I'm Carey Wedler, editor-in-chief at the Anti-Media, YouTube personality, yoga teacher, and activist; I'm joining Steemit to subvert Facebook & Youtube, build community, and promote peace

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Great to have you here! Enjoy.

I was a fan when you sang I got a crush on Obama. I was a bigger fan when you trashed him into the ground and set fire to that ideology. You're awesome. I've resteemed you to 10k people on the platform. Hopefully that helps you get off to a good start.

Wanna come on a radio show with me? Come find me in this Discord group: minnowpond.org.

I'm also gonna hit you with the @minnowsupport vote for 100%. Welcome to Steem!

Hi! Thank you so much for your support! I'd love to come on your radio show. :)

Also, fun fact, fortunately (for my pride/dignity) I wasn't the "crush on Obama" girl! But when my video went viral there were some reports that confused me with her, and I also eventually became known as the "Obama girl," so the confusion makes sense, especially considering that archived status update I shared in this post. :p

Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to getting in touch!

Cool. My show is on from 8-midnight est on Sunday nights. Let's plan on having you join me for 30-60 min. Can that work?

Sometimes a mistaken story becomes part of your legend...

Its really nice giving a boosting welcome to her, you have a kind heart @aggroed

really nice, check out my #sevendaybnwchallenge , follow and upvote for upvote

Now that's a great start on Steemit. She will hit the ground running.

Welldone that is very nice of you ..... What do u all think of the thriller of my recent movie https://d.tube/v/pberrylove/ql51ubf5

Yeah, agreed. Such an awesome thing to do for her! Happy new years my friend.

@aggroed, someone want to squash a bug that stole Carey's post to use as their own? The handle is @luckygameio. That profile's content is probably all stolen. I shared the link in #steemcleaners-public on steemit.chat as well. /thank

Good to hear from you , I hope we can share information here, kindly follow back. Thanks

Awesome been a fan of your work for a long time. Welcome to steemit. Check out my blog, I am a fellow truther with a decent size following. Cheers.

Welcome Carey! Wish you the best here on steemit, it will make you forget about all other social media.

Hi, thank you! It's definitely looking that way, love it so far. :)


Yeah... @careywedler, you are highly welcome to a community that rewards you for your intelligence (steemit). Stay cool

really nice, check out my #sevendaybnwchallenge , follow and upvote for upvote

Just came here to find introduceyourself trending for inspiration. This was a very nice introduction, the first one I read. I don't know if I can make anything as "real" or brave for myself. But I liked the theme; focusing on your core values and what is actually within your control in times like these.

I have visited the US on many occasions now (mostly California), and I love the country and it's people, but since November 2016 I've found myself lucky not to be American for the simple reason that I can distance myself from everything that is going on politically right now much more easily. But I think it's a good exercise in finding self-balance and practicing reaching out to people with different viewpoints and finding understanding and common ground, but also standing firm on the non-negotiable moral principles. Keep practicing and good luck! :-)

Welcome, Carey! Thanks for sharing your story of illusion and disillusionment! I had a similar experience with Obomber. Glad you were (a rare one) able to throw off the spell! When you talk about people being more kind, I realized you may be thinking along the same lines I am, so I want to share with you my passion. The spread of empathy. Have you heard of NVC (Nonviolent Communication) by Marshall Rosenberg? Anyway, it's a way of communicating that is fully in-line with Voluntaryism. Here's an article that describes it: https://steemit.com/voluntaryism/@scottermonkey/language-of-liberation

Hey! Thanks for the welcome! I read NVC a few years back, and while I definitely understood the concepts on a rational level, I don't think my emotions had quite caught up. I'm learning to practice compassion every day and would probably enjoy reading it again. Thanks for sharing your article, too, I'll check it out! :)

Wow! Awesome! Awesome intro post.
I'm pretty new on steemit. Don't have visibility

Please do well to check out my introductory post


Welcome to Steemit! Hope you feel at home here. You said something here that hits home with me and bears repeating because it's true: "Voting hadn’t stopped the wars, it hadn’t ended the Fed, it hadn’t reigned in police brutality and corporate exploitation. It served, more than anything, to provide a false sense of control over our own lives and the lives of others — even if voters didn’t see it that way. " <= needs to be memed. Take care and Steem on!

Hi, thank you for the welcome! I'm glad you liked those lines! Those are my views on American democracy in a nutshell. :)

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Awesome, glad you;re here - upvoted and followed you! I do remember your t-shirt burning video! I can relate, I was also upset to find out Obama was just a puppet for the war machine. The frustration I had with facebook limiting my reach when I share my art is what brought me here too. SO glad to have found a better platform! The more time I spend on here the more facebook seems like a complete waste of time. Check out my recent post of 5 reasons Steemit is WAY better than Facebook! https://steemit.com/steemit/@adammillwardart/5-reasons-steemit-is-way-better-than-facebook

Glad to know you're enjoying Steemit and that you, too, broke away from the Obama hysteria! War has always been the biggest issue that drives me to speak out, so I'm glad to know there are others still around (as opposed to the Bush Jr. years when it was cool to be anti-war) who understand how terrible it is. :)

The American govt uses the media to brainwash people into supporting wars that have nothing to do with national security and everything to do with making tons of money for ultra rich psychopaths at the expense of people's sons and daughters. It baffles my mind how many people support war as the answer still in 2018, it's been almost 75 years since the "war to end all wars"..

Glad to see you here, Carey. Welcome :) Steemit is a good place. I'm hoping it can become a home for solid independent journalism. Your message of inner healing definitely resonates with me. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

Hi, thanks for the welcome! I'm so glad others are also invested in inner healing. I think it's so necessary for a peaceful society (and I definitely speak form my own experience and seeing how I've interacted with others as a result!).

Liberty first... then we talk peace!

Great first article, so good to see the World standing up to tyranny and aggression. Followed and resteemed.

Hi, yay, glad you liked it! Thanks for the follow and resteem! :)

Welcome to the amazing platform that is Steemit, where revolutionaries gather and REAL CHANGE is being created <3 I am stoked to hear more from you!

Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm so happy to on a platform outside the matrix!

Welcome to Steemit and thank you for sharing your journey and perspective. It is nice to see other people "wake up" from this distorted and distracted reality we live in. The great part of your journey is you have found a balance from within yourself and others - that "practice" of growth. It may not always be perfect, we all tend to believe what we think is a truth, but in reality, it may only be one small slice of the whole picture. When we can push past that barrier by gaining perspective and letting go of harmful ego shrouding cognitive dissonance we can begin to be more open. That will aid in helping bring more of a chance of productive dialogue between people. Within that dialogue, understanding and unity can begin to encompass those willing to look past differences and promote peace and love.There are too many deceptions and ways to divide humanity out there, its time we all start coming together. I wish you the greatest measure of success, and keep practising and continue to grow on a wonderful path and blossom!

Thank you for the lovely comment! I completely agree with your sentiment and think too often people (including myself) tend to focus on being right rather than actually connecting with others. I'm increasingly grateful for people who disagree with me and can express themselves in a calm, civil way. I think that does far more for healing humanity and fostering peace than simply screaming at people. :)

"....think too often people (including myself) tend to focus on being right rather than actually connecting with others." LOL With 7billion on the planet, why waste time with those who think you are wrong? Connect with TRUTHERS. Red Pill or c'ya. Right? Now all we need is a libertarian enclave like this... Tell us what you think about this young Italian Stallion's concept:

This is one of those posts that I couldn't read all the way through before I had to go back to my matrix-required regular job, BUT it was so good that I had to come back and finish it. When it started out I thought you were going tell us how wonderful the democrat progressives and Obama are (though I kept reading because @dollarvigilante, aka TDV had resteemed it and there must be hope for you). Thankfully it turned out to have a happy ending. I can relate to this post a little better than other anarchy/decentralization posts I have read recently.

Welcome to Steemit! We are all better off to have you! I am sure you will do quite well here.

Aw, I'm so glad this resonated with you! I don't often write articles as "myself." I'm usually in reporting mode so this is a new style for me. I'm glad you think it had a happy ending! Thanks for the kind words!

What a start !

Great first post! You will do very well here indeed!!

Great post, i think that one of the best in this category.
btw. you are so beautiful! :D

Intro post done right. Welcome to Steemit lovely.

Welcome to Steemit @careywedler . You will find many friends here that are willing to listen. Looking forward to your blogs. Cheers.

What a wonderful intro post. Welcome Carry. Nice to have you here! Upvoted and followed!

Welcome to Steemit @careywedler !

Steemit is home to some of the best Voluntaryist and Anarchy content on the web. I look forward to your contributions. 👍

dude. 86 Virago is my all time fav bike. 750. not the big one. Tell me what you think about this from an AV entrepreneur's view

Thank you for sharing this with us Carey!

Welcome, glad to have you with us.

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Welcome to the world of steem..

Welcome on Steem Carey! I've enjoyed a couple of your video on Youtube in the past and so I'm glad to have you here! I'm following you now!

Woo hoo! Another Peacemonger! Welcome to Steemit!

We agree in a number of areas, including governmental crimes against humanity, their capitulation to corporate and monied donors, and their utter failure to do their freaking jobs - for decades now, and counting.

I grew up in L.A., attended Santa Monica College and UCLA, moved to Tampa Bay in the 80s, and to Tennessee in 2011. Thinking twice about that latter move in light of our unremitting cold, but then again, on most nights we have a clear view of the Milky Way, which is something you just don't get in L.A.

Also into yoga, energy medicine, meditation, organic growing and culture, art, music, philosophy and creating peace in every way possible!

Feel free to connect with me:


Inspired and inspirational.

The world needs more folks similar to you.

I am an artist/writer/lightworker and agree with all you say - my message to help heal the world is couched in what I term "Kitchen Sink Spirituality"; I invite you to pop by mine for a browse if you have a spare mo,

I sense that you will be a big batter here - you surely 'have it all going on'.


I wish you well on your journey and look forward to reading/watching more from you over the coming months.

With Love.


Sounds like you've lived quite a life these last ten years in how you've changed as a person.

I’m not gunna lie..... I’ve totally been crushing on you since I saw your first video on Facebook / YouTube years ago. You’re fucking awesome and I’m excited to know you’re on Steemit. We’ve definitely gained one hell of an asset as a community today with you coming on board.... with that said I’m blushing as I look around my office to see if anyone noticed as if I’ve said it out loud.... sigh SMH. Either way I hope you’re having a great day!

Yep I fan girled a little....

Welcome @careywedler !

Yes! Amazing introduction. I love your recognition of the importance of healing our own accumulated and inherited traumas. If everyone did this! Alas.. way easier said than done. If I can be as productive a blogger as you seem to be, then I'll be posting an article I'm working on about Ayahuasca in the coming days. It's really helped me so much with anger. Cheers! Sara

hi welcome to Steemit ! You'll see you feel like home here, it's only 15 days I'm here and I've ignored all the other social media I was actually using before.
I'm glad one more person sharing my views and hating the mainstream media is here, I totally agree with what you think about what the school teaches us, I hate the school system, even if I have made it until Masters degree level. It is just there to put robots into action, and at a time I started learning new things by myself, languages, informatics languages, and I never learned as fast as I did. Long live activists, I believe Steemit will overrun facebook and all those other gutter press where only hysteria and narrow-mindedness are present ! :D

That was such an amazing read! Good on you for fighting for what you believe in but it's great to see you steering away from negative and focusing on positive. Negative energy really does drain you and is more powerful than anyone realises! Thanks for spreading the knowledge too. I learnt a lot from this and can't wait to read more!

Welcome to steemit family! :)

Many that are now on the right gave B.O. a chance the first time around, but as in the political arena, the same ol same ol happened, the disgruntled fled as Hillary was no option.

Hello, a warm Steemit welcome to you!

Stay active on the site and follow, upvote and comment on other post.

There are also a lot of tools you can use that are helpful and you can find them at http://steemtools.com and find some you like.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have fun!

Glad to see you here Carey! See you next month at Anarchapulco!

Thank you so much for your help!!! See ya by the beach! :)

Good to have you onboard here Carey. I'm a big fan of Antimedia.com and feature it as a link at my Clarity of Signal site.


I dig your work and your solid attitude about trying to expose war crimes and corruption. I also was a dem who went through a similar transformation as you after I realized Obama was working for the banksters and selling war.

You have a great attitude and are definitely going to do well here on Steemit and I wish you all the best.

Here's my latest piece on what's going down with the misreporting about Iran:


Welcome! Very nicely said. I enjoyed reading it and I resemble it greatly!



As someone who also enjoys speaking about world problems, political issues, and protects the rights of others even I personally disagree. I can genuinely tell you that I am excited to see your future content and hope to engage in enlightening conversations on both ends.

I am new to this community as well, but the potential and environment is incredible and I felt I needed to be a part of it - I'm sure you see the same.

I have upvoted and followed, hopefully I can earn a spot on your radar as well.

You are definitely fantastic, as they say in Venezuela "Eres Chevere", thank you for entering the world of steemit.

Welcome to the community. I look forward to reading your posts.

You nailed your introductory post.

Upvoted and following.

YAY for a Wonder Woman gif! Well played (and well deserved for a stellar post). :)

This introduction is so inspirational for me. I am new to steemit and I needed something like this very much ! I love your attitude to spread knowledge and fight violence. Upvoted and following, Good luck !

Welcome to steemit Carey! Wow! Such a great endeavour you have there! I wish I have the courage that you have. Hope you enjoy this platform like other social media out there. Looking forward to your posts :)

Welcome Carey... do have a lovely experience and stay, here on steemit. I love the pictures, they are beautiful.

welcome to steemit family

wow! You're so cool and inspiring! I hope to meet you someday! Seriously! You're too good and kind to be true! God bless you! <3

I am endeared to your course, I am a politician in my country, Nigeria. Follow back, thanks.

Carey I created this extremely confusing thing just to help you out and I'm not even a huge fan of the anti media but I always enjoy the content from your personal page. I'll give the anti media another shot but either way, best of luck. Here's to hoping this will help you make a bigger difference out there.

Welcome @Careywedler to steemit i hope you will have a great time here :-)

Welcome carey, and yeah,who wouldn't remember the girl who blowtorched her obama T-shirt back then
I look forward to seeing your articles

Hi Carey, I like the way you deal things your way. Welcome to steemit! Thank you for sharing your views and opinions. I am a subscribed to your channel back then.

Thank you for your comment, and for following me. Hope you enjoy my work :-)

There is a question here which is begging to be asked... How much money can a low-budget dance movie remake generate?

Only kidding, great intro post. Welcome to steemit!!

WOW. This is amazing. I have fallen into feeling that way as well in response to all that is going on. @careywedler I will be following you. I'm glad you are here on steemit to share your views and further your mission. I look forward to seeing more form you.

I'd like to start by saying I am British and not American. Here in Europe the press paints an extremely negative impression of the USA at present primarily down to the current political climate and celebrity scandal. It is very hard to judge the views of the population of a country from a distance so it is nice to see someone who has a voice and doesn't just accept that the current state of affairs is how it is and keep silent. It was an interesting post; I will be sure to come back and read more in the future.

Been following you on YouTube for a while now. You're inspirationally brave. Keep at it.

Welcome to the circus, Carey! Better late than never. :)

Welcome! Someone I follow just shared this post and I love your message! I just got rid of twitter and instagram yesterday, facebook almost a year ago and I have a few hold outs on youtube that I'm waiting to move over here or Bitchute so I can get off that platform too.

You have a new follower. I'm excited to read your content.

You're welcome Carey to this great community. Thanks for sharing your story and looking forward to learn more from you

Welcome, Carey to Steemit! You will have the best experience on this platform. The story of your transformation is inspiring. It will help the young ones in finding their paths in life.

Glad to see you here. Wish you the best here on steemit. appreciate your bravery. like your point of view. Thanks

I upvote your post. If you have time, you can upvote this one in return.

Best to you Carey. Keep smiling and maintain the fight.

That's very nice ok

Amen sister. There will be the day when we turn the cameras and the surveillance the other way around and it will be 7 billion watching 100,000.

Welcome. I look forward to your posts.

welcome to the community. i think i like your attitude :) . upvoted, resteemed and followed.

welcome to steemit @careywedler.
great introduction and as @zool237 said too long for an introduction.
any way you look pretty and cool.
I wish you all the best ahead.( do your best;) )

political news & opinions eh? that's something I'd want to follow up. (though I live on the other side of the world) Oh! And welcome to Steemit! peace

Welcome. You're going to do very well here subverting FB ; )
Highly rEsteemed!


Wonderful, thank you so much for resteeming!

Welcome to Steemit, Carey! I found you by going to @aggroed's blog and read this article. There are lot of deceptions in this world that we can't comprehend and it is better to educate ourselves by learning the ropes in order no to fall in their trap. Anyway, it is rare to see a very smart and sexy lady (no offense). Followed!

Welcome, Carey! I agree with every word you said - it was almost as if I heard myself say the same words. And I have also found my salvation in meditation - two years and growing stronger with every day! I look forward to your posts :).

Hi @careywedler glad to have you here.... thanks for sharing your story with us.

Hi Carey, welcome to steemit. I have fulfilled my promise, hope you enjoy rocking Steemit ;) peace n love

Welcome carey, great job!

Why do you have a symbol of death and destruction on your profile? Israel is well known for the OPPOSITE of PEACE and the OPPOSITE of FREEDOM. Supporting Israel is bad.

Did you read my post?

Yes! So cool to see the announcement on that other site. So many liberty minded people are on Steemit. You should try dtube.video as well.

Welcome to steemit; wishing u lots of success on this amazing platform:)

WElcome to steemit.

What a great talent @careywedler. Nice to meet you here, anyway I was upvote your post. If you have time, you can upvote this one in return. Thanks in advance :)


Welcome to steemit

great post! Welcome, thanks for the reminder that fb and youtube suck

nice post

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Welcome to Steemit @careywedler and enjoy the community!

Yes! STEEMIT > facebook/youtube

Welcome onboard. Steemit will be a great place to voice your opinions and spark some debates. Looks like your good at that :)

Hey fellow Yogi! Love your enthusiasm, like minded individuals :)

wow! I am swept away on this like my butt really hurt hitting the ground yet with a frown. Steem on my friend! :)

Thank you, Carey, for being here. I have been on Steemit for all but an hour now and got excited when I saw your name. I have been following you on youtube for quite some time now. Here's to anarchy and peace!

Welcome and I hope you can bring lots of new users and enjoy all that steemit offers I find something new feature wise everyday almost. make sure to enter #contest and #challenge on steemit and add to #discussion posts.

Welcome to Steemit! Hope you love it here :)

Welcome Carey! Wish you all the best here on steemit!

Welcome to Steemit we love to have you here!

Welcome aboard Carey. Definitely think you're making the right move here - as an Anti-Media reader, I'm looking forward to seeing your contributions here!

welcome, really great to have you here ^

Thank you! Glad to be here :-)

Welcome to steemit planet @careywedler, nice to know you more on steemit. happy new year my friend.

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