My "Convince Me" Challenge - Why I still eat meat

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Dear all,

This is a little challenge that I came up with, which is directed to meat eaters. No worries people, don’t get scared, I come in peace =). Most of my friends and family eat meat, and I’m not the type to be judgemental. I mean of course I disagree with them, but I won’t break a friendship or relationship over it.

I believe that everyone is entitled to their beliefs.

Of course, as someone who is living cruelty free (I prefer that term much better than vegan), I don’t think that it is possible to eat meat or animal products without being part of, and encouraging animal cruelty, given how farm animals are treated all over the world. Nowadays everyone knows about this, as the information is all over the internet. Not knowing is no longer acceptable as an excuse.

It’s in my nature to be inquisitive, and I just love trying to understand what makes people tick. I always feel the need to understand and analyze why people act a certain way. This is why I got the idea for this challenge.

People always ask me “why did you become vegan?” or “what made you stop eating meat?”

While these questions don’t bother me at all (I actually like to explain my reasons), I always find it funny that people are curious as to why I’ve decided to do something good for animals and this planet. Almost as if I were the weirdo, the odd one out. However, from my point of view, it is the opposite. I still can’t grasp why people who know the truth about animal suffering, still eat meat. I need you to help me understand you better =)

Here’s your challenge: Please enlighten me.


Why do you still eat meat knowing that it means animals will suffer for it?

I’m not trying to mock anyone or seeking to argue with you. I’m truly interested in your reasons and opinion, and that’s why I’ve decided to turn this into a challenge.

Can you convince me that your reasons are valid?

I will give away 5 SBD to the best answer, and 3 SBD to the second best answer, even if at the end you did not convince me =). The winner will be selected by me.

Here are the rules of this contest:

  • Resteem this post so that this challenge gets maximum exposure and upvote it (I will pay the rewards from my pocket).
    Please link your post in a comment below. Make a thoughtful argument for your case. You have to use logic. I will judge your entry by your ability to articulate your argument.

  • Use the tag #Istilleatmeat

  • No insults to vegans, no disrespect to anybody in any way. I will flag any insults coming from vegans or meat eaters. This is supposed to be a friendly discussion, and the goal is to encourage dialogue and self reflection.

  • The only argument that I’m going to ban from this discussion is the “I need the protein” argument. It is widely known now that protein can come from all sorts of different plant based foods, so this argument won’t be allowed to make your case

  • Your post can be video, podcast or a written post

  • Deadline: midnight GMT, March 30th

I’m very excited to read all of your entries, and extremely curious about what you have to say about this topic.

Happy writing!

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Because if everyone turned vegetarian, half of the world would starve.

Cattle eat grass, people eat cattle. There is many places on earth that grows grass but does not grow vegetables.

And overfishing has destroyed the ocean life, so not enough fish to support vegetarianism either.

Factory farms are evil. Support locally grown foods.

Hi @builderofcastles, thank you for your comment! Do you wish to participate in the contest? If yes, please make a separate post for it. I would love to read more about your thoughts! Thanks for stopping by!


Can't play eve. I haven't eaten meat since I was 4 years old :-)

oh you should win something just because of that comment LOL


awesome entry @maverickinvictus!!! Thank you so much for joining the fun!

What an interesting post.

When you say that you eat cruelty free does that mean that you take care to only eat food grown in ethically? Do you make sure that the crop pickers, the crop distributors, the crop packagers and everyone involved is payed ethical wages and has acceptable work conditions?

My question is not to undo what you do for animals, my question is to help spread information regarding the cruelty that people face so that we can eat. Here in California, our crop workers live in horrid conditions, California Produce eating vegans can’t really consider themselves cruelty free.

Hi @metzli,

You are making a valid point, however, in this challenge I'm only touching upon cruelty towards animals. I'm not discarding the human factor issue, but I see them as unrelated, because as you stated it's about working conditions of humans, rather than cruelty towards animals.

Humans always have a stronger voice than animals, and humans are not being tortured or killed for their flesh. That being said, it's definitely an issue that should be addressed by everyone, not just vegans.

Personally, I buy from local farmers whenever I can, although here in Panama where I live we don't have the same issue with farm workers as in the US. When I say that I live cruelty free, I just meant that no animal suffers because of what I eat =) I hope that makes sense. Thank you very much for stopping by!

I don't think it's for me to judge if it's idiotic ahaha but thank you very much for participating =)! I look forward to reading your ideas and opinions.Cheers!

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This is awesome, thank you so much!!!

You're very welcome. And for what it's worth I eat meat because it tastes good :-P

A'oo MI!! @anjkara you might like this contest! Buahahahah

It was so exciting putting this together and i cant wait to hear your thought.

glad you liked the challenge! I look forward to reading it!

Of course, as someone who is living cruelty free
and I'm done.
I don't need your implied guilt.

its the new original sin!

as a practicing freegan, supplements are not an option and it is very unhealthy to not eat a diet that provides all the nutrition the human body needs.
a vegan diet does not supply the body with everything it needs naturally and proof of that is the fact that you need to take supplements.

I personally think the amount of perfectly good food people and companys throw away is a bigger problem then if things die so we can continue living.

Just me though.

hey @skeptic, thanks for your comment =) Do you want to participate in this contest? If you do, please write a separate post about it and link it here.

I agree that throwing away food is indeed a big problem, however, it's unrelated to the issue of animal suffering. It's just another stupid thing humans do =)

I would love to hear more about your thoughts !

I cant make a post containing my opinions on subjects, leaving them in comments is dangerous enough with my whale stalkers making sure i dont say anything they might disagree with.
so i cant really enter but i do enjoy talking about stuff.

besides it would prolly just be a bunch of memes and jokes and basically a waste of ur time.

Have a great day and steem on!

I look forward to the answers here.

This will be really interesting to follow. I would love to see the answers 😊

I could easily convince you why you shouldn't eat meat but more difficult the other way around!🌀
I'm told that meat eating and the concept of sacrifice arrived here on planet Earth with The Anunnaki.🌽
Cool thread and thanks for sharing.

Hey @egodust, thanks for your comment! You should participate in the contest! would love to hear more about this!

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Its was in our ancestor discovery and found the taste of new food from animal meats... it was accidentally discovered by them during the dooms day after the massive volcanos eruption, some animals were burnt to death and people curious of that tasty smell and start to eat em... and one more thing some belief by eating steamed pork with a little herb and spice will make your neurons double and expand our life to live longer. A sense of humour that lead you to have a second thought about being a vegans... I see cow get more chubby by munching only grass... :P have a fresh wheatgrass juice ... cheers

good luck in the contest have a nice day follow now

This really is an argument that has been going on for long. My view is expressed in my post.