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I am a pot farming agorist who has experience all sorts of fields ranging from Bitcoin to permaculture.  I have been starting agorist businesses for years before I knew the term; it was just natural and common sense to me. My first agorist enterprise of note was a lawn care business when I was around 8 years old that I started with a garbage picked lawn mower. Shortly after I started a agorist computer sales and service business at the age of 9. All of these were started with almost no adult interaction so following laws and paying taxes was a foreign concept to my young mind. By 16 1/2 I tried cannabis and realized the it helped me in many ways, most importantly helping my to be more patient as a young anarchist in a statist world. By 17 I started growing cannabis in a serious manner helping to set up operations in the black and grey markets. Coming from a childhood of technology and entrepreneurship and making the transition into the farming and plants brought me here.Through this coming full circle I have gathered a wide base of knowledge and experience to form connections with. This has proved life saving time and time again on the adventures of my life that I have embarked on. Especially considering the circumstances of me facing 20 Plus years in prison for a victimless crime for the second time in my life.  


I am a glassblowing, pot farming, budding entrepreneur, with interest in everything from cooking to history to botany.  I consider myself a functional artist, always looking to create useful things that look awesome as well, which is a huge part of why I've pursued glassblowing as a life path. Starting as a non-thinking heavily schooled person, I used cannabis, reading and real life experiences to bring me back to reality and get me where I am today.  Like many of the children raised in the midst of the Grateful Dead and hijacked hippy movement, I had a deep disconnection from reality, and as a result was a bundle of contradictions. This came from the mounds of lies told to me as a kid by my family in an attempt to protect me from the true reality of the scene I was raised in. On one hand, I considered myself open minded to everything from religion to politics, I always had a general mistrust of government and a huge hatred for the police.  On the other hand, I was heavily schooled, convinced that while the government was bad, government schools were good, had my best interests at heart, and truly wanted me to excell.  After joining college, which I believed was my means of attaining financial stability and happiness, I was extremely disappointed by more of the same.  I didn't feel I was learning anything, I was getting the same shitty education I got in public school, and the people were not any better, and in many cases worse to deal with.  The difference was that I was paying for it.  Ever mounting was the fear that I'd go, get that degree and have nothing to show for it. At the same time I was looking into liberty and anarchy and was realizing the truth on many subjects, including schooling. So I dropped out and started figuring out what success and happiness was really about, despite protest from just about everyone in my life.  I've spent the last several years pursuing many agorist businesses, ranging from cooking businesses to farming, to making and selling hemp jewellery.  Through these experiences I've learned the value and importance of capitalism and freedom in human life and happiness.  These last 6 years have been completely life altering for me, and directly led to my eventually fleeing the country.  While I am facing over 20 years for a completely harmless plant, I am using it as nothing more than a catalyst to put long brewing plans into effect.  This starts with leaving the country and ends with farming, cooking and glassblowing. 

Together we are permaculturist, cannabis farming, voluntaryists. We have spent the last four years of our relationship starting indoor farms, outdoor farms and food businesses, in the  Cleveland and Detroit areas. After we were arrested, we finally acted on the long brewing decision to leave the country.  We are now in Acapulco working on sharing our story, gardening and getting our glassblowing business off the ground.  For the last 6 months, we have been starting businesses, both in the local economy and the expat community that exists here. As far as we know, we are one of the few foreigners we know of who have actively participated in the local mexican economy.  Most other expats work online or receive benefits from another country.  With the special set of circumstances which we came to Mexico with, we've been delving into the local economy, in an attempt to support ourselves here.  For the most part, mexicans are confused by us, but pleasantly surprised by and respectful of the things we are doing. Eventually, we intend to expand our glass business to be even more local, by training and hiring locals, especially children and young people, in the art of glassblowing.  We are farming unique vegetables otherwise not found in Acapulco, eventually intending to assimilate them into the local markets.  We aim to show the locals that expats are more than just vacationers, and that in reality we are not all that different, we just have different appearance and life circumstances.  We have a great respect for the much more free market that exists here, and thus have a strong desire to participate and to help keep this local economy going. As foreigners with little to no money, it's definitely been both a struggle and an adventure, but we enjoy the challenge we have faced as we finally feel as though we are working for ourselves, and no one else.  We have encountered an immense spirit of freedom here, which is immensely motivating to keep us going through tough times.  

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but it is boy or girl that picture?


I love it! lawbreakers! I agree with you on the over-the-top, worthless marijuana gestapos in the u.s.a. I hope you have success in your new life and hope the steemians help you financially.

That gestapo is everywhere. Not just the US. :(

John has a sexy bod