why I eat meat?

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I eat meat because it tastes good but, that really depends on who is cooking. I am a very excellent cook and my dishes make people water like the wild beast with good clothes, that they are. Really in a retrospective we are just plain old carnivore and the entirety of our nutrients cannot be provided by plants. My mother used to be vegan and so was I until I developed vitamin B12 which can be supplemented without meat and is synthesized in industry through bacterial fermentation. Although there are method(s) to synthesize vitamin B12 without the microorganism it takes 72 chemical steps and gives overall yield less than 0.01% as if the bacteria synthesized supplements weren't expensive enough. Another argument I have against veganism is that it has been proved time and again that plants and microbes all participate in taxis and tropism in regard to environment stimuli indicating not only they preferentially treat different things that are happening to them the have innate desire for sustenance and ,as all living things have, desire to continuation of their kind. Sure, you'll say desire? they don't have thoughts. Well, they may not have the complex neurological organs to decide which series to watch on weekends but, if you were a plant in a plant body you'd hate in your own plant ways if i plucked your leaves. They panic and release hormones called GLVs when they suffer tissue damage. Make of that what you will. Why stop at plants? What about microbes? Do microbes feel pain? I say they do. I am not a reputable source of sciences, the real kind or the paid scientist kind so I will try to not make claims but, the fact that some microbes reproduce with aid of others (conjugation, gene transfer) indicates they are at least capable of identifying their kind. Doesn't that necessitate they know what they are? They suffer their being, their surrounding and their death. Maybe they are just a system of chemicals capable of self sustenance and reproduction that fundamentally is pushed or pulled by their chemical composition or nature much like the electron revolves around the nucleus. By extension aren't you a tad bit more complex chemical structure doing the same? Selecting some food as less cruel because they die silently incapable of defending themselves excepts for spraying some chemicals to alert their kind of impending danger doesn't make it ironically more cruel because of the narrative I used? All I can say is life feeds on life. Untitled2.jpg


Do not agree, then question arise why the animals has B12 that are herbivorous. I am not for and against but just my 2 cents.

Vitamin B12 is synthesized by microbes or through 72 step chemical reaction. The fermentation takes place in gut of herbivores by the microbes. Our ancestor were carnivores and relied on eating other animals for this chemical and out of that reliance we evolved the organs and enzymatic processes to a bare minimum that cannot satiate our needs of B12.
Besides what do you have to say about the idea about suffering of microbes? Do you think they suffer when they die?