Hello friends of Steemit, let me introduce myself

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What's up Steemians?

Finally, I decided to make my first post after almost a month of creating my account, I must confess that I was afraid to do it because I knew absolutely nothing about Steemit and I was looking for a lot of information on the net to don't screw it up.

Well, after that brief, unimportant story, let me introduce myself. My name is DANIEL, I am 26 years old, I live in Venezuela, specifically in a small Caribbean island called Margarita. I am a student of statistics, I am a self-taught musician, I develop in some instruments like bass, drums, cuatro and ukulele, but my strength is the guitar, besides singing a little bit.

Currently, I am a guitarist and singer in two musical groups. One is a cover band of Anime, Video games, Series and Movies; and the other one is a Reggae, Rock and Ska band, what a combination !!! Hahaha, but the truth is I'm very happy to be part of that. Soon I will give you more details of each of them. I like dogs, surfing, good food and photography.

Finally, if you have any advice that can help this poor newbie to improve and grow in Steemit, i would be eternally grateful. No more to say, goodbye."


See you later!

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Welcome to steemit family! Good luck! I am sure that you will fully enjoy your journey here:)

you are a student of statistics - Way nice.

Welcome to steemit - I hope you have some fun here an make some new friends.

Welcome to steemit @danielcore.

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    Welcome the new steemians. Have a great day!

Welcome to Steem, @danielcore!

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See you around!

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welcome to steemit friend.Want to see more posts on future.Good luck @rdnblogs


Thank you so much!

Wow ur a musician 💙💙💙welcome


Hey, thank you so much <3

One is a cover band of Anime, Video games, Series and Movies; and the other one is a Reggae, Rock and Ska band, what a combination !!!

Indeed, what a combination! But that is actually very good because only few artists can combine two or more different genres in their plate. Do you have a name of your band? Your friends seem to be a very jolly company. :)

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Welcome to Steemit! :)


Wow, thank you very much for including me in your post, really thank you

You can find my bands on instagram as ostanimetracks and fosilesband ;D


You're welcome. Maybe you can also post your video performances here on Steemit. :)

The best advice for a newbie is: investigate how the Keys work... and learn which sites you can trust with your keys. Basically, it's SteemIt.com and SteemConnect.com.

If any other site looking like SteemIt asks your for the keys, check out the address first. If it's not one of the above two addresses, ignore it and don't give out your Keys.

PS: I've found your post because @macoolette featured you in her entry for The Pay It Forward Contest


Hey, thank you for the advice.

Welcome to steemit @danielcore😉 would like to see more posts frommyou in the future, and don't give up even though nobody upvote your posts, just try your best to create good quality posts, use the right tags and engage more through comments and if it possible discord😊

I think you'd better create an account on dtube, so you can create a video of your reggae-ska band and anime too. One more... margarita island must have its unique way of life and scenery... you can post about it more than about your band too. You know what? I'm so curious to ask this.. what the hell a statistic student plays with mysic instrument 😂😂😂 you're so cool


Hahahaha thanks, I promise to bring some publications about life here on the Margarita island. I will take your advice. <3


I believe you can do it😉 there's nothing here can stop you unless you give up. So .. tell me what statistic does with music 😄

Greetings Daniel :) your bands sound like a lot of fun, I like both cover bands and, especially, Ska punk a lot ;) rock on


Yes, I love playing that kind of music, it makes me very happy hahahaha

¡Hola @danielcore ! Bienvenido y mucho exito con tu musica, llegue a tu publicación por que @macoolette, presento tu post, en el Pay It Forward Curation Contest , estas invitado a participar

Hey @danielcore, I am glad I came across your post and want to welcome you here. If you have any questions about how this platform works then feel free to ask me. If you would like to learn about technology/blockchain then please feel free to follow my work. I wrote an in-depth article about how Steemit works, which can be found on my blog, I would recommend you check this out if you wish to learn how this platform works. I will keep an eye out for your posts.

Welcome to our Steem blockchain @danielcore! Dropping by and supporting your post, due to the entry of it, by @macoolette, into our Pay It Forward Community's weekly curation contest. As part of the @pifc community, we would encourage you to check into it.

With very limited time, I wanted to be sure and take the first step in showing support, prior to the expiration of Steem’s 7-day limit for payouts. As time allows, I will try to get back to provide you more personalized input on what you have written.

Thank you for your effort here to add value to our Steem blockchain!

Hi @danielcore as you may know @macoolette featured you in this week's @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest.

Welcome to Steemit. My biggest suggestions is find a couple of groups with people that you like, it helps immensely to have support. Post about what moves you good, bad or what have you. Find contests and such get yourself out there and meet people. Comment as much as you can. Be engaged. Join in on our contest weekly or every so often. It's a great way to help others like yourself, meet new people and being surrounded by some of the best people on Steemit.