Merry Meet and Blessed Be from Rhode Island!

I am reading everything I can get my eyeballs on about this site because I'm hoping to be able to help people all over the world. I am however a technological moron! I'm taking baby steps into posting which is why it took me so long for a "introduceyourself" post. I hope this whole post is actually uploaded! I spent hours cultivating my masterpiece already. However only a portion of it was uploaded and i had to post my words into a blank email, then cut and paste a paragraph from the end, then add the pic and post the whole thing inverteldly backwards! When I tried for an appealing post the first time everything in the preview mode was inverted or the pics were going wherever they damn well pleased! But after all that only 1/3 of the post was posted. So here goes to round 2!

Hello! This is my second attempt to introduce myself to the Steemit community.  I am new to blogging and I'm going to admit the cryptocurrency part still melts my brain!  If you've taken the time to look at my pic closely you will see the date on my pic is from the 21'st.  I posted two pics on Facebook and had my "friends" vote on which one to use!  That was a fun way to choose while getting the site some exposure.


I've had jobs in almost every field that is customer service based with direct people contact.  From mill work, nanny, inspector, doctors office &  home healthcare, to consignment store owner operator for 6yrs to now school bus driver.  

I'm wife to an overgrown male child with a passion for firearms and fast cars, and mother of a 14 year old high school freshman girl with a passion for Buffy the vampire slayer and archery.  I'm so dedicated to my hobby of collecting tattoos that 12 years ago my husband and I apprenticed ourselves to a friend who owns a tattoo parlor.  So when boredom strikes we get new ink.  I currently have 13 tattoos and I lost count of the hubbs.  

I have been a solitary witch for almost 10years.  The Rhode Island pagan community is pretty limited so I travel to Massachusetts (of course home of Salem) & Connecticut (whose witch trials predated Salem's with more casualties) to palaver with like minded souls.  I consider myself a kitchen witch as well and have a reputation as the leftover queen to my friends and family.  I'm entertaining ideas of self publishing a cookbook of my techniques & ideas.  To my Rhode Islanders the term would be swamp yankee cooking lol.

Fun facts:  I've owned over 100 vehicles since 1994 when I got my drivers licence.  Most of them looked like this

I collect snowmen and currently have 50 in the collection. Every year I take my collection out for display I sneak one more into the permanent decor and hope my hubby doesn't notice! My favorite food is Pizza-any and all kinds. But the best pizza place on the eastern coast of the US is definitely Flatbreads Pizza co. in New Hampshire. Also i've never been in a plane.

I consider myself a people person and try to insert myself into situations and circumstances to meet new people and continue to be in the lives of those I already know. I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power and I'm always on the hunt for inexpensive ways to learn new things. I'm an adventure seeker but definitely not an adrenaline junky. I am a former obese person who had gastric bypass surgery so I'm also an avid promoter of the procedure and a poster child that it works! Seven years later and still down over 100 pounds.

I know a little bit about a lot of stuff and I try to be as well rounded and open minded as possible. I've dealt with alcoholism, drug addiction & recovery, Alzheimers, diabetes, trans gender issues, racism, prison and more either directly or through friends & family members. I've always had a huge desire to help others and often have complete strangers bend my ear for advice about different things.

I'm battling starting a new business right this sec. I sold my retail store (for pennies on the dollar) to a local community center/food bank. Then spent the entire summer teaching them how to run it! I love my current job as a school bus driver and I strive to touch the lives of as many children as I can in a positive way. But I feel theres something missing in my life and I definitely miss being my own boss! I've been trying to take a class at he community college that I would need to be able to get the licensing that I need to begin this new enterprise. However after over a year I'm starting to insert myself into the governors office because the school can't/wont operate the class without a minimum amount of students! Now i'm not all about drumming up competition and this is not a common business that people are jumping into obviously due to lack of people signing up. It's all very frustrating so i've asked why they don't offer independent study for this class since its indirectly effecting commerce and business growth in our tiny state. I'm hoping to appeal to our female governor as I'm considered a minority as a business owner. I just want to take the dang class! Rand over lol. Thanx for reading and Blessed Be!


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