JSEcoin will start trading publicly this October 18th

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JSEcoin will start trading publicly this October 18th at LATOKEN and IDEX!

A little bit over a year ago, a new cryptocurrency project called JSEcoin launched. Its initials stand for Javascript Embedded Cryptocurrency, and this coin aims to make it possible to earn cryptocurrency by adding a simple HTML widget to your webpage or blog. Said widget is, essentially, a webminer, but unlike most web miners out there, JSEcoin's is lightweight and tries its best not to wear down the performance of the machines of people visiting sites with it. How do they achieve it? JSEcoin is, basically, an ERC20 token, and the webminer just performs a few ligthweight calculations to determine who gets what from a reward pool (basically). The result? This widget / webminer consumes way less processing power than an online video.

Why JSEcoin? JSEcoin seeks to become a complement (or even an alternative) to monetization solutions such as Google AdSense. From a webmaster point of view, this has a couple of advantages. First, websites can be easily monetized without flooding the whole place with banners of all kinds, and second, even traffic from far away countries can bring income, thanks to the ligthweight web-mining widget. From an user point of view, this will make it very easy to buy products and services online with a fast crypto. What is more, soon the JSEcoin group will also launch advertising space to go along with the webminer (optional for webmasters), meaning that advertisers will be able to quickly and painlessly show their ads on countless websites online.

Credit - Image taken from the JSEcoin website

Until recently, JSEcoin was in an ICO stage, which ended last October 11th. Starting from next October 18th, the token will start trading publicly online at various cryptocurrency exchanges, including LAToken and IDEX This will allow people to buy and sell it with / for Bitcoin and Ethereum, which can then easily be exchanged for traditional money (FIAT) or spent on any number of sites online.

Learn more about JSEcoin at the official website, JSEcoin.com

Looking the BitcoinTalk thread? Its right here.


Cool. Yes I have read about JSEcoin before. Heard there was a big argument between them and various website owners, though. I hope it all works out.

Sweet! I'll check out this JSEcoin thing!

Do you know how to transfer from wallet to exchange?

No, I don't know. I think the withdraw function is bugged... :(

What... Have you see the fee för withdraw? Not Good at all. 120 coins...

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I think it is 118 but yes I see your point

You are right.

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Yeah its a bit high... Its probably because JSEcoin is an ERC20 token and transfers actually spend Ethereum on their side.

On an unrelated note, maybe WAVES is a better platform than ERC20 for anyone considering to make a coin / token out there?

Yes I think this fact makes ERC20 tokens a bit difficult to deploy en masse

Maybe. I hope it is cheaper to transfer account to account

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I think it cost zero if you send from JSEcoin account to JSEcoin account with email

then it is time to work together. I do not want to loose 0,5USD just for the transactionfee. Thanks for the idea

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This looks like one of the more interesting cryptocoins in these recent times

Finally! October 18th, here I come! :D

Yes. Lets see where this goes!!!

Yes, indeed so! But its all being a very slow start. Stay tuned.

I think it is a high volume and high quantity coin so I doubt the price will go up too much

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