'Why I still eat meat' challenge..... Cheetah don't eat me. It's not plagiarism!

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This is a post virtually copied from my comment yesterday - I had to do a post for the competition. (yup I'm after the money! lol)
My comment didn't qualify as an entry, however.

So here is the post - hopefully cheetah won't hunt me down and eat me! lol

I like eating meat!


Having grown up in a farming and butchering family, and I see it from the bloody end, so to speak.
I will happily kill my own meat, and eat it . And fish to.

Eating meat you have killed yourself always tastes much nicer. It's a primal thing.(maybe.)
I have killed an eaten chicken, turkey, lamb, rabbit -and lots of different fish types.

Yes, an animal hurts when you kill it, but I see no issue with this.
Every animal that has ever killed another animal has inflicted pain.
Pain is not amorally abhorrent.
It is life.

Conflating inflicting pain is somehow an immoral act when obtaining sustenance goes against every law of nature, and is a non logical argument.

We are products of nature, not separate from it.

It makes logical sense to eat meat.
(from a calorific, mineral, and saturated fats intake perspective. )

I am unable to give you many reasons, as it would exclude me from the competition.
I'm not here to justify eating meat - I'm here to win the competition.

(Factory farming is unnatural and unnecessary. This has more to do with corporations and profitability than eating meat.)

Eating meat (without injected hormones) is a primal activity - and maybe more important for males than females ..?
(a testosterone precursor?- I don't know, tbh)

Again, I would love to give you some evidence to support this, but would exclude me from winning the competition.

Without using the 'P' word - It is a chemical fact the animal flesh contain all essential -complete - amino acids. (as opposed to incomplete amino acids). There are chemical differences, and there is no avoiding that.


Some complete amino acids are not available in non flesh (or egg) substances.
Flesh based amino acids are much more compatible with the human body (or any meat eating mammalian body).

I would love to go on - in the many different aspects of this- but the rule restrictions stop me from doing so.

(I'd love to continue this discussion - without one arm tied behind my back... - if I win! lol)

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Yes, an animal hurts when you kill it
not if it's done correctly.

... slitting the throat is gonna hurt - but it's over quick.

A million time more humane than queuing them up to be stunned.

(and non adrenaline/stress hormones in the blood, makes the meat a lot tastier!)

Image result for i know its wrong but it tastes so good meme

baaaacon........(salivating looking at the picture.)

True story - I had 35 lambs 'on the bottle' (grew up on sheep farm - mother that had died you have to bottle feed the lambs every 4/5 hours).

'On the bottle' feeding was my job. Very cute little things. They used to follow me everywhere!

I also put mint sauce on a couple of them.

damn i have had a couple baby parrots that needed bottle feeding every 4 hrs but 35 things wanting the bottle that offten i would go mad.

yum, mint jelly on lamb is great!
all this talk is making me hungry.

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Having taken food and nutrition in college, I am perfectly fine with eating red meat and fish, and you will be too! Everything in modesty. Everything in portions too! (LOL) Also, I am with you about the pain and suffering accompanying killing to feed. Its normal.

Oh, I love my flesh! lol

Factory farms, which are soooo bad... they disallowed cameras and pictures.

Simply great! What a way to do your job congress. Makes me think that you want me dead....

I feel we should have more farmers and ranchers.
Raising chickens is easy. Especially in chicken tractors on someone else's property that want their place fertilized.

And farm raised meat tastes so much better.

So, what is this "winning" you speak of?
Cause, i hope you win. Unless i win, which would be better, because i like myself the most of all ...

which is not very much actually

You are in some crazy contest that does not allow you to mention the whys of your eating meat while the purpose is to describe the whys? Interesting. Good luck in the contest, I hope you win. It reminds me of an old joke (I can say whatever I want as I am not in the contest, hah).

If God didn't want us eating meat, He wouldn't have made it so tasty.


I took it as a challenge...