Byteball Steemit airdrop - get 10 $ - 160 $ for free

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What you will get?

Steemit reputation above -> $:
30 -> 10 $
40 -> 20 $
50 -> 40 $
60 -> 80 $
70 -> 160 $

Byteball is still listed on many exchanges, for example Bittrex.

How does it work?

Install the wallet over this link:
There are wallets for IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and the Code on GitHub.

We got a small provision for this, it cost you nothing. Who is useing our link get 3 resteems and upvotes for free.

Install the wallet as single adress wallet. It is standart, just don't change something.

Open in the wallet: Chat ->Bot Store -> Steem atestation bot.

Follow the steps in the bot.

Post your wallet adress under this posting, that we can send you 50000 bytes. You will need 49000 bytes for the registration.

f) You send 49000 bytes to the bot.

g) You get your Byteball airdrop coins.

We will upvote and resteem you.

Resteem Bot VIPs:

@touseefk 04.07.2018 - 04.08.2018, @amigurumi 14.07.2018 - 14.08.2018

#resteembot #bestofresteembot #winwithresteembot #resteembotvip

Ok cool
hoffentlich wird es funktionieren
Danke für das teilen


Why is my repo so low? Thanks to

WHO IS / flauschi / (many other accounts)..


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wohin muss man die 49000 bytes schicken?


In der Wallet im Bot, dort auf den Link mit der 49000 klicken.

Here's my wallet address

You have been upvoted by @rentmoney thanks for participating
in our Followers Appreciation Promotion.


I need some bytes to finish set up. Thank you so much!


It was allready done. We do our job

I am sorry if I stepped on anybodys toes......

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Heres my address

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