipU you need to make a deposit first.


Ok noted .🖒

hi @tipu what is the minimum amount to invest? How many STEEM/SBD?


0.01 SBD or STEEM. In fact fact 0.001 would be tracked too but @tipu sends back 0.001 SBD with confirmation message so Im sure someone would try to abuse it ;)

Wonderful my dear @tipu

I have upvoted the post.



Great opportunity @tipU . But i am unlucky one who havent any SBD in my account to transfer. When I will acquire i will join your next plan. keep continue.

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Hai @tipu, your name is that, are you going to lie to everyone, I think not, the way in your post is not in realizing has helped me and others in steemit, I follow you.

Oh wow, I really like to contribute, but I'm very clueless on how to do it actually, perhaps I want to delegate 20 sp, how do I do that?


Please try this form:

Let me know if there are any problems :)


I just invested 1 STEEM, following the instructions.

just delegated 0.01SBD . TQSM

Let me try once.

Any estimate of the average weekly payout for 100 SP delegation?


Sure, check out payouts for this user, he has 100 SP delegated:

Todays payout: 0.043 SBD and 0.011 STEEM
Please note that those payouts come from STEEM price at $1.5 and finally the price went up so profits will also be increased.

This example payout x 7 days = 0.301 SBD and 0.077 STEEM

But again - STEEM price went up so this example is not up to date, it will be higher :)


Thanks for the info!


Hi, I've just randomly checked your wallet and noticed that you're using minnowsbooster delegations market, which is a great tool by the way.

If I understand correctly, you're delegating 1600 SP for 0.330 STEEM daily.

For 1600 SP delegated @tipU would pay 0.688 SBD + 0.176 STEEM daily so... 3 times more. Just saying!


Actually I just have 306 Steem Power delegated to minnowbooster which gets me 0.33 Steem Daily, so I think that's the better investment right now.

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Wow, someone is paying a lot for your steem delegations.

Hi @cardboard just delegated 100 steem to @tipu to see how it performs. The tipu service is a very useful tool which really comes in handy when our vote power is low and you want to reward someone.


Cool, thank you :) you can check the status of your investment at any time by sending 0.001 SBD to @tipU with memo: status

This post has received a 16.93 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @tipu.

Is there any sbd investment service? Suppose I send you 100 sbd how much daily profit 🙂


100 SBD -> around 80 STEEM POWER -> around 0.07 SBD daily - it will be higher if STEEM price goes up again. And you can refund any time you want :)


How to refund?


Send 0.001 SBD to @tipu with memo: refund

I finish delecation.1 Sp 😁


Cool :) just in time for a small steem node failure, hence the delay in confirmation ;)

i send my upvote. please give me upvote