WOW! A Whole $10!

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I think the most valuable feature of steemit is the way your wallet builds...slowly. Greed has no patience. Every greedy person I know (fortunately only a few) is after a fast buck in every money making venture they pursue. They don't do quality work, again due to that patience deficit. Yeah, next week is a month I've been on this site posting and commenting when I can as a caregiver for an elderly person, and my account value just topped $10, but I don't care. I'm just loving the posting and reading and commenting.

Yes, your wallet builds slowly and thank goodness because that weeds out the people that refuse to take the time to offer quality content. The design of that feature was brilliant.

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Thank you, sir, for the reply and upvote!

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That's why I build my patience first before entering steemit 😁

Sounds like a good strategy. Thanks for the comment and upvote!