Hello Steemit, Join me as I share my research and expertise in Cannabis, Cryptos, Precious metals and more. I am an editor, research analyst, speaker and entrepreneur… I will add value to the Steemit Community.

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I heard about Steemit a while ago and had to join the community, it’s innovation like this and the Crypto space that will change the world for the better and I am happy to be a part of the community and would like to add value wherever I can. Being a free minded, I really like to think out of the box and I believe the future is so bright when it comes to Cryptos, Blockchain and the use of smart contracts.

So here is a little about myself…

I caught several major trends in my professional life and decided to participate at the early stages and become very knowledgeable in those fields. Having a degree in Finance, I started a media company in Canada during the early internet days and became Macromedia’s channel partner in Canada. We started developing websites, multimedia and online learning solutions for some of Canada’s largest corporation.

After the Dotcom bust, I focused on my passion for finance and investing and got introduced to the precious metals market. I started writing about the precious metals market and why gold and silver would go up and am still a firm believer in hard assets. I started writing a precious metals newsletter with @dollarvigilante and was invited to be a speaker at several resource conferences including Cambridge House and PDAC (the biggest resource conference in the world, held in Toronto).

I learned about Bitcoin and cryptos from Jeff over 5 years ago, but being a gold bug I always thought Bitcoin needed to be backed by some hard asset, even back then I suggested that a Crypto backed by gold would make more sense and even suggested that too many bullion dealers and vaulting facilities.

In 2013, I learned that Canada was going to commercialize the cannabis industry and thought… “WOW, this is going to be the next big industry” and started focusing on it. I started registering some of the best cannabis domain names I could find and have many of the best .CA domains available in Canada. I started writing about the cannabis industry, looking at the opportunities and the best ways to participate in the new legal sector.

In 2014 we started the web portal www.InvestInMJ.com where I am the editor in chief and the site provides visitors information about the legal cannabis industry and opportunities to participate.

I am now a regular speaker at various cannabis industry events and conferences, my articles and thoughts are published on many other media and financial websites and I am very well connected within the legal cannabis community.

Here are just a few links…

TalkMarkets Contributing Editor
Grow Up Conference 2017
O'Cannabiz Conference 2017
EuroAmerican Cannabis Business Conference - Prague 2017

We are now launching many different websites for the cannabis community and are putting solutions together for bringing cannabis to the blockchain. After reviewing many crypto cannabis deals, I will be sharing my research with the Steemit community. Just like Bitcoin, cryptos and blockchain technologies will change the world forever; this evolution in technology will be brought to every industry including the legal cannabis industry.

Below are some of the contributions and value I am going to bring to the Steemit community…

  • I plan to share my research and information I have gathered over the last 4 years about the cannabis industry.
  • I am in the process of evaluating many cannabis tokens, ICOs and blockchain opportunities; I will share my thoughts on them.
  • I have reviewed 100’s of cannabis investment opportunities from commercial licensed growers to all sorts of ancillary businesses; the knowledge gained will be shared and used to bring the best cannabis crypto deals to the community.
  • I will share my thought on various crypto deals, tokens, technology and more.
    Any other thoughts, information or research I have about relevant topics the community might enjoy will also be shared.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, I have over 6750 followers there and the Invest In Marijuana group on LinkedIn has almost 2000 members. I also publish articles on Talk Markets (1650 followers), Stockhouse and other financial websites. You can also follow @InvestingInMJ on Twitter which has over 10,000 followers or you can find us on many other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest.

I am open to suggestions and want to participate in the Steemit community, follow me and let's connect. Please upvote this and Resteem it, I would appreciate it.

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Hey vinmaru,
Very interesting read, Thanks you for sharing it!

@coinlend... happy to be on Steemit. THX.


Welcome to Steemit! How low do you think silver might go?

@pastbastard, thanks for the comment.

Nailed it! The big money will always seize control.....eventually.

@kkugel2 There are some people who believe BitCoin was created by the DeepState as a testing ground to bring out their own cryptocurrency or move to a one world currency... tough to say what the truth is as no one really knows, but I wouldn't doubt there could be some truth in this line of thinking. Either way... who ever created Bitcoin doesn't matter, it is now most likely in Wall Streets control and they are very good at stealing wealth from the average person... one thing we can surely expect is volitilty and huge price swings, this is how they make money in the futures market.

Well, the average cost of production is about $13 or so the last time I checked. I started following precious metals back in 2005 and realized it is one of the most manipulated markets in the world. The bullion banks control the paper price, this is done via the LBM fix, futures contracts and naked shorting.. so the price can go as low as they want, but realistically not much lower than the average cost of production as the mining operations will shut down. I know many here are bullish on Bitcoin, but the big boys at Wall Street most likely have controlled the price and market since the begining of the year, now they will use the BTC futures contracts to control the price of BTC.

What a career choice! 🙌 Will follow your work. If you want, you can check out my bong prototype idea.

Would really like to hear your opinion 😎

Thanks @adamicellli. Looks like you have a great bong prototype, I haven't seen one made out of wood like that, very cool design... all the best with it.

Thanks! Great to hear that! Will share my work progress here. Do you think that this could have a market? Many people say that they like the idea...Do you mind to share, some websites where i could market it or how the industry works? Thank you and welcome to steemit! You will have a great time here, because people like professionals here💪

I am connected to some distributor for grow equipment and Vape products, I have a sales and distribution company that specializes in various products. http://www.ledtechstore.com/ is for grow equipment

and http://420market.ca/ is for Vape and other 420 Friendly products.

I can speak to a distributor for Bongs and such when you are ready to ship products, but they usually like to carry products that have demand. I would suggest building your products and sell them on your website and build a demand for it, if the product takes off the distributor and resellers will come to you. I can maybe help you market or resell them when you are ready, but I really think the future is in Vaping and not combusting Cannabis.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

A fellow weed advocate is good enough but that extra touch of Vigilante Resteem is impressive! Nice entry.

@dandays, thank for comments. I met @jeffberwick about 8 years ago down in Acapulco when I was living there for the winter months, we had lots in common and became friends. I started writing for @dollarvigilante a couple of years later about precious metals. However, the metals were heading into a bear market and so I started focusing on the Cannabis sector after I realized Canada was going to commercialize the industry. Now Crypto Cannabis is on my radar and am hoping to put together a Cannabis blockchain & Crypto solution for everyone in the community to participate in. There are a lot of reasons why Cannabis should be on a blockchain, I plan to write about it over the coming weeks and months.

A true trend catcher.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

@shaz , thanks for the comment. I like to be ahead of the heard and find new trends early when I can and then get involved.

You are a person to follow here, very interested in your work.

@elskanlitla , Thanks for the kind words.

welcome aboard @vinmaru! looking forward to your posts :)

@spiceddragon, thank you and I look forward to posting on Steemit.

Welcome I am looking forward to reading about you research! Have you considered getting involved in the US? Michigan is moving right along in the industry.

@blackmetalchem, yes I do look at US deals all the time for cannabis, but most of the commercial growers can't go into a pubco and the rest of the publicly traded companies in the US are listed on the OTC. For now, Canada is the first G7 country to legalize #cannabis and this is where most of the capital is raised and where the better #investment opportutnies are. The Canadian Licensed Producer's stock price has risen significantly in the last few years, in fact the largest company by market cap is worth over $3 Billion... http://www.investinmj.com/directory/growers/canopy-growth-corporation . From what I have seen so far, the public companies in Canada are much easier to #invest in than US companies, however the US market is 10x bigger... just waiting for the US Fed Gov't to legalize it.

We are all waiting for fed to legalize it, but unfortunately that wont be until we have a more progressive administration.

Canada has always been ahead of the US in progressive thought and we recently took a huge step backward. I am hopeful that those who voted this administration in has learned a lesson and we will see change next time around.

Look forward to some great content!Thanks

  ·  2 years ago (edited)


Welcome to steemit, @vinmaru! I am looking forward to viewing your posts and checking out your cannabis/crypto investment advice! I hope you have wonderful success on Steemit-- its an amazing platform! Upvoted and followed!

Thanks @dakini5d

Wow) what a perfect work roster :D (i mean about cannabis)

Thanks @geekclub, the Cannabis industry keeps me quite busy, I just doubled my workload by adding Cryptos to the roster. Now its time to breed the 2 fields I am focusing on and come out the the best #Crypto #Cannabis #BlockChain solution.

welcome! Looking forward to read more from you :)

Thanks @lopezdacruz, I look forward to share my thoughts on #Steemit... please follow, upvote and ReSteem my blogs if you like them... :)

Great to see your passions, and that I can interact in a positive way to bring a self sustainable cash crop to revitalize rural counties across this world. I felt compelled to join Steemit to propel the industry and I look forwards to reading your blog. Have you heard of Paragon? I was an early investor (minnow) I did not realize when I partnered that there was others as well. Anyways good day here are some thoughts I had in Colorado.


@lazyhtconsulting, thanks for connecting and reading my first post. Yes, I did year about Paragon a few months ago, I even reached out to them but never heard back from a principle there, but I had some reservations about their model and use case for the token. There are quite a few MJ related Tokens out there and I am still researching them, I will share my thoughts on them in the coming weeks. Cheers

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@dab4dab... thanks for the comments and have a dab on me.

Welcome Vinmary, great experience, I am started invest in crypto as a hobby and on the process of learning, will be awesome to follow your work and thank you for sharing information!

@ivargereiko thanks for the comments and follow. Good luck with the investing in Cryptos... I am doing the same and will share my thought on it.

life is made of ups and downs.
How good that you knew how to channel your horizons

@merryslamb, sometimes I find it easy to spot major trends that are full of opportunities... #Crypto is a trend that will definetly have its ups and downs, but for the next few years I still see major upside for #cryptocurrency and #blockchain #technology.