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RE: I'm Carey Wedler, editor-in-chief at the Anti-Media, YouTube personality, yoga teacher, and activist; I'm joining Steemit to subvert Facebook & Youtube, build community, and promote peace

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I was a fan when you sang I got a crush on Obama. I was a bigger fan when you trashed him into the ground and set fire to that ideology. You're awesome. I've resteemed you to 10k people on the platform. Hopefully that helps you get off to a good start.

Wanna come on a radio show with me? Come find me in this Discord group:

I'm also gonna hit you with the @minnowsupport vote for 100%. Welcome to Steem!


Hi! Thank you so much for your support! I'd love to come on your radio show. :)

Also, fun fact, fortunately (for my pride/dignity) I wasn't the "crush on Obama" girl! But when my video went viral there were some reports that confused me with her, and I also eventually became known as the "Obama girl," so the confusion makes sense, especially considering that archived status update I shared in this post. :p

Thank you for the warm welcome, I look forward to getting in touch!

Cool. My show is on from 8-midnight est on Sunday nights. Let's plan on having you join me for 30-60 min. Can that work?

Sometimes a mistaken story becomes part of your legend...

Its really nice giving a boosting welcome to her, you have a kind heart @aggroed

really nice, check out my #sevendaybnwchallenge , follow and upvote for upvote

Now that's a great start on Steemit. She will hit the ground running.

Welldone that is very nice of you ..... What do u all think of the thriller of my recent movie

Yeah, agreed. Such an awesome thing to do for her! Happy new years my friend.

@aggroed, someone want to squash a bug that stole Carey's post to use as their own? The handle is @luckygameio. That profile's content is probably all stolen. I shared the link in #steemcleaners-public on as well. /thank

Good to hear from you , I hope we can share information here, kindly follow back. Thanks

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