Adventures Around Acapulco: Central Market and Fermented Beverages

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I just love this green, and it's super common here.  There are places available for rent in this green beauty. 

John stopped to get me to take a picture of this.

Such interesting properties here.

Burger Queen has awesome burgers. 


I took a picture mainly of the giant jasmine bush.

This place was awesome, selling everything from seeds to nuts to candy.

We bought all sorts of stuff from here, a lot of which I've been posting about recently.

The best source of dried pineapple I've found.  That bag was fifty pesos and it was awesome.

I give you, the Mexican grid.

Huge bags of dry goods.

Tasty looking garlic, about 80 pesos per kilo here.

We found tepache, mexican fermented pineapple drink made from rinds to harvest wild yeasts for the fermentation process. They add piloncillo as a sweetner and it ferments for about three days.  It was 10 pesos a bag.

It was hard to drink honestly, but so is kombucha in big amounts for me.  The little bit I tried had me intrigued. Stay tuned for one more posts of photos from this super fun market trip.

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Great photos! Which city is this? The fermented pineapple drink looks interesting, id definitely want to try some of that.

This is Acapulco Mexico, Tepache is interesting. You can brew it yourself, you just need pineapple rinds sugar and water.

Great photo’s but your just making me want to move out there its not on! Haha I truly plan to move soon, I have to complete my mission here then I will come :)

Good luck with your mission

Really love the photo tour of your neighborhood and surrounding area of Acapulco. It's still old world yet modern too.

This wasn't of my neighborhood, just one of the many in Acapulco that I frequent. I love the properties here...I haven't yet approached what I would perosnally call an ugly part of town.

Great photos and funny stuff as well!
Loved the Burger Queen... ahahah :D
It reminds me in Luanda, Angola, of a restaurant named KFF- Kentucky Fried Frango (Frango = Chicken) ;)

Burger Queen is a local chain that I prefer over Burger King, and I'm not a feminist so the queen thing has nothin to do with it haha. Just good Acapulco style burgers for good prices.


Those markets looked interesting to walk through. I would end up with many ideas for cooking.

your post always too good :) @farhannaqvi7

I'm guessing the garlic's not irradiated, either, unlike most of the stuff the US imports.