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This is me clearing my driveway, doing my Fatherly and husband duty in the freezing cold winter of Edmonton Canada. Temperature was minus 13 degree Celsius, i nearly froze to death doing that while my wife was inside nursing our little son. That alone gave me joy and energy to continue my task that morning.

"Steem is empowering users Worldwide".

Even though some of us had no believe that it would last this long in its early days and we left, though with a more cogent reason. I for one lost someone dear to me when i joined steemit in its early days back in 2016, but i went into depression that nearly took my life and so steemit was out of my conciousness till i joined back again earlier this year. How i wished i could turn back the hands of time and stay put then to get some fair share of early steembounties when the prices was still relatively low.

I am an accountant for a medical outlet, and in my spare time i double as the best father in the World. I have three siblings in Africa, i am a very adventurous dad who loves sport and everything associated with it. With my basic knowledge of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, i have made a few bucks in ICOs and some decent trading. Even though i am hoping steem would be my major portfolio in crypto-tradings and dealings, before that happens i wished Steem last more years and increase in Price so that late adopters like me and several others makes something from it.

Aside blogging on steemit, i would be posting on Dtube my Gaming escapades and micro-blog alot due to the nature of my work. But i will try my best to drop at least three educative articles weekly so help me God and the Whales of Steemit!

Full Steem Ahead as you upvote my full intro into the Steem Ecosystem, Thanks

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I hear about Canada and the Canadian people is pretty great. I think it's one of the greatest countries there is.


You heard it right bro...



Welcome to Steemit platform, from all of us in promo-nigeria. Steemit is a beautiful place to be and we are sure you will be happy here. Get to know more by blogging consistently. Never be discouraged, seek for assistant when necessary. Cheers!


Gracias Promo-nigeria

Welcome sire, sent you a lil upvote gift and steem on!

Congratulations on getting your verification and welcome to this incredible community:)

Welcome to Steemit @slyde! I can completely relate to the image you posted, I have spent too many snowy mornings digging out from a 50cm snowstorm in Newfoundland! Even when I was out for hours digging out snow, then watching snowplows push compacted snow back in my driveway and getting a sore back, I knew it could be worse:

I can't imagine being able to dig out a whole house by hand!


Hahahaha, thats one heavy duty task.

Links for Newbies:
Hello! I’ve been here since January and wish someone had given me the following links when I made my introduction post. I could have done better sooner. is a free service that interfaces with and provides a wealth of information about your account. Use your own @handle to access your account information.

If you are coming here to pick a fight be advised that they have a flagging system here that penalizes your account “wallet” for unacceptable behavior. This a post will help avoid problems:

Don’t beg for upvotes or resteems:

One of the biggest mistakes I made was that I was too anxious to get into this platform and did not read ALL of the Frequently Asked Questions: Read the whole thing including the “White Paper”. You will not regret taking the time to learn these important facts:

This is about the slow grind to gain reputation and steem power:

I typically post and resteem articles helpful to new steemians. If you choose to follow me I will be happy to answer your questions.

Good luck and have fun!


Many thanks for the tip @chuck2u32, bless you


You are welocome