Silence the Spammers - @tomole444 Edition

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@tomole444 Excessive Comments

You may have recently seen @tomole444 saying, "Awesome post!" or one of the many other platitudes cluttering our posts. This account has been commenting a lot.


My database still isn't synced up fully so I'm using a public source that is a bit behind, so there's even more posts through today.

Fortunately, the community has been handing out a fair amount of downvotes, pushing the reputation down.


If we look to the comments of his post celebrating 500 followers we'll see this helpful remark.


This sums it up perfectly.

please leave the steem platform

It would be so much simpler if these accounts would simply listen to the community.

Perhaps we need to make our voice heard to silence this unwanted voice.

Everyone Can Help Silence the Spammer!

Once we get this account all the way to zero, every single post will be hidden automatically, which presumably should silence this spammer. Even if it does continue posting everything will be hidden behind a clickwall at the bottom of the post.

Your downvote lowers the reputation score of an account with a lower score. Since brand new accounts start at a rep of 25, even those downvotes can help silence this account!

And to make our work even more valuable, I found the highest pending payout so start with your downvotes there. You can also go to the comments and throw some downvotes at other posts as well.

This isn't about removing rewards, but instead simply getting the reputation score down below zero so this account stops posting. Even a brand new account can help so please consider dropping a few downvotes on this account.

With everyone pitching in the community will let these accounts know that we will not tolerate these behaviors and we'll work together collaboratively to stop the spammers.


These accounts are should be reported to @spamminator @steemcleaner who has a 1m SP delegation from Steemit inc to kill their rep and reward of these idiots. .

I got my start reporting these accounts to @steemcleaners so I'm still cross reporting to them today.

credit where credit is due: it was @gamer00 who flagged that guy into the ground!

Absolutely, I'm so thankful that @gamer00 flagged with some considerable SP and made a major impact on this account! In the past 3 days there were close to 300 accounts that have downvoted @tomole444 (including you, thanks!!) so I'm glad the entire community is involved!

I love this.

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