SteemPlus Points : Wallet Sneak Peek

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We know lots of you are really excited about the SteemPlus Points coming soon and we received a lot of enthusiastic DMs on Discord. Thank you for your encouragement, it pushes us to keep working hard at it!

I (@stoodkev) have to take a last minute trip to Japan today for one week. It will delay slightly the launch of the new features and votes linked to the SteemPlus Points but in the meantime it gives us more time to make sure we render the best possible experience.

We ve already started to work on many different features related to the SPP, so once we get started, expect frequent updates!

The SPP wallet and the votes are scheduled to debut this month.

We hope you won't mind too much for this delay and reassure you that you can keep using MinnowBooster, PostPromoter, DTube, Utopian and the beneficiaries features to keep earning SPP. To know how, read here.

If you have any question, feel free ton contact us on Discord.

@stoodkev for @steem-plus


Hey @stoodkev. How about a nice starting off celebration with some SP airdrop, based on our current SP holding, just like what SteemHunt did this month. That is always a nice way to get some nice starter points to people, which then motivates them to spend on some of the post promotion bots you mention here. Also, in the past I have tipped you (through the tip function) a portion one of my weekly series posts. Would this qualify for points? That is, by sending the tip to you via the tip feature would that be possible? Thanks. Keep up the great work...

Hi! Sorry for late answer! When I'm in vacations I really try to disconnect as much as possible.
About your first point, I already see the use of the third party services as a kind of airdrop since they bring tokens for free. Delivering them according to Steem stakes would be counterproductive as it would deter small stakeholders from accumulating SPP through use of the services.
Direct buy of SPP will be available in the future through a transaction to @steemplus-pay, whether by tip or any kind of transaction.

Hope I answered your questions

We never mind delays when you provide so much for free!

Enjoy your trip!

Thanks! I did enjoy it very much :) on my way back now

Thanks for the update, glad to know we can earn credits while waiting for the wallet!

Oooh Japan!!! I hope you will join the Utopian Minihackathon on the 20th anyway from wherever you are! <3

Didn't have much time looking for a team. Hook me up with some of they re promising ;)

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Thanks for informing. Have a nice trip to Japan.

Thank you =)

Thanks you so much ---for share this thinks

have a great time in Japan. thank you for doing wonderful things in steemplus!

Thank you for your support! On my way back and ready to kick ass!

Buen viaje,muchas bendiciones!!

A good news and laudable development. This feature will help Steemit members earn more. Thanks for sharing.

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