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Hello Steemian,

I came back from shopping the other day and this beautiful friend of mind @basonrich was really disturbing me about this community.

Knowing that one of hobbies is blogging, he kept on and on , talking about how beautiful the steemit is


So I decided to give him my attention. And surprisingly I was convinced to sign up. And so guys, I am now on Steemit.


My name is Lois from Nigeria, a graduate of history and International Studies. I am a fashion designer and a TV host. I love people and I enjoy making friends and I have so much fun dancing and taking photographs. I love selfie!

I love adventure + traveling

That's me and my sister

I am here to engage and be engaged, to learn and create meaningful posts. To be rewarded for this time being online and having fun.


Wow! It's really a new world.

So steemians, let's be friends and show each other love.

For love is the universal language

Much love!

Lois Mark

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Thanks a million!

Since you love adventure and travelling, would you mind sharing your travel stories? Anyway, welcome to steemit! :D

Absolutely! Let's stay in touch!

Such Beauty !! 😍

Thanks darling

Pleasure 💘

Me too a Newbie here.
welcome to Steemit Following for more post

Thanks dear! You're welcome too!

nice to meet you here in Steemit

Thanks a million honey! @slowwalker! I'm really honoured. I've followed you.