New to steemit - Kevin Manton

Hello all!

Thank you for taking time to actually click on this post :)

My name is Kevin Manton,

I am new to steemit and would love any support or advice I can get. Professionally I am a software developer for Nav Canada, so if you have ever been on an airplane in or around Canada and didn't crash into a mountain are welcome ;) lol but joking aside, I am truly interested in this platform and will definitely be posting as much content as I can. Hopefully, with the support of the community, and some other sources as well I will be able to launch My new startup company KaveMan Tech. We are a tech startup based in Ottawa, Ontario and hopefully within a few years will be giving Linus Tech Tips a run for his money as top Canadian tech review based start-ups. I have posted a few blog entries based on crypto currency, due to overwhelming demand from friends and family. These stories can be found on my steemit channel as well as on all are welcome to come check us out, I just launched the website earlier today!
I hope to hear from all of you in my website blog comments page and all support is very much appreciated!!


-Kevin Manton


Goodlock in

Welcome to family :)

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Hello software developer Kevin guy, glad to have you here. Welcome to steemit, the platform that changes everything you know about social media and the value of your posting! Here you will find the community is quite friendly, because trolls and haters are not rewarded for their action, so you can be open and people are understanding! You will notice after some time of posting the things you like you are gaining a following, and that's great ^_^ it means you have earned some support from fellow steemians and it will become easier over time for you to enjoy posting here.

I recommend following some people you find that have similar interests to you, then in your feed you will notice things you like and will have something to say about them, perhaps. Commenting here is also rewarded, and so is being helpful to others. Over time you will find it very enjoyable and I wish you the best of luck. STEEM ON!

Welcome on board, @kavemantech!
Enjoy steem adventure!

Welcome to Steemit. I am following. I hope you greatly succeed. Here is a article I just wrote to give you an example of my writing. Cheers.

Welcome to Steemit @kavemantech!
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Steem on!

Welcome to Steemit @kavemantech :)

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