Hi! I am the first Playmate with more than a million followers to blog on Steemit!

(para español ver abajo)

Hi! My name is Brenda Zambrano and I am 23 years old.

I was born in the city of Victoria Tamaulipas. I studied until finishing high school and decided to focus on an artistic career as a model and beauty contests as the Miss Tamaulipas, which was were I stood out. From then on I dived into the show business and politics up to the point where I decided to go to live an adventurous life in Mexico City and chasing my dreams. A little later I got a call from a tv station in Monterrey, which hired me and made me a bit more known. After this Mtv called me for the cast of Acapulco Shore which made me famous and made my life change... Magazines, red carpets, interviews, voyages, etc...
Also I have a marvelous boy-friend, who I love dearly, he helps me to be a better person each day and grow professionally. I also love my country Mexico, which is a country full of opportunities for all kinds of persons. I love Latinamerica and I am proud to be who I am!!
I will keep on searching for a way to make my dreams come true, I still have a lot left to achieve.
I discovered Steem through a friend and I love what I see! Finally a web page which allows people to directly earn money by offering value in the form of good content. In my country there are many people who do not have even a bank account, but who would love to share their thoughts and daily problems and earning some money for doing it. Steem and Steemit.com are perfect for this purpose.
I have almost 1.5 million followers in my country, between Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I hope to help Steem to become more known in the spanish-speaking part of the world.

I will add in the comments section my tweets about my Steemit-article. People who will see the article and see the Dollar amount earned, will be enticed to sign-up and contribute to the page as well. I will wait with the tweets for an hour or two, so that the amount displayed hopefully is not 0.00 USD when my followers click the link. ;)

A big kiss to everybody.


Myself on a Playboy Teaser

Playboy cover:

Evidence that it is really me:

Hola! Soy Brenda Zambrano de 23 años.

Nací en ciudad Victoria Tamaulipas. Estudié hasta la preparatoria, y decidí enfocarme en el medio artístico empecé como Modelo, y concursos de belleza como el miss Tamaulipas que fue con el que resalté, de ahí en adelante estuve metida en el medio de farándula y política! Hasta que me decidí y me fui a vivir a México D.F a vivir la aventura y buscar mis sueños, ya estando en México D.F me habla una televisora de Monterrey y me contratan y ahí me di a conocer un poco más, después me hablan de Mtv para el cast de Acapulco shore que fue el que me lanzo al estrellato, después de ahí mi vida cambió , revistas, alfombras rojas , entrevistas , viajes etc! Aparte tengo un novio maravilloso que amo con mi vida entera, él me ayuda día a día a ser mejor persona y crecer profesionalmente, y también amo a mi país México es un país lleno de oportunidades para todo tipo de personas, amo Latinoamérica y estoy orgullosa de ser lo que soy hoy!! Y seguiré continuando en busca de más sueños que aun me faltan muchos por cumplir!!
Descubrí Steem a través de un amigo, y me encanta lo que veo! Por fin una página que permite cobrar directamente dinero a cualquiera que se dedica ofrecer algo de valor. En mi país hay mucha gente que no dispone de una cuenta bancaria, pero que si quiere dar a conocer sus pensamientos y los problemas que tienen en su día a día. Con Steem y Steemit.com los pueden dar a conocer al mundo y el mundo les puede ayudar a ser mejores en su vida.
Yo tengo 1.5 millones de seguidores en mi país y estoy promoviendo Steem activamente. En una hora o dos voy a enviar enlaces a este articulo de Steemit, para que no siga en 0.00 USD cuando mis seguidores vayan a checar el articulo. Se van a animar más si ven que es posible ganar dinero.

Espero poder seguir contribuyendo con artículos en español... muchas gracias por este gran invento! :)

Un gran beso!



Welcome @brendazambrano!

I want to give you a short explanation, why i've downvoted your post here! It's nothing personal, just i'm personally thinking, it's just anyhow overpaid, and we have to be carful not to send out the wrong signals to others.

I'm sure you will make use of this platform to your needs and i've also no doubt you'll continue to amaze us :)

You're amazing!

I'm also aware of the massive value u'll bring into this game!

Thanks so much for this response @summon ! I feel similarly about some posts from @dantheman that are useful, but not nearly useful enough to warrant the payout. (nothing against him for that, I'm sure he would like to have a mechanism in the UI for making his posts unable to be upvoted for a reward if possible and I can only guess that is something to be implemented at some point)

If there were more whales with your mentality, I think this platform would be the better for it.


IIRC there was something similar in the works - guess it's just not implemented yet. I would also love to see a feature to be able to contribute rewards directly to the user maybe with some tag #[email protected]

I wouldn't be surprised if the "[email protected]" concept has been considered as well and is on a to-do list. It would certainly make for better curation in cases of reposting a deserving but under-viewed and under-rewarded post, for example.

brenzambranoc Brenda Zambrano tweeted @ 02 Aug 2016 - 19:50 UTC

Ganando mi seccion de manana para @fansportsmex pendientes ! https://t.co/w9aDhdw4hj

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Why does @twitterbot have such a bad reputation? :-(

Obviously botophobia. Bots have feels toooooo!

@demotruk, thanks for doing that research to find outside confirmation on twitter :)

@brendazambrano, You just 1 hour, already had $ 4000 wow amazing .. :-)

Thank you all so much for this really warm welcome in your community. As promised I sent out my first tweet, but I have since seen that it is better to wait for the end figure for the big 1.4 million followers on facebook... I think they will be really surprised!! Thank you soooo much!!


Welcome to Steemit! We can't wait to see you share this with all of your followers. Along with your payout, you will get some Steem Power, which is like having stock in Steemit. So the more people that come join us, and the more Steemit grows, the more your Steem Power will be worth over time. :)

Thanks for your advice. Steem really rocks!

👍amazing post, welcome @brendazambrano

Hmm... waiting until the final figure is a brilliant tactical move.

Very well played.

Welcome to the party :)

brendazambranoc Brenda Zambrano tweeted @ 05 Aug 2016 - 02:46 UTC

Miren! he ganado x presentarme en Steemit $6,600 USD en 4 horas! Tambien pueden hacer lo mismo apuntense a #Steemit goo.gl/eQqP1G

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

very cool. do you plan to continue posting here or do you think it will be a one-time thing for you?

I will definitely go on posting here... hopefully all my fans come over here, so that I can stop feeding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram... :)

diversity and free spirit!

Hey @brendazambrano, great work.

I'm usually so bored by this kind of ultra sexual modeling, but you transcend it to an almost ironic level that I can't help but respect.

Your cover shot is like Monroe on steroids.

Welcome to Steemit =]

This is where YouTube videos espousing Steem(it) come in handy. Similar to what @halo did.

@complexring I agree. And having diverse member with diverse followings such as Jeff berwick join Steemit will continue to make Steemit's foundation much more solid.
ps Steemit is Toast

Lmao.. I had to google the definition of espousing to understand your comment:) Keep the big words coming @complexring learning is fundamental!

Pretty sure it means he wishes she were his spouse 😉 @arcaneinfo

In honor of the news earlier-

She is the most beautiful Mexican Red Head I have ever seen. Which reminds me of a story I was thinking about writing here on STEEMIT about a most Famous Mexican Red Head who's story is well known in the USA but not his True Beginnings( most would never know he was red headed); not even Mexicans really know his true story. Anyhow I digress.

@manicmidnight Actually pretty good guess but no. This guy is more of folklore / legend. It is actually an amazing story that not many people know about. Movies have been made about him but without truly realizing his historical significance or true origins. Anyhow, for now, read why Steemit is Toast Thanks.


@Krabgat Yes Very Good. Most people don't know that Zoro is more than a legend, was A red head and was Mexican by choice and not by birth. His life May even be an inspiration for the book 'Scarlet Pimpernel,' as well as other tales of heroism by a masked hero(lone ranger, batman etc). And more, so i will do a write on him soon. Thanks.
Ps Steemit is Toast

Louie C. K.?

actually espousing means, adopt or support (a cause, belief, or way of life). Knowing his brilliant mind trust I did the right thing earlier by googling the word:)

Haha I actually did know that without googling (not to pat myself on the back), but found the pun too funny to pass up

@bendjmiller :) unsolicited information is often bs! You knew the word without googling but made a rebuttal way off topic? Glad you made 100 bucks for the humor atleast good job!

Me too lol, I know what word I will be using a lot now.

brenda is a pretty powerful girl, I would say, or pretty empowered

indeed it is

I have a feeling this will be the first of several playmates and models posting.

I do not know you but I'm already your fan! I admire you from now! go ahead and help everyone you can Brenda, success and happiness! / No te conosco pero ya soy tu fan! te admiro desde ya! sigue adelante y ayuda a todas las personas que puedas Brenda, exitos y felicidades!

I hope really that a few more whales upvote this post... If she posts it to her followers and a million people see that she earned a lot of money, than perhaps we get 500.000 signups in a day...
@dantheman @ned please help her out... she can be a door opener to 1.5 million people!!!

a lot of men think like this, looking at her, yeh? this is a steemit success strategy.. Just for fun, Guys)

So true...

LOL. I didn't.

boobs power

Than you have the complex men that see @stellabelle and press like....
Give me a fucking break

I am not sure if steemit can handle that sort of mass sign up at the current moment. It would be great to have new users and her post is very valuable in gaining attention, but I would hope that users join with the expectation that they will only be successful if they put in hard work. Most of us don't have the luxury of celebrity status and a large number of followers.

That being said I truly value an upvote from one of the many whales here more than any retweet or repost. Not only is it financially more valuable, but more importantly it shows you are creating the type of content that those with a lot invested see as bettering the platform in the long run.

I know some people see steemit as a popularity contest and the whales only upvote their friends. That simply isn't true. Continue to post honest, heartfelt, innovative content, and not only will you be monetarily rewarded, but also have the chance to change lives through your posts and time spent investing in others.

"I am not sure if steemit can handle that sort of mass sign up at the current moment"

@stellabelle 's head would surely explode if that happens.

"I know some people see steemit as a popularity contest and the whales only upvote their friends. That simply isn't true. "
is the truth alien to you?

no worries she will not have the power in clicks maybe a 1000 Signups if this would come through her promoting steemit i would be happy, realistically we can easily check very quick soon.

Hello @dragonho I wanted to invite my Belgian CEO who has a huge business network in Europe to steemit but I feel ashamed of my ZERO reward posts. I hope I can show him a good post earnings so I will very convincing. The time of this kind of people is very important and would just listen to something without a proof or something. I will post the screenshot of invitation to him here on steemit, can you help me gain upvotes so I can show it to my CEO?

Lets pray... if she gets 50.000 USD and tweets this out to 1.5 million followers she might take steemit to another level...

Prepare for the highest grossing post and the hoards of bikini babes who will follow! Welcome @brendazambrano

Hello @mexbit, I was thinking of inviting my Belgian CEO here in the Philippines to join steemit. He has a huge business network in Europe. But I couldn't just do it by showing my ZERO earning posts :), I will post the screenshot of my invitation to him on steemit, well you help me get upvotes so I can show him that what I'm telling is true?

she has a million followers among all channels then whey her videos like this one just have like only 150 Views ?

?? You are all overexcited and consider most of that influx is this the users we want ?

The "The users we want", you should say "the users I want" steemit is becomming so elitist because of comment like yours. #puke

And then we'll face competition. :)

@dantheman why did you downvote this post? I thought steemit would want to grow fast... or is this too fast if people from the mainstream follow directly, outside of cryptospace?

@brendazambrano You'll welcome to use any of my apps, whenever you'd like ;) especially when getting those steem photo's up > http://steemimg.com


Blue - Your output of Steem apps is amazing. Are you a one man operation?

How many have you built in total?

Yes I am a one man op ;) Well I'm planning to bring them all together into one under http://steem.cool
Ill keep everyone updated of course!

consider joining the thunderclap campaign with your twitter https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/45276-steemit-will-change-your-life

I hope you will find this $16,000 useful for your contributions to the fields of math, science, and cryptography.

un gran beso para ti tambeins!

muchas gracias enjoy steemit!

Hello @roelandp I would also like to invite my Belgian CEO who has a huge business network in Europe to join steemit but I believe I can't convince him with my ZERO reward posts. If I can make him join steemit, possibilities is that he might also invite his network in Europe. I will post a screenshot of my invitation to him, can you help me gain upvotes so I can show it to my CEO?

hi girl! welcome to steemit!

Welcome, Brenda! Would you consider using your star power to promote the Utah solution to homelessness, Basic Income, and educating the homeless population in how to use Steemit to earn money?

thats a great idea by the way !! i think this could really help out some amazing minds out there in the bad streets of life !! i up vote totally this idea !! ; - )

Hola Bella, bienvenida a Steemit. Eres hermosa!! Who knew playmates could blog :)

Que guay! Hace falta gente que hable español, no somos muchos y no hay ninguna ballena que voten articulos en español, asi que nos vemos forzados a escribir en inglés si queremos tener opción a ganar algo de dinero. Yo escribi el otro dia varios posts en español entre ellos el inicio de una novela, pero nada no tienen apenas visivilidad.
Un saludo! Muy wapa en la foto que sales al lado de la ruta de evacuación :-)

Wow! (@) (@)
Now Steem won't be the only unit on the rise...

Welcome to steemit! Your intro post got me interested enough to post a follow up about it. I'd love to see your comments there as well, if you'd like to join the conversation.

Apparently 35 people would rather Brenda dress like this

Have a few steem dollars on me




The yours are false xDDD



I love it @amartinezque! I only have minor Photoshop skills, but you took it to another level. Mine are revealed as ccounterfeit!

Welcome to Steemit @brendazambrano. We'd love to see you and your friends join the https://steem.community/ chatroom.

If you want a dedicated channel or entire team on https://steem.community/ dedicated to Spanish speaking, I would be happy to help with that. I live in a predominantly hispanic community so it would be great to have some more resources I could put around the neighborhood and would allow me to cross the language barrier, as I don't know much Spanish.

No breasts and butt WHAT is she? WHAT is it has to cosntrutivo for steemit? let's be honest this platform will die if it continues, if breast and ass of visualization, changes name to PORNOSTEEMIT.

She can get over a million people to use Steemit. She has the vision how to use her tools. You should be celebrating that Steemit might reach new heights in user adoption....

You're wrong. What people should be doing is exercising their right to state their opinion. @jrfantasma didn't say anything mean or nasty to Brenda. Most of the people here are singing her praises, what is so wrong with a handful of users in comparison stating their feelings?

@mexbit I agree with you that we should be pleased that people come here and try to increase the user base through their own social media reach, but there is no need to browbeat other users for stating a rather non-controversial and mild opinion.


I see steemit as a platform within a technology sharing constructive things to the very steemit. Now if you want money, only money oh yes it will help if we continue like this we can soon change steemit to steemit social network of naked women. Oh you will enteder What do I say. We do not need quantity, but quality.

I see steemit as a platform within a technology sharing constructive things to the very steemit. Now if you want money, only money oh yes it will help if we continue like this we can soon change steemit to steemit social network of naked women. Oh you will enteder What do I say. We do not need quantity, but quality.

More tits is only a good thing, right?

Boobs against brains.
Again and again. I have none . So just as a bystander who has read a lot of articles on steemit I feel surprised: 16000 USD for just a few lines and 2 photos against 0-300 USD for the best articles I have ever read. Either something is wrong with the world or Steemit :(

Sorry about that, blame the world I think.

Everyone has something though. You just need to work on something unique to you and polish it the right way. Easier said than done, but certainly doable! Get to it @farzin !


Hola. Buenos dias conchita. I was cruising through your town back in 1993, two years before you were born, and 2002 when you were age 9. All this fame caused you to forget your beginnings? Lol. Muchos besos.

(2002 Monterrey)

Seems like the perfect time to start discussing the #nsfw tag.

Steemit is strangely porn-free, and the interface for anything nfsw is rather wishy washy.

What gives?

That is a good discussion. Maybe we could make a post that lets users vote on what type of content they would/would not like to see. I know this won't please everyone, but it will be important to do so. Everyone deserves a chance to share content, whether it is nsfw or very sfw. I feel that questionable pictures should have a toggle that users can turn on and off.

Example - if a mother wants to show how to breastfeed, that may not be something everyone wishes to see in their feed, but at the same time it is not necessarily nsfw. Maybe filters that you could turn on and off (#breasts #erotic #breastfeeding) would allow users to choose what type of content they wish to see or avoid seeing. It is also the sort of thing that you could make a toggle button for when you are working to not show things and then when you are outside of work switch to an unrestricted mode.

I scrolled down the comment feed because I was sure there would be some interesting conversations and when I saw your name I stopped. You have a reputation of posting thought provoking comments and content and I knew I would benefit from reading your comment. Thanks for all you do for steemit @spookypooky

I read Nsfw, did you called for me and my nsfw stories? :P

Hello, Brenda. Welcome to Steemit.

No, there is no change that the amount will be around 0 when you twit about it :)

I wish you success in your mission. Go for it!

I have no clue what you are saying, but who really cares...... Sorry but God damn.

😂😂😂 sorry, after my second view I noticed you did post in English. Talk about being districted. 😂😂😂

I hope you will do your best to promote this site to your followers and use it to distribute new content for your self!

If this is successful we may see other models going right to their fans through steemit. Good luck you are a trendsetter.

You invited all your followers to vote for you?

it seems that way

I am happy to include everyone here at steemit and @bendazambrano you are most warmly welcomed. I wish you the best of luck and hope that you can break the stereotype that all models have to offer are their looks. I would love to know more about you as a person and what some of your interests and hobbies/passions are outside of modeling. I think it's great that you have a large following and influence to bring new users here. At the same time I would like to urge you to make creative content that adds value, even though I'm sure you could simply post pictures or selfies and be rewarded quite handsomely. If steemit can maintain its reputation for quality it has the chance to be around for a long time and I hope you will quickly be welcomed by other users who may provide answers to your questions.

I do have a few questions for the steemit community as well:
1.) How does a new user already have a reputation of 7?
2.) Can steemit scale to support the growth that may occur from this post? I feel that many great articles are receiving few views and upvoted already and am afraid if too many new users come and post and are unsuccessful, they may leave quickly.

Bienvenido 😊 hasta la proxima vez!

"1.) How does a new user already have a reputation of 7?" I think that reputations are scored on how well you are known as a positive contributor ( not necessarily just on this platform). Some people's reputations precede them.

I would be interested in seeing what constitutes a positive reputation outside of steemit

  1. Reputation updates in real time so as soon as her post got upvotes that would increase the rep.

Thank you for filling me in on that @smooth. You have been most helpful, not only by occasionally rewarding my work with your upvote, but I also value you taking the time to respond to others questions regardless of their status or wallet size. You are really a big asset to the community and provide a wealth of knowledge. Glad to have you here! Would love to see you do an interview with @stallabelle if you have not already. I would really like to know a bit more about you if you get the chance to share.

Hello @smooth I wanted to invite my Belgian CEO who has a huge business network in Europe to join steemit but I believe I could not convince him with my ZERO reward posts. Time of this kind of person is very important and won't just believe on something without a solid proof. If I can show him earnings right to my wallet, it would be easy for me to convince him. If he will join steemit, I believe he will be inviting people from Europe.

I will post a screenshot of my invitation to him, can you help me gain upvotes so I can show it to my CEO the real earnings on my wallet?

As far as I know currently reputation is just how many votes you got (positive - negative). So a new user with a great post can have very fast a lot of reputation.
And yes currently we can loose many newcomers, because the rewarding is exponential and favors therefore the top posts...

I hope it can scale. It has had issues in the last few weeks.

Yes I believe that is being thought out, as it is no surprise that in the near future more celebrities with massive following will make their way here. But to have 500k people sign up all at once would cause chaos. I think they were wise to limit the sign ups not only to keep anything from crashing/malfunctioning, but it also makes people excited and interested to see what is happening while they wait to get in

you are all very overexcited and overestimate the power of a celebrity, we will have the invoice within the next days , the influx will not grow that big as you all expect.

Beauty Is Always Welcome! Glad to have you here at steemit!!!

In my opinion steemit would be a better place without you. Dont take it personally, it is the "give me money because im a girl" attitude.

I understand your feelings, but I think in this case Brenda has 1.5 million followers and that is the crucial difference. Please believe me when I say that the beauty contest aspect of Steemit.com at this stage is sometimes off-putting, but unlike some of the other posts that clearly got huge interest for no other reason than the attractiveness of the poster, I can see the potential number of people attracted to the platform increasing significantly.

Also, the untapped demographics of her followers is something we should be embracing as well.

I quickly scrolled through the video teaser and there wasn't nudity, which I personally don't care either way about, but it wasn't pornography by any stretch.

Still I appreciate your opinion on this and I hope that a month from now that your fears won't become reality. Let's give it a chance, shall we?


I like your opinion and argumentation. Thank you. She can sell her look, and thats a great achievement. And thats the reason why she has 1,4 million followers. But believe me, if a guy has made the same effort, he probably wouldnt got more than a dollar. And he wouldnt had so much followers. Thats the point. I dont like this inequality. And for that reason its not a quality post, because a quality post get much likes, without gender. And secondly why men and women should be treated equally when there is such a inequality in steemit? But i accept everybodys opinion on that issue, because its a difficult one and there is no right or wrong at all.

No argument from me. It's not "fair", but it is the reality we have to work with. No amount of wishful thinking is going to change what we are seeing here.

It would be my greatest wish for Steemit to get to a point where it is the quality of the content that shines through, but we are in hype mode for the platform right now and sex sells.

I am sure once a male with 2 million followers on big social media sites comes to Steemit there will be lots of upvotes for them as well. Where I have the greater issue is when there is someone that is showing cleavage, but doesn't bring anything else to the value of Steemit and get rewarded for it.

Anyway, thanks for the chat. Shall we work on making Steemit.com better in our own ways so that there will be those that can enjoy the sexy stuff and enjoy whatever it is that we do as well? I think there is a place for the full spectrum of what the world has to offer here. Let's get to it?!


Oh, i have forgotten something. People who like this post are included. You can buy a Playboy magazin when you want to see girls with almost no clothes.

why to pay? :)

You are right, you can google or go on pornsites. Thats a real alternative XD

Hola Brenda,

steemit is the perfect place for tittietainment.


Wow, amazing to have you onboard the Steemit train. Love that you found us and love that you are willing to tell your followers about Steemit! You will make all your sexy friends jealous when they see how much cash you earn from one posting;)

Ok, posted '3 minutes ago'
Hmmm I have a sneaky suspicion this will be on the trending page when I wake up tomorrow...

Ok, so 50 mins later and 4.5k!? Holy Sh*t this'll probably be a record breaker.

Remember Steem dollars are lower than them we had that makeup post . It will be hard to break the record. Can't wait to check new accounts tomorrow though. We are 45900 today I am giving Brenda credit for all new accounts coming in tomorrow.

Already hundreds of new accounts since this comment. I don't believe new accounts were coming in at this rate yesterday (although I'd love to see a graph, the data is in the blockchain).

@brendazambrano Welcome to Steemit
You are much prettier in your Steemit photo, I would like to hear some of your tales of what being a Playboy model is really like, I'm glad you are here.

Welcome to the community. You proved me wrong. People always told me sex sells and I never believed them... Imagine that. Sex Sells? Woah, what a concept!

We did it Steemit, we got a bunny!

nice to meet you @brendazambrano and welcome to the best community over Internet! 8]

It's a good think I upvoted this early! Might actually get a badass curation reward for this one.

Look how this post attracted most of the whales. :P

Brings them publicity , more sheeps and cash . That simple ! This platform needs to grow

Haha here we go again ! Shock the Monkeys 🙈 with that purrrrrr Kitty Kat ! Bring it on ladies ! Meow !!!

Hi Brenda :)
Its cool, you one of us now :)
Nice to meet you!

she tweeted about steem and is wearing the shirt pretty good advertising this should get up votes just for that.

You are a smart business woman Brenda :) in 2 hours, the upvote amount will be too much far from zero 😂

so... you want to go to diner with me?

Welcome, enjoy your time here! :)

I like it! Steemit is a great idea and platform to explore. It seems you are as excited as me!!! :)))

What do you call it when a dinosaur crashes his car? -Tyrannosaurus Wrecks

branda mi amorr, dame un upvoted.

Welcome to steemit! Ive posted a welcome to steemit post for you! And am very happy to have you representing the Latinamerican community and MEXICO! Heres a link , check it out! https://steemit.com/photography/@karenmckersie/welcome-brenda-zambrano-our-first-steemit-latin-american-playmate-and-your-million-awesome-followers

Bienvenida Brenda!

Now that Playboy is clothed, you and friends can probably make more money here doing it old-school, if you know what I mean. :-)