The Dollar Vigilante Is Now On Steemit!

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My name is Jeff Berwick and I am the founder of The Dollar Vigilante (TDV, an anarcho-capitalist and Austrian economics based financial newsletter.  TDV is the fastest growing financial newsletter in the world.

I also host the world's biggest anarcho-capitalist podcast, Anarchast (, with 300 episodes and over 3 million views on Youtube.

I also founded the world's largest anarcho-capitalist conference, Anarchapulco ( which is next to be held in February 2017 in Acapulco, Mexico.


ok Jeff!! First step, we need to verify that it's you. :-)

Upload a picture of you with you holding a sign written (Steemit 8/4/2016) on and simply put the direct link to the image in the article.

This way we know it's you and not some scammer. I'm so pumped to see you here. Maybe a tweet proving it's your account would be another way to verify. Anyway. Let's rock the house. You've been added to my follow.

Holy cow, this place is becoming exponentially interesting!

Second time you are spamming your post link as a completely off-topic reply to one of my comment, and I see in your profile that you have done that with many other people. Even if you are doing this manually, this is still spamming so I've downvoted you post. Next time, please post the link in #postpromotion on and refrain from spamming links everywhere. Thanks.

Thanks for the Bitch slap. I was just trying to seek your attention, and a little love Twice!! I must have broke protocol and now the Dick patrol got me. Funny how i upvoted and you downvoted. All you had to do was say something about it as opposed to lashing without warning. Its all good tho... Part of the game. Try hating on the game more aNd not so much on the players tho. i now know to leave u alone

I flag the comment-spams... not the initial post(except it is also spam or abuse)... that should be enough to send the message ;)

I did try using the username jeffberwick and it was taken...... so I can see why the doubt! Is this kinda a mandatory thing? I'll tweet it now and post on my personal FB page.

Who founded Steemit? If they are anarchist/voluntarist I'd love to interview them.

Nice video.... really there are info i got from it that has help me

Hi Jeff ,ive been following you for two years and from South Africa , Life is rough down here as a white person , i am trying to get some steem so that i can get this ball rolling , i need to buy a video camera as id like to do vieos on lfe down here and how we can change things from ground roots up ,teaching skills and growing food , my dream is to film educational videos on skills and post them for everyone to learn ,pleas follow of like my page and get me rocking on this platform ,Thanks it will help me profoundly ,i do take good photos have a look at my photos of the Africa Burn festival an anarchist gathering you would love it there ,regards Graham Abbott

"Life is rought down here as a white person" lol

Who founded Steemit? If they are anarchist/voluntarist I'd love to interview them.

I found out about through your YouTube videos. So big thank you to you!

Jeff, I have access to a new encoding system that is being touted as "un hackable" Even have a sample that if you can crack it enough to give us the 2nd letter of the 1st word, out of a 5 word phrase... they can have it for free. Please contact me, Rodger Mason [email protected]
I am a DV subscriber. Time sensitive please RSVP

having @ned (the ceo) or @dan (the dev) would be the best in my opinion. He knows his stuff :-)

This is amazing!!

cant wait for this episode been following for years as well.

@dollarvigilante, welcome to Steem! .The founders of Steemit are here . This is amazing that a single welcome post can be so powerful to make $10k + in one day. In STEEM terminology you are a "whale" now.

Hi Jeff ,ive been following you for two years and from South Africa , Life is rough down here as a white person , i am trying to get some steem so that i can get this ball rolling , i need to buy a video camera as id like to do vieos on lfe down here and how we can change things from ground roots up ,teaching skills and growing food , my dream is to film educational videos on skills and post them for everyone to learn ,pleas follow of like my page and get me rocking on this platform ,Thanks it will help me profoundly ,i do take good photos have a look at my photos of the Africa Burn festival an anarchist gathering you would love it there ,regards Graham Abbott

Jeff is my mentor, this guy is crazy about bitcoin and blockchain, we all need him...thanks Jeff, good work.

Good to see you on here man!

Here was my comment 3 weeks ago trying to bring you to Steemit..

Looking forward to future posts :D @dollarvigilante @dantheman @ned

Be careful @dollarvigilante ...dantheman has been coming up with ideas to change the paradigm for quite some time. You could likely go through a whole pack of cigarettes talking about the story that leads to Steemit.

I'd love to head the story on Neds side too :)

Welcome aboard now I can get my next crypto tips on Steemit! Does this mean Steemit will be in your next report? Maybe wait another month or so, I still haven't got my full- steem position​ yet!

Hey Jeff! Adil here :) You made it here finally!

Thanks for looking out for us Smooth. I'm really liking how vigilant people are around here when it comes to integrity.

AWESOME! I really love what you do! Welcome on Steemit!

👍nice authentic @dollarvigilante
Just now I follow u...

That's definitely a better way than the pic I took for my verification haha good thinking

DollarVigilante The Dollar Vigilante tweeted @ 04 Aug 2016 - 22:10 UTC

The Dollar Vigilante is now on Steemit! /

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Seems legit.

This is Sterlin. It is his legit account. I verify.

Wow! Welcome aboard. I doubt you remember me, but I attended one of your seminars and we shook hands. Good to see you here!

BTW lots of prominent names were locked up by the devs and early adopters to keep them safe from abuse. Contact support and they might be able to get your name back to you.

Getting "jeffberwick" account should work since the recovery account that holds it, is "steem"... If he comes in contact with @dan or @ned I am confident he will get it!

Good to see you on here man I've been commenting on your YT videos trying to tell you about Steemit :D

Lol someone took your name!!!

I am curious, was your post on Facebook actually allowed. Facebook seems to be doing the dirty on anything to do with steemit.

You can always add the sign to your introductory post through an edit as well! It's kind of a thing here, no? :)

Cryptoctopus, I am Amanda Rachwitz, The Dragon Anarchist and I just started an account and posted my first blog. Anything I need to do? Here is my first post. Advice? Should I just start making posts here with material I have right away, or post once per day, or....

Just start posting. I would keep it to 4 posts or under a day due to the "rewards" system, but nothing is stopping you from posting more.

Hey Yeah, Amanda! Great to see you here. Is Larken coming over too?

Hi Amanda, this is Rob, friend of Tom :-)

I do not understand to this new account, he immediately dashed with a fantastic figure, but really what is being said @cryptoctopus you must have proof that this is your account, and I believe you provide evidence that you may have a website but here all steemit community must have an account verification using the photo paper or whatever it is foremost is the word "steemit and date"

This game is ridiculous in my opinion could be a direct shot at numbers like this without any proper evidence that this account is that you :)

It's funny how there is a "face" check :) Will it be implemented for everyone in the future

Hello @cryptoctopus, I wanted to invite my Belgian CEO to join steemit, he has a huge business network in Europe and if I can convince him to join steemit, possibilities is that he will also invite people from his network to join. But I have a problem, I just can't convince him by showing him my Zero earning post :) I have a good reputation in him in terms of job performance and I wanted to appear very convincing by showing him a post of me with earnings.

I will make a post with the screenshot of my invitation to him, can you help me gain upvotes?

flagged for spamming/votebegging

Voted, but sure hope this is the real deal!

I've had my heart broken too many times in this old life.

EDIT: It's on his Facebook page!

Yup, I recognize a fellow prairie canuck anywhere. Now let's all go for a rip!

You guys probably had some good Chile beer down there I assume, eh?

I guess our blockchain will become a touch more anarchistic now ;-)

Yeah, I live in Valdivia, the craft beer capital of South America :)

I know I checked out the Fort a bit. Was looking into all the various Galt projects down there already a few years back. Seems not to be easy to get something real going - maybe you'll be the first ;-)

@steemuwe Yeah, it has been extra tough for us since the previous one turned out to be a scam and dragged the Galt name through the mud. It sucks having to clean up other people's messes but we're already further ahead than they ever got so I'm happy. We're redeeming the Galt name and I have no doubt that it will be worth the extra effort in the end.

Awesome news - I cross all fingers for you - one successful project like this might start a very healthy trend ;-) I'm looking forward to see this evolving into it's full potential and beauty ;-)

@onceuponatime Hope his verification helps repair it! Meantime check out Steemit is Toast

@dan Please contact me if you'd like to do an Anarchast on Steemit.

I for one would love to see that interview. Welcome Jeff. Glad to have you on Steemit!

By the way Jeff, I sent Lou a message about Steemit on his "we are change" utube site. I noticed your comment and the recent Anarchapulco that you were trying to help him monetize his content. Steemit would be a great venue for him also.

@dollarvigilante, this would be insane. Some of the early Bitcoiners being interviewed by the Great Jeff Berwick of the Dollar Vigilante would definitely catch a lot of attention and gain vast quantities of 'STEEM.' Anyhow, check out my post Steemit is Toast I think you'll get a kick.
Full $teem Ahead!

@dollarvigilante I will make sure he gets this message. :)

I have little doubt this is legitimate but we do prefer to be cautious when someone posts here claiming to be a well-known individual. Can you verify by posting a link here from one of your established blog sites or socal media accounts? Thanks.

EDIT: I just saw your verification tweet. Thanks!

Its really Jeff. He posted about it on his closed Vigilante group on Facebook.

@smooth so his account here i legit. right?? Thanks. ps. check out STEEMIT is TOAST Thanks.
full $teem Ahead

I'm sorry but how is he still legitimate? Were talking about a guy that ran a passport ponzi scheme?

Com on now, I understand you guys are looking for steemit exposure but this guy is the very definition of a scammer and does not deserve this money.

It's like having a criminal in here saying hey! look I retweeted steemit on my facebook to prove you that yes indeed I am this rat.

This guy stole money from so many people, his whole life is based on scamming people out of illegitimate businesses.

Edit: look at that now, Hes downvoting my comment because he has no answer to it. This guy is the very definition of a scammer.

wtf is this you uploaded... I don't even know who this guy is but watching this video doesn't tell me what your trying to prove. It's confusing actually

your coming off bitter... If this dude is a good guy or a bad guy, at this moment.. who the hell cares.. he's bringing a following to steemit and that is good. Quit being the party pooper, negative nancy

By legitimate I meant not an impersonator. I have never followed The Dollar Vigilante and other than having heard of him as a well known blogger/youtuber, I have no idea about his background.

I'm really wondering who will win in this #intoduceyourself competition. Jeff Berwick or @brendazambrano - that playboy girl.

Just checked amounts under the posts and unfortunately, I was again convinced that boobs rule the world!

I am fairly new here on Steem and already addicted to it, lol. Welcome to the Steemit family @dollarvigilante. It sounds like quite a few already know who you are, and that you are who you claim to be. I look forward to following your posts.

Jesus, dude, you're in five-figure territory with this post. My mind is blown.

You are perfect for this platform. welcome. We need more financial writers.

Seems closer than ever to what you tell us is happening @thedollarvigilante! Steemit is a great crypto currency to invest into now especially since the block chain is evolving faster than ever and paper money seems to be breaking down and could loose most of its value! I just joined steem today and I just purchased 10 steem power also just because I have faith in this project now that am part of this great community! This is a warm community and I'm super excited! This is the beginning of the shift!

So is this gonna tempt people to try to hack social media whales' Twitter accounts and then cash in on Steemit? :-D :-O

Secures your tweeters, famous peoples.

That's not a joke! Serious threat!

Welcome On-board, Its about time ))

Man if you are a few weeks late joining something new nowadays people think you are a slowpoke. :P

I knew about this in April and I still feel like an unsophisticated slowpoke for not paying as much attention to it as some others did at the time! Lol.

I kept hearing it, and even seeing the coin on a coin exchange. Then I read a blog post that had $5k and some odd dollars and I immediately took notice!

@dollarvigilante Not even a few weeks, they just reopened the beta just under 2 weeks ago. You're late to the party man! :P LOL

And I clearly have no idea how to post things on Steemit. First post. Broken image. :P

I can tell it's you after this comment XD

Awesome to see you on here, Jeff! Love your shows :)

Welcome onboard @dollarvigilante! We've just produced a lean Steemit guide (with a pdf link at the bottom) -

Looking forward to your content here. I'm excited! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

I'm still dealing with the learning curve myself. Haha

Ok, now the image isn't broken but formatting is terrible. :P

Anyone know how I align the image in the html?

@dollarvigilante What I do for image centering is


see image above is centered. use <center image </center and close bracket after each center ( i didn't do it otherwise you won't see the code)
steemit is toast

he he he ... me to ... for fist post .... cheers ...

Here's a great video that I saw today by @highimpactflix. It covers just what you're looking for.

However, I see that you posted this about four weeks ago. So I bet you've already figured it out.

The formatting uses markdown, same as reddit. There are many tutorials on the web. And welcome to steemit!

Is it necessary? How does it feel to flagged a poor person like me. If you check on my profile you can see that Im just a rat trying to go around on a millionaire's house hoping that I could find something for my family

I think @smooth was flagging you, because you were begging some people.
Just imagine if many start doing this, then steemit would not be a nice experience anymore. Of course not every begger should be flagged at once. I think we all have to learn how to use these new revolutionary system in an fair way. And we all need patience with each other to do so.
I for my part think that it would be good to have something like a yellow card - warning that we can give. Maybe it would be even enough to first try to talk to the people before flagging them. As said we all need to learn. Wish you and your family all the best!

Love the dollar vigilante , i learned so much on crypto and the economy on their show welcome to steem jeff

now that makes much more sense @kuriko... a BETTER EXPLANATION

Wait, Was this enough reason to have @cryptoctopus flag my comments? He is providing a video of som1 explaining why the guy is a scammer. I provide a video of som1 filming the scammer explaining himself in a direct skype, im I responsible for the video quality?. I'm I legitimately being flagged for trying to warn the community about something they don't know? flagging me for absolutely no good reason, did i scam? Did i lie? Did i have wrong intentions here? How is this flagging even legit.

What gives you the impression that the people responding on this thread don't know who the great Jeff Berwick is or what he stands for? We have been following his ups and downs, ins and outs for years.

Try on some humility for size.

Or start your own post with your supposed inside information.
You might want to include what you've done and some samples of your work. Or just add it to your post "false alert" which could use a little more content:

There is no reason to downvote his comment or flag it because you don't like what he's pointing out... I did call @kuriko out but I didn't flag his comment. Absolutely no reason to flag his comment if he's not doing something wrong. Sure it was annoying and sounded a little bitter but he's entitled to that opinion.

So basically, you agree with the method of downflagging someone only because you don't like what you see or you don't agree with it? That post you tagged, that was me trying to alert the community of a post that was barely an hour away from cashing out from content that I found on another website which was over a year old. Someone asked the main Poster to show some proof he owned the content found else where too right after the post started becoming popular and he had yet do it. Is this coming from a bad intention here? Or maybe I should have let it go and say fuck it, its just that easy to get away with over 1700 usd? Just like in this one, who are you to tell me that I cant post my own researches to let people know who they are upvoting? Acting almighty as if I have done something wrong here. When I post proof of a known scammer , I get down flagged by the very guy who got the first comment in this post. Once again, is this what flagging should be used for? Censuring people because you don't like what you see?

" Once again, is this what flagging should be used for? Censuring people because you don't like what you see?"
Is this what upvoting is for? Rewarding a guy many thousands for a post saying "Hi guys", just because you like him?
To paraphrase Jeff, quit whining because the system works this way and just do it yourself. (sarcastic way of making a point, I know, but I'm making it nonetheless - those who live by the system, die by the system - this guy trades on his popularity among die-hard fans, and in doing so, arouses the dislike of many. Hey, the flip side is a bitch. But its the same system. If popularity is the decider, then try not to be a dick. If content is the decider, then Jeff is worth next to nothing.

Ok, here how it breaks down.

  1. The video you provided was really unclear (the one above is much better)
  2. You started copy pasting your post in reply. Thats annoying behavior.
  3. When I start getting annoyed late a night, i downvote. I later took my flag out.
  4. I really enjoy anarchast content and he reaches a perfect target demographic for us. I dont care about his epic fail in shady business, anarchist likes to play in gray/black zones.

You did not take your flagging out and you have done it twice. I never copy pasted 2 exact same comment, I did t the same link in 2 totally different comment and one of them consisted in a reply. But if your telling me you took down your flagging please verify again because I still see both flags appearing in my recent posts. I am not responsible for the quality fo these videos and my only intention was to let people know about his shady business which obviously a lot for people ignore and would pretty much think about it twice if they knew he left so many people in deficit.

Yeah, maybe he can hold a fundraiser on steemit for his victims. How sweet would that be? :)

You were probably flagged for double posting

I replied to Smooth , posted a link to the youtube video to support my argument with him. And I posted a general comment with a whole different text. The link was posted twice in two different context, how is censuring them by flagging my post even a reasonable way to deal with things? Why would people think its ok to flag just because they don't like what they see?

wow this guy is SO Sketchy!!!

And don't buy any land from Jeff either!

Can I downvote the above Road's post somehow?


I wanna see what he will comment later today when he sits on $10K :)

This could cause another wave of users to sign up from his circle =)

Getting close already ;-)

OMG, @dollarvigilante is on STEEMIT!! Holy Cow, going to have to tell my bro. about this one since he isn't a STEEMIT fan, but is a Jeff Berwick fan. Jeff, Great work in Venezuela, lots of "cajones" to go down there during that crisis they are having down there. Welcome to STEEMIT! Check out My Blog if you can. Thanks
Full $teem Ahead!

WOW Jeff @dollarvigilante you have made over $15k plus the change on all of your comments in only 10 hours...That is seriously mind blowing...anyone with a good sized blog following should be migrating onto the platform. can you imagine what that will do to the interest in Steem and crypt platforms will do!!!!

holy crap did my upvote contribute 200 bucks to your post... good lawd, btw... welcome to the community

Feel the power... as I just did with that upvote :P

Great up vote @mrwang Also, see why Steemit is Toast Thanks and let me know what you think.

he is for real. thank me later

Thanks @thebluepanda for posting a picture of his verification :)

you are welcome :)

Super glad to see you here, Jeff. Welcome to the anarchist playground. A new currency is being bootstrapped along with a future marketplace. It's pretty exciting stuff.

Right on! I have watched many of your interviews on YouTube, glad to have you aboard =)

Perhaps you have already done this, but I would love to hear what happened with the Galt's Gulch thing down in South America. I just remember reading that you guys got scammed but not the details. Sounded like an awesome idea, too bad greed lead people to ruin it.


Welcome aboard @dollarvigilante! All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Welcome to steemit dollar vigilante.

the STEEM is rising ..... keep it up @beenasty
full $teem ahead!
Steemit is Toast


WOW, Welcome to join us :)))
Please, read my post too:

I'd like you to take a look at my silver price analysis and see what you think of the numbers. I feel gold and silver numbers put out by people like Mannarino and Keiser ($10,000 gold) are unrealistic without hyperinflation or complete collapse of the dollar:

I was wondering when you were going to Jump on board!! Great to have you Man! Now we can follow you on Steemit too! Might go down for the Anarchapulco 2017 meeting. Just to let you know whenever you post Videos about Cryptocurrency feel free to upload them to my site to get more Crypto Enthusiast watching them! It's 100% free to use.

the one person who downvoted has the username @jeffberwick

No idea how this works :)

@cynthiaantigua You commented on the first post at the top of the trending list(best article currently in steemit). You may want to read the whitepaper first(do a search on the magnifying glass at top right and type in whitepaper".

Welcome On-board, Its about time ))

How are you the fastest growing newsletter in the world, i have never heard of you. Do you have something to back up your claim?

Whoa, I've watched your vids on youtube! (If this is really you) I look forward to your steemit posts!

Finally we've big media come for interviews. Let's wait the big show.

@dollarvigilante I'm glad you joined us here on steemit!!!

Welcome to steemit sir Jeff @dollarvigilante. Wow 4k for just around 2hrs, interesting, well considering your personality no doubt. Following you

Hey Jeff pretty cool to see the guy of The Dollar Vigilante on here. Can't wait to see what you can do for the steemit community.

Hello Jeff, just leting you know that i found Steemit and i made my account thanks to your youtube chanel...