I Know Exactly How Many Steem YOU Have!!! (And Why I'm Drinking Beer To Celebrate)

That's right, I can see YOUR account balance! Starting to sweat? Is this fact causing your heart to clang resolutely against your chest? Are you frantic, preparing to investigate your steem balance to see if it's been hacked?

Those that have been here for a while know, balances on this platform are fully transparent. Not only can I see your steem stash, mine is also transparent.

Transparency, that is why I'm drinking beer to celebrate! This feature of the steem blockchain/ platform makes my own pulse quicken. Here's why: This platform, and news networking social media in general, is nearly anonymous. It takes time and other resources to associate an online reputation with a digital name. So what quality of posts are you actually reading? When posting on steemit, whose opinion should you value?

Ultimately, this is up to each individual user to determine but transparency is a useful tool to have in your digital toolbox. A few simple clicks and you can see the balances of those that support your content, or those who comment and oppose your position. This transparency works to minimize trolling and should help pseudonymous social-media platforms continue to gain market share.

Thanks @ned and @dan for creating this baby! Here's to transparency, insightful posts and forging new friendships!!! Here's to steemit!!!


You are @watershed Change is a coming!

Agreed. I felt like steemit was a watershed moment in crypto advancement and information sharing, so the name came naturally.

Welcome to Steemit!

Thank you! Great to be here!


And to you!

Enjoy your stay!

Thanks! It's already been a lot of fun!

Glad to have you around!

Thanks! Great to be here!


welcome to the blockchain

Hi, I'm a bot you can ask for me anytime by typing:
@calva separated by the call:
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insult -> insult the person above your call
upvote -> upvote the post/article above your call
e.g @calva downvote (FYI this call does not work, I do not downvote people!)