Day 740: 5 Minute Freewrite: Wednesday - Prompt: cold person - A Lawn Chair Story - "Cold Lady's Revenge"

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Cold Lady's Revenge

A lawnchair Story Freewrite

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Source, myself (@bashadow)

Halloween, Rafe loved it. He could do almost anything with out much risk. He was getting thirsty when he saw a wanna-be Caped Crusader. Rafe did not like the law, or any authority figure. He thought it was just so wrong on the night of the daemons that anyone should pretend to be good.

Rafe skirted the back alley and between the buildings to wait on his chosen target. He was real happy with the location, because he was getting thirsty. The Caped Crusader came stumbling by the entry for the alley, Rafe reached out grabbed and pulled him in and knocked him out by slamming his head against the wall.

He thought he heard a crack as he slammed the guys head, oh well Rafe thought not my noggin. Rafe removed the guys mask and cape and put them on. As he removed the cape, Rafe got the surprise of his life, the guy was a cop, and he had his gun and badge.

He tucked the gun in the back of his jeans, and pinned the badge in a prominent spot on his chest. With a new found ounce or two of courage Rafe decided to put his new tools and courage to work. He stepped out of the alley, and made his way to the Liquor Store the cop came out of. "Did ya forget something Hank". the guy behind the counter called out. Rafe ignored him and went to get a six pack and two bottles of whiskey. When he got to the counter, he didn't even pretend to pay, just whipped out the cops pistol and shot the clerk.

Rafe Returned to the cop, put the gun back after cleaning his prints off of it, and put the mask and cape back on the guy. Rafe noticed that there was a lot of blood from the head wound. He left one of the bottle of whiskey opened and with a little bit poured on the front of the cop, like he had been drinking it.

It was a good night so far for Rafe, he decided he would head back to his den and hang out drinking his beer. He decided a short cut through the graveyard after his little jaunt would be just the think to top his night off.


Rafe turned around as he felt a cold breeze drift across his back, like that old saying, it felt like someone had walked across his grave. Rafe never really understood that saying, I mean after all he would think to himself they don't bury people face down. the breeze really sent a cold cold shiver up and down his spine, old saying or not, Rafe had to turn around.

Rafe stared wide eyed at what he saw. "Hello sir, do you think you could help me, my dress seems to have come unzipped at the back". she said to him. Rafe was stunned momentarily, he had never seen a paler woman in his life, a true porcelain doll skin tone, and she was beautiful.

Rafe regained a little bit of his composure and stammered out a reply. "thank you", she replied as she began to turn her back to him her smile turning to a deep feral grin. She could feel his hand touch her back, "you are so cold, would you like my jacket after and to go someplace warm", Rafe managed to choke out as he zipped her dress up.

Sweet innocent smile back on her face, as she turned to answer Rafe, "I like the cold I was thinking we could go back to my place, that is if you want to". She had him, she knew she had him.

Two hours later:

"Well, I'll be...I mean I have seen cold stiffs before, but this one is frozen solid like a Popsicle, What could cause that when it is 50 degrees out doors". The police officer remarked as they bagged the body for transport.


I wanted to a little bit to the story, so I added the beginning part after I did the 5 minute part. We can't have the Cold Lady's revenge exacted on just anyone.

Above work is created for the Freewrite House daily prompt. Today's prompt was Cold Person

After my five minutes was up, I wanted to add more to it, a beginning


Good one, @bashadow. Nice to see the lawn chair again.

@tipu curate

Thank you, and thanks for the nomination. I had fun with it.

Keep going, @bashadow! This is very unique!

He deserved to be frozen! Killing a superhero cop!!! Bad move!!

I had to add the other part, why did she take revenge on him, what is her back story. So many ways she could be taken. To many directions for the story to go.


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Coming Friday!

Thank you, I may try another story, it is Halloween after all still, I mean peak and peek both sound the same, so a twist and a turn could be fun.

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Darn that Karma..... gets you every time ! :)

Well that was a surprising ending. I didn't expect that. Poor fellow. I remember growing up as a young kid and being afraid of I think it was "Liarona" or something like that which was suppose to be a ghost woman who wandered around, I wonder if stuff like that ever really happens. You did a good job of writing about it, I liked it. Was a fun read!

Thank you, I am always surprised at what people will like, a few liked the story, that is good. Night before halloween, I wanted to do a story, and the freewrite people had a nice scary type prompt. so I tried to use it.