How To Build A Following Of 160k From Scratch

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As promised in my introduction post I will be sharing my tips and insights on how to build a large following from scratch. 

If you’re starting from scratch, then trying to build a social following can be a daunting and very frustrating experience. Do you feel like people aren't liking your content and the only people following you is your mum and friends? That is how I felt 3 years ago… 

First of all, the question to ask yourself is what are you trying to achieve?  You have to know and understand what is that you are building and why? You need to be unique and add value. As hard as it sounds, there is always a niche for something. 

Getting started...finding a niche..

Three years ago I realized that no-one was doing Russian and Eastern European food recipes in English. I saw the gap and decided to become the first one. I believe that anything you write/blog about will be valuable to someone. That is why platforms like YouTube has seen such success, because you can learn/find anything you like. 

How does this apply to Steemit?

Steemit is a very new platform, which gives you a massive opportunity to start writing about something that doesn’t exist here YET. 

The competition will come, eventually, but you will be the first in that field and have a bigger following and more Steem Power. You have to be positive, inspiring and authentic. Your content needs to be unique and useful to others.  Most importantly you need to add value to the community. If you haven't watched the interview with @dan and @ned posted by @dollarvigilante in his second article, you really should. Like Dan said, the most important thing is to add value to the platform and the community. 

Let's go deeper...

I have outlined several key points that I think could help my fellow Steemers build their following from scratch. 

1. Time and Patience.  

It takes a long time for things to develop. Nobody is an overnight success. Every successful business or person worked their ass off in order to get to where they are now. I worked for 3 years every day, every weekend building my brand and my following. I invested so much time and effort into building my reputation and it is finally paying off… 3 years later.

It is the same with Steemit. You have to work hard, you have to invest time and build your reputation. The rewards will come and it will pay off eventually. I am very impatient person, but after creating Allasyummyfood I had to learn how to be patient and that everything takes time, It's all about the process and continual improvements. There were a lot of times I nearly gave up, but I didn’t and kept going and I am happy I did. 

2. Have a plan. 

A lot of people don’t have a plan or a vision of where they want to be. They start using social media and realize it takes a lot of time, engagement and dedication and then they stop altogether at the first hurdle because its a lot of work and effort. 

 I have seen it on Steemit as well, how people are “giving up” after posting several articles that didn’t get noticed. That’s life, just because you want it, doesn’t mean it will happen right now. You have to work hard, add value and something unique for it to work. 

Assuming you’re starting from scratch, remember that you don’t need to overwhelm yourself with the task of putting a complex plan together in the beginning. Start with a basic plan that provides you with some direction. Make a simple word document and write some ideas you have for the future  posts. Here is mine. 

3. Make Goals and have dedication. 

First, set mini goals and KPIs (key performance indicators) so you know where you’re going. I learned this from my job as a recruiter where I had to meet KPIs every day and have goals for every month. 

“A goal is a desired outcome. KPIs: Key metrics showing whether your performance is good enough to reach your outcome.”

Here’s an example:

Goal: Have 1k followers .

KPIs: Number of comments, likes, shares, shoutouts, mentions.

To help you out, start with a simple spreadsheet, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Have a look at mine when I started.

I made few columns, set goals and each month I was measuring my KPIS and success. I didn’t achieve my goals, but I was not far from them.

Have a look at my year 2 :

Here is year 3 and 4 which we are in now. I have seen tremendous growth. I might be ambitious with my goals, but that is what pushes me to succeed.

Seeing those goals keeps me going every day and work harder. This is exactly what you need to do with Steemit. Set your mini goals. Where do you want to be? Do you just want to earn money here, do you want to add value or do you want to have more power? My next goal is to become a baby dolphin, after that I want to be an orca and so on. I am fully investing into Steem and will be powering up as well, and I know it will pay off. I am not saying if you set your goals and don’t do anything, it will happen. You have to be dedicated and work hard. 

4. Stick to a schedule and have consistency. 

Organize your time correctly and stick to your schedule. Whether you are doing 1 post a week or 2 posts a day, have a schedule you can look at and track. Here you can see the schedule I applied to Facebook and Youtube.

On Facebook you can see I have scheduled 28 posts in advance, I have planned out different recipes for each day. These can be seasonal or theme related to whats going on in the world.  

The same applies in Steemit. Create a schedule. How many times you want to post a week? What are you going to post? Is it going to add value to the community? Will it send a larger message that brings in more people? 

Plan in advance. Read the news, articles, and look out, things might change and you will have to adapt and shift your focus. 

5. Build a community

You have to share stories that trigger emotions and make people feel part of your story. The stronger the emotion, the more likely people will react to your content. I shared my childhood recipes that my grandmother cooked for me and this triggered emotion in a lot of people that had similar story and left their country at a young age. 

Sharing beautiful and powerful images is a great way to communicate your message to your audience and make them feel certain ways: happy, hopeful, curious, excited, nostalgic, proud... etc. This also applies to Steemit!  You want to build a community that engages each other to create a positive change. You want people to be inspired by your stories.

6. Know your audience. 

Statistics are not available at Steemit yet, but I am sure they will be at some point. For other social platforms, you have the power to do analytics and study everything. Have a look at my insights of facebook. 

I know exactly who my audience is, what age they are and where they are from. This will help me plan my future recipes, engage with them and predict what they might like. 

7. Be Responsive, Genuine and Supportive

To truly attract and keep people interested and engaged in your social media channels and content you have to be responsive to their comments, genuine with your replies, supportive and helpful with your answers. To this day I reply to every single comment on my Facebook and youtube accounts. I have a score of 85 % response rate! You can see here : 


The same applies to Steemit. If someone comments on your article, take some time and respond to the comment. Go and check out what they are posting about and support each other. 

Someone was just a nobody yesterday, but can become somebody tomorrow. Don't judge people by the amount of fans/subscribers/followers they have. If you truly believe in them, and you love their content, support them now. Be genuine and be yourself, people will see that and appreciate it. 

I think almost all the principles can be applied to Steemit and help you grow the following here. I hope you found this article helpful and it added value to the community. 

If you follow me on Steemit I'll be posting an article about managing your time and organizing yourself on Steemit. 


Alla xox


Great post. Thank you for the tips.....:)

Totally agree very interesting

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Great post with helpful info for a newbie. 😉

follow me i just start and i do well so you can do so also

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great post, have learnt a lot from it

absolute;y helpful post, thank you

I love how @allasyummyfood related the steemit community to more popular platforms that we're already use to using. Favorite highlights are 1. Pick something you WANT to be talking about a year later or more, so you can really become expert AND your followers have a reason to EXPECT you to be expert 2. Try to reply a lot. I think part of becoming expert is finding out what questions your community is asking most, and what is missing from your answers 3. The use of graphics is brilliant 4. The performance indicators chart is a great way to be specifically motivated, instead of walking vaguely toward your goal

Really agree with you thankful here to view this post i love this post very helpful and inspiring to a newbie like me.great job! More power i am one of your new follower thank you.

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Nice post. This post is a starting point. Thanks for helping the community.

Great post. Thank you for the help and tips. I am just a beginner created my account on steemit 2 days back. I Came across this and found it very helping and a learnt a lot.

Thanks for all the tips and advice, @allasyummyfood! Definitely agree with adding value, for two weeks would be posting stuff I would normally post on regular social media, like links to youtube clips, and be getting 0 cents! Haha. But then in the past week had developed and released a few useful apps and tools and started getting noticed! Building connections with other Steemians through replies to their comments and chat messages, very fun! Anyway, I wish you success on these Steemit goals!

thank you so much, yes its hard work and i think it gets noticed!

Great recipe allasyummyfood(73) Can almost taste your commitment and your sincerity. This is what the world is lacking: sincere commitment to the advancement of all. Karl Marx was on the right track but he got it a little wrong. His recipe invited corruption and greed. This forum could very well refine that which he envisioned and lead us to the place where we all would appreciate to be, allowing all to find their own utopian levels without the pressures of the dictated status quo. Thanks allasyummyfood.

Thanks for your hard work. Through your writing I see we can write about something special to us. At first I thought this was only a bitecoin blog but i see it is a real community.

great and nice of you we can do well, why we do follow eachother to help and get great business

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Damn girl. That is a lot of work to make such a following. Thanks for laying out how you work your magic so clearly. I appreciate that!

Good write up. I'll upvote this later then my voting power is a bit more recovered. :)

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Probably the most comprehensive guide on here about building a following. Great work Alla, I know you have the patience and drive to stick at it over the long run.


Thank you @wingz, I have for sure ! :) I hope I helped some people with this article :) x

Totally agree with that 👍

Thanks for good notes.

I studied most part of your article and it was very useful for me.
Thanks again

wow , i didn't know your were that analytic and professional !
and here was i celebrating my 100th Steem Follower today ;)

hahahah :)) oh yes I am a bit geeky :P

This is exactly how i plan my content too!! Great advice for anyone who is just starting on building their reputation on social media sites like Steemit!
Thanks for the post :)

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I'm happy that I read this post, bec. it guides me as a newbie...I will do some of your tips especially word document in advance and schedule...follow you

Hey @shenonline, Try to create unique/attractive content, be patient, work hard and think about for the long-run. I am also a newbie here. we are all like family members and will support/follow each other.

Great post I wish you continued success!

Thanks for the comprehensive post on getting a following. Everyone seems to get so angry at posts that hit the front page, but they don't realize that most of these people have been making really good content for years.

Yeah I think that is the issue... I mean nothing comes for free and easy! thanks for taking time to read my post!

There are exceptions but the beauty of Steemit is the exceptions don't have to be followed or supported. As @allasyummyfood pointed out, the key is having valuable content in a needed niche. Mine is residential security, and I'm surprised no others are here yet sharing their knowledge about it. Hopefully that will change in the future as Steemit takes over other social networks!

Thank you. I'm loving being a Steemian more and more each day. : ) I love the genuineness of this community as well as the importance of having a goal to help each other!

yes you are right having goal to help eachothers i follow you so you do

Thank you, I was wondering when people will start reading my posts but I guess it does take time so I'm willing to be patient.

You are completely right to construct in steemit or in any business we need patience and determination.

Hi @allasyummyfood!

I'm just new to here and thank you indeed for this helpful and excellent post you did. Because this year I want to start my plan to share people what I am interested in and passionate about.
I was bit shy and unconfident before, and it was art and fashion helped me get better with my life so now I want to use my own knowledge to share and talk to the people like me, and if possible can eventually help or give some advice to them.
And by reading your post and honest sharing of your own story, I have been indeed inspired and now I have a clearer clue about how I can start to do it.

Thank you for the thorough post Alla! It enforces that I need to set tangible goals and be real with myself when assessing progress. I'm going to create a music blog on this platform and this article helps me focus my vision, thanks again.

Very helpful post, well-organized, and very clear. You are an inspiration. Nice to have a clear niche that is marketable. I am new to steemit and still defining my focus and what I want to post. So thank you for this article.

I am a newbie to steemit. I found this post really very helpfull. Thanks alot @allasyummyfood

Ty for the helpful advice. A great way to add value is to find a unique niche where you have interest, experience and add some of your own personal flavor. Good luck to all and full steem ahead :)

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As everyone else has said, a very inspiring and helpful post. Thank you. Glad you're finally seeing rewards from your plan. :)

Also a good strategy for building a following, ANYWHERE 👍

Your post is indeed very important in guiding new members on Steemit what it takes to become successful on the platform. I must say kudos and keep the good work up.


a great post if you want to start a small business. It was very inspiring for me to be more organized and disciplined, I will apply soon some of the key points. I totally agree that you must find you niche...for any request there is an offer. if the request does not exist, you must create it. Good luck! The steemgirls rock! :)

Thank you! I am so glad this could be helpful :) yes steemgirls :) x

Its refreshing to see just how nice and welcoming this place really is...thanks for the tips and look forward to hearing more form you

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Very informative article. Thank you for your insights. Today is my first day on Steemit and I'm very exited to join the community. Hope you have a good day.

Great article Alla. Thanks for the tips!

Thanks, it was really helpful. See you at the top.

Yours is the first article I read on Steem. It's impressive in that English is not your native language yet you didn't let that stop you. Awesome work ethic example. I must say I questioned whether I could have kept up with your schedule myself. That sure is some willpower. I think your passion pushed you through to the end. This is why I now do what I do... for the passion. I no longer do it solely for the money (although it's important as well, just not in 1st place as years past). Thanks again!

Hola @allasyummyfood!! Buena publicación, me ha ayudado GRACIAS!!

I really love the way you go into details for starters like me. Please I will love to have more tips like this to grow in this community .And just FYI, you are the first person I followed. Thanks for the good work!

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Thank you for this. Got to start my steemit journey the right way. God bless!

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Absolutely wonderful advice, Alla. I'm new to blogging and have all of these ideas shuffling around in my head, but until now I have only been jotting these down on a notepad and in my "Notes" app on my phone. I need a real plan, written goals and a schedule to get where I want to go. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you very much for your experience sharing and guideline of being successfull on steemit. I have just joined today on steemit and started reading your post. Hopefully will make good comunity here with niche group. thanks again.

Amazing post!!! Ive always worked hard but in a very disorganized way and i missed out on opportunities because of it. I love your method, posts like this is the direction i want to take my business and life. Thank You.

My registration was just accepted and I was panicking on what to write. I am glad I read this post. It eased my mind. Thank you.

Hola, te sigo y me sigues, esa es la clave para sumar.

Ha sido muy útil leer este post, Gracias y que bueno es conocer la experiencia de otros, así los que estamos empezando tenemos una guía. Te felicito por esto.

Hola, te sigo y me sigues, esa es la clave para sumar.

Te sigo ! =)

Thanks a lot, that's very helpful

very helpful posting thanks alot, keep it up :)

Hola, te sigo y me sigues, esa es la clave para sumar.

Gracias por tus palabras tan hermosas que me estimulan a seguir hacia delante.
Dios te bendiga Jesucristo viveee - viene y te amaa

Hola, te sigo y me sigues, esa es la clave para sumar.

Good job .
Thank you.

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Wow! This is helpful.
I know where I'm to start- choosing my niche.

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Ahhh!... Thank you so much!. I've been thinking of how to improve my content and my performance on steemit but your post really hits the spot. Though I am yet to try it but the part where you emphasized that I should make a list of topics to write about. Well am new so let's get started.

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Hey, completely new user here....your post was the first thing I stumbled upon besides the Quick Start Guide. All really good tips. And quite daunting starting out. Hopefully I'll meet with the same success you have. Cheers missy :)

Hi Alla XOX
I wasn't going to read completely but you held my interest and that's hard to do so congrats and look forward to hearing from you again Thanks for the advice to newbies (me) and much success :-) SimplySharon

Very helpful tips for beginners. Thank you. Blogging is not as easy as I imagined. Making the post interesting and informative needs effort, skill and dedication.

Thank you, those were truly helpful tips . As a newbie, I know I really appreciated your reaching out to help. Have a lovely day!

As a newbie to steemit this is great advice, thanks for taking the time :)

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Hi Alla. Thank you for that very useful, and well formatted information. For a newbie like me, it was good to know how long it is likely to be before becoming established on steemit, and also reassuring that I had been thinking along similar lines. I think my subject "Car Boot Sales" may be sufficiently niche, if not that appealing to all, but with your encouraging post here goes! Jan / jimunc

Wow, you really are so organised and structured! I completely take my hat off to you.

Great post! Being organised and setting goals is extremely important!

That was a great lead for someone new. Thank you for the suggestions.

Seems like a LOT of work .. anyways , ill be up to it.
Thanks :D

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At last! Someone giving proper concrete advice with examples and not beating around the bush. Спасибо! :)

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This was really helpful @allasyummyfood. I've been trying to build a following on youtube and facebook for quite sometime now but to no avail. I think having a posting schedule will really help. Thank you for the advice, gotta go make a spreadsheet now :D

Truly one of the best article's I've read for newbies that are getting discouraged on Steemit after not seeing results! I will be sharing this with whoever I can.

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un exelente articulo para estimular a un novato o principiante como mi persona,gracias por la ayuda

Thank you so much :)) I appreciate that! I dont think it was recognised, but will keep trying ;)

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I'm totally new to this and very uncomfortable with getting attention but need to build a base of followers for my business. Thanks so much for the tips.

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Wonderful insight on creating a following, thank you. I am interested in how you created your spreadsheets. I have Excel, but barely know how to use it. Do you use a formula or just use it for tracking/scheduling only? I love the idea of having posts and videos scheduled out like that and keeping track of it all. I think that is where my issues lie, the organization part.

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What a lovey write up.

Hi Alla,
I'm very new to steemit and your article was a first one I came across. Thank you so much; it is very informative and I am looking forward to trying out your recipes​.

Fantastic article
As a brand new user, it was informative and greatly appreciated.

Great post. I have really gained an insight into an ingenuous and imaginative
techniques of enhancing my network to increase my network.

Sehr guter Artikel. Viele meinen - und so wird es ja häufig auch publiziert - dass man online schnell etwas verdienen kann und sind frustriert, wenn der sich erhoffte Erfolg - wie dieser auch immer definiert ist - ausbleibt. Geduld und Fokussierung ist das A und O. Danke für die detaillierte Auflistung, wie du dein Business planst.

Thanks!! Very useful!!!

Beautifully written, thanks for sharing X

muchas gracias por la informacion en esta pagina, esta muy emocionante esta pagina de steemit

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