Introducing Myself, A Teenage Entrepreneur

What's the life of a teenage entrepreneur,
who is hooked on fitness and self-development like?

Hello Steemit, and my fellow Steemians :)! I've been posting on Steemit for about a month now. Thirty-nine posts... First of all, a huge thank you! I've got so much positive feedback, and I've also reached a few milestones that I never thought I could reach in a MONTH!

I'm so glad that I'm a part of this lovely community! I love the people and the genuine conversations that you can have on here! I've even built some relationships with a few fellow steemians :)! Steemit has given me a great opportunity to start giving back to people in the crypto community! Thank you Steemit!

To my point... Usually, the first post that people make here is this epic 'introduceyourself' post which explains everything about themselves, and also shares their full life story from the moment their parents had sex to the point that they're at right now. Actually, it usually goes beyond that, people talk about their ancestors, their future plans, and of course, do they like pineapple on top of pizza!

By the way, pineapple is f *cking delicious on top of a pizza! Great, now I lost over half of the people reading this...

Well, anyways... I've now posted almost 40 posts on here, so, it's probably my time to make an epic introduceyourself post! At least, I'm going to try to do so...

Pic Source: PerfectDailyGrind

I should probably start with; why did I start posting here in the first place?

If you've followed me since the beginning, or you've just read my thank you steemit!-post, you know that I have two goals with this Steemit "blog".

The first one is simply just to give back to the crypto community and help other people in the crypto world by sharing some of my knowledge that I've gained in the 1-1,5 years of investing that I've done. Wheather it's cryptos or more traditional investments like stocks or real estate, I want to teach you the stuff I learned the hard way :)!

Everyone makes mistakes, but by doing this, I hope that people won't have to make the same mistakes as I've made!

"You learn from mistakes, but nobody says that the mistakes have to be yours."
-Tai Lopez

The second one is just to motivate people. If you've been following me, you might know that my number one passion in life is self-development! Wheather it's being more healthy and working out, or educating myself and learning new skills, I just love improving every aspect of my life!

And this is what I want to do with this blog, motivate people to start improving their lives! I'm going to get into my personal story soon, but I can say that thriving to always be better and improving yourself is something that everyone should aim to do. Every week, every day, every hour, and every f*cking minute! And I'm here to try to give you the motivational spark to continue or start your journey to a better life!

I'm doing this because I've seen what self-development can do to your life, and how much better your life can turn out when you actually start taking action to make it better!

If you have a dream, a goal, something that seems SOOO far away, I want you to realize that if you start taking action TODAY, and start working your ass off, the thing that felt really far away just some time ago, is soon going to be so close that you can't even believe it!

As I always say; If you work hard enough, anything is possible! Believe me, I've experienced it...

man running.jpegPic Source: PsychologyToday

Give me a second to finish this RANT, I'll get into MY story soon...

I want to change lives, I want to inspire and motive people to realize that anything is possible if they are willing to work hard for it. And this Steemit blog, and the future plans I've got for this blog, are something that allows me to do this RIGHT NOW.

As my name says, I'm still a f*cking teen! On top of that, I live a really busy life!... I still go to school, I have a lot of hobbies and stuff to take care of, and this really limits my ability to do something massive about this.

I know I will be an entrepreneur and affect the lives of thousands of people, but I'm not there yet!

My number one goal (besides becoming an entrepreneur, that's a part of it) is to affect the lives of 100,000 people positively. In my lifetime, I want to help 100,000 people with their lives, whether it's actually helping them, or just motivating and sharing my knowledge, that's not completely clear yet. But one thing I know is that I will put out my 100% to achieving this goal!

When I'm old, I don't want to sit in a rocking chair and regret that I didn't even try my best to achieve my goals. We have one life, why wouldn't you try to achieve your biggest goals! The worst thing that could happen is that you don't achieve them... At least you wouldn't die in regret because you know you tried your best!

This Steemit blog is a great opportunity for me to already start helping some people, and start pursuing my goals. It's a great start!

Gary Vaynerchuck.jpegThe great mentor of mine, Gary Vaynerchuk

My Story!

First of all, I just have to say this; I know that me saying that I'll be an entrepreneur sounds really cliche and cocky, but I'm really big on manifesting stuff, and I just know it will happen. I've had the entrepreneur-spirit in me my whole life, and from a young age, I've already got a 1000-mile headstart into entrepreneurship...

I'm a teen living in Finland. God, I love this country... The weather is what it is, but apart from that, I couldn't picture a better place for me to grow up!

I'm the very social guy. The guy who comes along pretty much with everyone, and anyone. I'm the guy that will walk up to random people that I've never even met before, and start a conversation :D! But I haven't always been like this...

I remember once when I was out playing some "soccer" a.k.a REAL FOOTBALL with my friends on a beautiful summer day (yep, a BEAUTIFUL summer day in FINLAND!), we ended up kicking the ball over a fence, and everyone started panicking! We wanted our ball back and no-one knew how we could do it! Nobody had the courage to go ask the "vahtimestari", the person who took care of the pitch, to come help us get the ball from the other side of the fence...

Literally, he was a nice guy, but still, when we were young, it felt like the scariest thing EVER! But eventually, I picked up my courage and went to knock on the vahtimestari's door... My heart was beating like crazy! And when the vahtimestari opened the door, I looked up to this over two meters tall GIANT! I opened my mouth... And I couldn't say anything...

After looking at him for a good couple of seconds, I eventually was able to tackle out a few words... "Ball", "There", "Help"... The vahtimestari said "OK", and came to help us. We got our ball back, and I was celebrated like I was the hero who slayed the dragon! My friends even talked about this in school the next day! "Omg, this guy is sooo brave!"

Looking back to this... Oh, god... I can only laugh lol...

I guess this was the moment when I realized that talking to random people isn't as bad as I thought it was... This has come in handy in my entrepreneurial experiments later on in my teens :D!

My Self-Development Journey

My biggest passion in life is self-development. I love it so much! But how did I even get into it?

I was a sporty kid when I grew up. I used to play a lot of different sports when I was young... Football, basketball, tennis, floorball, you name it! The sport I played the most was definitely football, or soccer - whatever you call it (I'm not going to start ranting about this lol)...

I started playing on a team when I was 6-years old, and I ended up playing for a little bit over six years! I also played in the floorball team for a year, but that wasn't really for me. But the bottom-line is that - I was a sporty kid when I was young, even after I stopped playing for my football team, I kept on doing a lot of sports with my friends!

football.jpgPic Source: TechnoGym

So, I've always done sports, but at some point in my life (literally a few years ago), I just stopped doing sports. Not completely, but still, most of my weeks were spent on the computer playing games. And this went on for about 1.5-2 years! (I'm still unbeatable at Counter-Strike, even though I only play rarely anymore ;)!)

Even to this day, I've got no clue why this happened... I literally was in the worst shape of my life. You all probably know that nerdy, skinny-fat kid with a sh*t posture? Well, I was that kid...

Then a few years ago, my life changed! This sounds like an advertisement for a 100% legit supplement that "will change your life" lol. Anyway... I got into self-development! I started doing sports, working out, and just improving every aspect of my life! I used to binge watch YouTube videos about fitness, fashion, confidence, and other topics like that!

It definitely didn't happen overnight, but it happened! I started changing my life! I started taking care of my body, my mental health, and I also started finally caring about how I look!

Now when I look back, the hardest, and at the same time, the thing that really gave me the spark to start changing my life - was running! This surprised me, I used to f*cking love running! But now, it was so hard for me... But it didn't matter because I was motivated, I was passionate, I was PUMPED UP to change my life!

Pic Source: FearlessMotivation

So... I kept f*cking going! At first, I only did some light jogging for a few hundred meters and I was exhausted. I was heartbroken about the fact that I was so out of shape! You really don't even realize it before you actually start physically challenging yourself again... And oh boy... The number of times I felt like I'd quit doing running again was enormous!

But I DIDN'T, I just kept on going! Week after week, I increased the distance I could run, and I also started doing some little sprints again!

Now, fast-forward about two years, I'm in the best shape of my life, and my life has completely changed! My physical, mental, and also social health has gone through the roof! I've got hooked on fitness, I still do a lot of running - mostly treadmill currently because you can't really run outside in the Winter in Finland... I also work out at the gym 4-5 times a week (depending on my work out split of course).

gym weights.jpg
Pic Source: Wallpaper Abyss

Other hobbies that are close to my heart are cooking (this really comes as a part of the fitness hobby :D), fashion, and of course, self-development! Gosh... I've got a busy life but I still manage to read, watch, and listen to so much self-development content that it's unreal.

I can say that I've EASILY consumed thousands of hours of self-development content in the past years!

Self-development has changed my life, I've gone from being the nerdy kid to the social and confident dude who's passionate about what he's doing, and knows what he wants for his future. I've made many new friends, experienced many new things, learned many new skills, and truly, just learned who I am as a person. I know who I am, I know my strengths, my weaknesses, and this just allows me to be confident and myself, ALWAYS.

My Entrepreneurial Journey

Entrepreneur, a thing that many people put in their ig bio... But what are these people actually doing? NOTHING!

First of all, I don't qualify myself as an "entrepreneur". I can say that I've gotten more success than 78% of the people with "entrepreneur" in their bio, but still, I wouldn't consider myself as an entrepreneur, YET. The only reason I put ' A Teenage Entrepreneur' in the title was that it really describes me! It describes my spirit, my mentality, and my passions.

"There's a huge difference between an entrepreneur and a successful entrepreneur"
-Gary Vaynerchuk

Pic Source FearlessMotivation

I've always had the entrepreneurial spirit in me, it just took me some time to realize that. I only realized it after I got into self-development, and I started working part-time jobs on my free time.

When I worked at a restaurant, I didn't like it AT ALL, not because it was a hell of a lot of hard work (that's actually the aspect I liked about it), but because I realized that I don't like to work FOR someone, I like to work FOR MYSELF. Then I started looking back at my life...

I realized that I've always done entrepreneurial stuff in my life!

My furthest "entrepreneurial-memory" is from kindergarten. Everyone collected these plastic monster toys. The idea is that you buy, trade, and try to collect the best "team" from them. The thing that I remember is that I always had the best "team", not because I bought the most toys, but because I wisely traded my way up to the top!

Literally, I used to keep one-hour long sales pitches on why my friends should trade my character to their over-powered characters that could probably destroy 100 of my sh*t ones... And it worked! I worked my ass off, but eventually, I had the best "team", and everybody wanted to always challenge me!

Pic Source: FearlessMotivation

I've always been into the mindset that the harder you work=the more you get rewarded. Whether it's spending 10 hours going from door to door asking if someone wants me to clean their car, or trading video game items for days straight just to get a little profit, this mentality has just been planted into me

This is why I couldn't work a "normal" job for my whole life... I'm a really hardworking dude, and I'd hate a situation where I'd get paid the same amount as the lazy guy next to me who's only doing the NECESSARY! Also, in the corporate world, the only thing that might be rewarded to you for hard work is a little raise or a promotion...

If I'm working harder than the owner of the company, why wouldn't I be paid more then him? This comes back to the fact that I don't like to work FOR someone, I like to work FOR MYSELF.

"You're either building your dream, or being paid to build someone else's"
-Jeff Olson

Back to the present day

Pursuing my f*cking dreams...

After I got into self-development and started figuring out myself & my goals, I wanted to find ways to explore this new world that I've found out about! And god damn, I've tried out a lot of stuff...

Social media marketing, affiliate marketing, SEO, drop shipping, washing cars, landscaping, flipping items, and the list goes on and on...

The point is, I HAVE TRIED A LOT OF SH*T! Some of the stuff has worked, most of the stuff hasn't... I'm just trying to find experiences, and learn new skills, I'm not in a rush to success, and you shouldn't be either. This is a marathon, not a sprint!

So many people are looking for these "get-rich-quick schemes", and that's why many people lost A LOT of money when they bought the top in crypto... They didn't think with their mind - they just assumed that the value of Bitcoin would just keep on going up. THE MARKETS DON'T WORK LIKE THAT! And when the smart who bought at the bottom started selling, these guys were royally f*cked...

warren buffet quote.jpgPic Source: Reddit r/Bitcoin

One of the things I've been successful at is investing. I've tried to learn about investing through consuming hundreds of hours of content related to that, but I only really started to learn when I started investing myself... I've invested in stocks, bonds, cryptos, and now I'm going to get into real estate.

I got into crypto early, lost a lot of money, learned A LOT, put in more money, and now, I'm pretty happy that I didn't get discouraged in the beginning...

Apart from investing, I'm doing a few other things as well right now. I'm currently running a drop shipping business - still in the learning process but excited as f*ck to keep on doing this. Also, I'm starting to do item/furniture flipping again, and I have a third HUGE project in the planning currently! More about that later probably...

But if you should take one thing out of this article, it's that hard work always pays off, you should always aim to improve yourself & your life, and you shouldn't be in a hurry to reach success!

Literally, with how fast the technology is developing these days, the average age of a human is going to be over 100 soon... That means that if you're 60, instead of being "old", you still got half of your life ahead of you! If you're young, take time to live life, experience everything you can, learn new skills, and the success will come!

Also, remember that ANYTHING - and EVERYTHING is possible, but you just have to work really hard for it. If you have any dreams, go f*cking chase them! We all have only one life, why wouldn't you try to achieve your biggest goals! The worst thing that could happen is that you don't achieve them... At least you wouldn't die in regret because you know you tried your best!


Well, this concludes the "epic" introduceyourself-post!

I know that I didn't share quite a lot of personal information in this post, no info about my family, no photo, and especially no real name! I also acknowledge that this post could've been just that little notch better by me being more transparent and sharing some personal information as the great @cryptoctopus advices to do in his The Secret Formula to a Successful "IntroduceYourself" Post-post.

But... I still decided to stick to my opinions, and not share any "personal" information on Steemit,YET.

Yet is the keyword here ;)! I have some plans for this Steemit "blog", and how I can start implementing this to my already ongoing projects :)... I'm not going to get into it, but just a quick teaser; QUE THE EPIC MUSIC, it will include more blogging, more photos of me, and more self-development (fitness, fashion, lifestyle, and all that kinda jazz..) content!

Anyway... I still hope you enjoyed the article and the fact that I didn't share a lot of personal information didn't ruin your reading experience!




Thank you!

Thanks for reading this article :)!

If you read the whole article and got this far, I'd appreciate if you could give me some feedback! I'm trying to get back into writing after quitting my blog about a year ago... I'm just interested in hearing some constructive criticism :)!...

Now, I want you to go on to absolutely f*cking crush this day, and the rest of this week!

Keep working hard, chasing your dreams, and the results will come :)!



First of all, excellent and thorough introduction. I'm impressed by how well you articulate yourself, but perhaps even more by how early you've discovered how to achieve what you want achieve, and how to do it. This is rare in a teenager, but you probably know that.

I like this quote:

I want you to realize that if you start taking action TODAY, and start working your ass off

Here's some words of wisdom from the far east, with a similar message:

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.
The second best time to plant a tree is right now.
-- Chinese proverb

I share multiple of your stated goals in my own life, where helping people is probably the most important one to me (besides helping myself of course -- how can I help others if I'm not able to help myself). I've also had a big interest in self-development since my late teens (I'm now 30), and also have quite the large number of hours consuming various content of this type (most recently, the talks of Jordan Peterson -- if you haven't checked him out yet, you won't regret it if you do. He's considered one of the most influential intellectuals in the us and canada these days)

Given your apparent razor sharp focus in life, I want to tip you off about an educational program that actually takes place in Finland as well. I've almost completed the programme myself, and let me tell you, it's unlike anything you will find anywhere. It's a new type of education (not just a new education): An interdiscpiplinary meta-dicipline. It has been around for almost 40 years, but they don't do any advertisement whatsoever, so the only way to stumble upon it is by recommendation. I'm convinced you will get a ton out of it if you do decide to check it out. You can read about it here, and here's the program.

Good luck with everything! I will be following your blog with interest.

Last note: Of course pineapple is delicious on pizza. Doesn't everybody enjoy that? :D

Wow, I don't know where to start!... Thanks for the comment & feedback! I'm really glad you liked the article :)!

Love the quote! I've personally heard a few other versions of it like:

The best time to start working out was 5 years ago.
The second best time is now!

This was so well said. I couldn't agree more!

(besides helping myself of course -- how can I help others if I'm not able to help myself)

I've not really looked into Jordan Peterson, I've heard great things about him, but the furthest I've gone to check him out has been watching this Charisma On Command-video...

Thanks for informing me about the educational program! I'll have to look into it!

Last note: Of course pineapple is delicious on pizza. Doesn't everybody enjoy that? :D

Apparently, many people (at least the people I spend time with) don't enjoy it! Crazy people...

Hey @cryptoteen, I absolutely love this post. And well its hard to find another teen that can articulate themselves even better then myself. But, that doesn't count the fact that i'm in the U.S. and currently our education system isn't doing to well.

Nonetheless, I want to pose a proposition to you. I'm working on developing a @teensteem community. I literally just started, but I would love for another teen intellectual to be with me from the beginning. If you're interested, i'm starting to build a discord server for all of us to talk and collab in. It's only me so far, but you have to start somewhere right? If you have discord as well, hit me up at @Iamturtless#0853. We can talk more about it there!

First of all, thank you for the positive comment :)! I'd definitely like to get involved with your work in some way! It's about time that steemit gets a teen community :D!

I have a discord and I can come talk with you when I got some time! I'm really busy currently (I don't have time to post on steemit either :/...), but I'll definitely try to make some time to come chat with you :)!

Alright man sounds awesome. Whenever you're ready man take as much time as you need. Just shot me a message there when you're ready.

Been REALLY busy this week! But hey, the EPIC introduceyourself-post is finally here :)! I hope you enjoy!

Have a great day guys & girls :)!

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good post and interesting.
thanks for sharing @cryptoteen

You've got the entrepreneurial mindset, that's all you need - just rock on. Welcome to Steemit and the club :)

You very mature for a teen. Glad I found you stunner. Stay fresh, coz its clear you are highly favor by God..

Thanks man :)!

Nice and informative post thanks for sharing

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed!

Hi @cryptoteen and Welcome to steemit if you need any help etc. I'm available on:

Steemit: @ernoldlvb


Fery good nice

Good luck. nice post. Tried my hand at drop shipping. can be lucrative. find right supplier is obviously the key with the right product. Just keep grinding away and you will get there.

Yep, the learning curve is long but the business model is really great and offers a lot of possibilities!

This is an EPIC introduce yourself post and this solidifies my opinion that you will continue to crush it on this platform! I think there was a ton of content for people to get to know you without releasing super personal information!

Oh, and this isn't an opinion, "pineapple is f *cking delicious on top of a pizza"... That is just straight up fact! haha


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it,s a good and great introducetion post.i hope it,s all your story of your post. i am rimon. i am a steemit lover and all time active in (steemit) if you like photography then vist my @rimon7 acounte. i am a small photogarpher

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