5 Reasons Steemit is WAY Better Than Facebook!

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I see NEW content all the time! For months now, my Facebook newsfeed has been full of posts from 2-3 days ago. And I see the same posts from the same people over and over. On Steemit, content is displayed chronologoically and there's always people adding new content, so it's more fun to explore!


The Steem crypto currency that is part of this platform gives a real incentive to be on here, to create good content, and to contribute meaningful comments. Why spend time posting where you will not earn anything, when you can spend time posting where you will earn something?


The way Steemit works, if people flag your posts or comments, your posts and comments get hidden and your posts and comments also get demonetized. This means trolls are few and far between. People don't just argue for the sake of it. Comments sections are for the most part much more civilized on Steemit!


On Facebook, you can like pages, add friends and follow people till the cows come home, but, you'll almost never see any of their content. Facebook algorithms decide what they think you want to see. Obviously, Facebook truly sucks at this. On Steemit, you can search by tags to find content you're actually interested in seeing, and chose to follow those people. Once you do follow someone, all their posts will be in your feed, chronologically.


On Steemit, there's no obnoxious ads everywhere. Facebook has gone from being a social media platform, to nothing more than a glorified ad platform. They use all kinds of surveillance and cookies to track everything you do online, and even listen to you and track your eyes, then they use that info to target ads for you. Personally I consider that an invasion of privacy.


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This is very true, It is revolutionary in many ways but also just common sense!

My favorite part about Steemit is that it promotes a giving economy rather then just a jelousy-drama fest that is Facebook. Facebook is scarcity mindset, and Steemit is a flourishing garden!

Facebook USED to work more like that. Often my posts from my personal page could end up with thousands of likes and be seen by tens of thousands of people if I shared them to lots of groups! Likes, comments and shares made things go viral. Now there's all kinds of things that will prevent that, links, if the post is too long, the different emotional reactions, paid posts etc... all combine to limit organic reach to a just teeny-tiny fraction of what it used to be.

yeah I guess if your in it for likes its good, but i dont think it could compare since on here your upvote is worth something valuable. I guess some people on facebook got thousands of likes, but the audience wasnt always engaged either. Haha, I just thin facebook is lame, even though I still use it to post Steemit content that no one sees.

I posted this on facebook, I wonder if anyone will even see it? lol

I make my living from my art, so, people seeing my art on Facebook used to lead them to my website a lot. Facebook used to drive 2-5000 hits a week to my website. Now,I usually get less than 10 hits a week from FB. I also posted this on FB a couple of hours ago. I have over 3000 followers, and so far it has 3 likes...

oh wow. I have lots of friends on facebook but it seems like onlly like 50 of them actually see any of my posts consistently lol. I just promo Steemit on there now.

The best part about Steemit and art is that you make money just posting pics of art, and then you can also direct them to your site!

I hope to be able to buy, trade and sell art on here using steem dollars sooner then later!

That is totally correct, but about new content... in my situation i have new content ever 1 to 2 minutes, so that is personal facebook history or feed. The best part of this is the steemit $$ :3 I LOVE IT. And about trolls actually is really good, cause trolls are limited here.

What country are you in? All my friends in Canada say the same thing, newsfeed stories are often 3 days old.

Steemit allows content creators to mine cryptocurrency and co-produce a blockchain with nothing more than their thoughts, words, and media.

That's one reason! lol I hate the censorship on FB. I'd prefer to use Steemit even without the crypto - it's just a better platform with lots of great, fresh content!

Amazing post I really loved it :) followed you kindly you can also give me favour by follow back and upvote :)

Nice post, I'm glad I decided to make the move over here!

Me too! Logging in to FB is like nails on a chalkboard for me now... lol

Good article. These reasons and all the extra vitriol & control mechanisms are how I found my way to Steemit. I've come to appreciate this platform more each day. Glad I found your Steemit page. Upvoted and followed.

Thank you! I also find myself gravitating more and more to Steemit. The time spent here doesn't feel wasted!

a lot of great points here.
I hate the facebook algorithm.....

I'm usually a pretty positive person, I don't use the word "hate" often, but I can say I truly hate what Facebook has become