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RE: 10 Supernatural Stories I Enjoyed Reading!

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UPDATE: I went through the trending page here: and there are 100 stories in the queue now, please be patient as I go through them.

If you do not see your story here, would you please just reply with your link under this comment because this will help me see it?


Some say it's true. Some say it's just a make believe. While others don't say at all. But I believe that there are two sides in every coin or story of a person. It is both physical and spiritual. What we see physically is real and what we don't see spiritually is real as well. It doesn't mean that if you don't see it, it is not real. It's much more scarier if you don't see certain things. Sometimes you don't see them but you can feel them. Therefore, they are real. Supernatural do exists even if you don't see them.

My story was disqualified, less than 1k words. Can i rewrite it or to write another story. Please what can I do. Thank you

You can submit another story or a rewrite of the first one, but it has to be improved.

Please this is the link to my entry
It's actually a repost. Thank you @gmichelbkk

I strongly believe that we are not the only beings living on this earth. There are two worlds that exist, the earthly plain and the spiritual plain also known as the supernatural. On this world that we live, there are creatures and entities that exist that cannot be explained and proven by science. Science is too young to understand these things. Science still cannot prove their existence so they deny their very own existence but it doesn’t mean that it’s not true. Because of human pride and arrogance we rely too much of our own ability but never give credit to the ones who give us this life and the one that sustains us, also the gifts and abilities that we have which all came from God.
Here is my entry for supernatural writing contest

hope you like it sir @jerrybanfield

I totally agree with you @jhunfer888 and I put your story in the list.

Thank you so much sir for adding my story in the list.

I have it now, thank you very much @mbell.

Hi @jerrybanfield and @gmichelbkk, mine wasn't on the list. It was kind of coincidence/other/awakenings. It's a 100% true story though not as dramatic as many. I posted it a week ago. Thanks :-)

@nathen007 I found this one "Jenny - @jerrybanfield SWC" and put it in the list.

Thanks again for providing us with this opportunity I truly believe this has this will help lift the tide of the ocean of consciousness we share. Great Work!

@lionel.thebldrs, thank you for the link, it's added now.

Thank you @crazybgadventure for the link, it's added now.

Thank you @bennettitalia for showing me your story, I added it.

thanks! I have a part two in the works, but figured it might be better to wait until you guys catch up a bit ;)

Yes, and it's only one entry per author for now!

Ah that makes sense! Well, more to come if there's ever a part two to the contest then :D

Thanks again!

Jerry said it's ok for a second story... but please wait a while that I read more of those in the queue.

I have it in the list @cryptolucky, thank you.

hi can you check min? I passed it late 2 days ago hope it is good thanks. I actually made 2

If only one then the abandoned house is my entry thank you very much!1

@purpledaisy57, I have the Abandoned house in the list and also collected the second one. It's only one entry for now, but it might change.

aww thank you actually the 2nd one just popped into my mined on how she saved me thanks much!

I put your story in the list @elise333, thank you.

Thank you @gloeze, it's in the list now.

I am a fan of horror movie and I like reading as well. When I found @jerrybanfield SWC I can't help myself but read. While reading, my interest triggered to write and share my supernatural experience. Ghost is somewhat fiction for me and often neglected the fact that they do exists. One thing I've learned based on my experience is that whether you believe it or not every creatures even ghost should be respected. Here is my SWC entry:

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