ReintroduceYourself - a second try, using what I've learned in the last two weeks

I’m Brad Vance, author/editor/audiobook narrator. I intro'd myself two weeks ago, and did it all wrong.

That's kind of the irony: When you're new, you're probably doing it wrong.

Unless you sit and wait to see how other people are doing it, which I didn't. I jumped in with a long, pretty much text-only post that read more like a CV I guess than a Steemit intro.

So here's some of what I've learned.

People see bricks of text and they keep moving.

You can see from the original post that I totally did that. I'm used to blogging and I'm very verbal, so it never occurred to me that I'd need so many pictures. 

I totally started with the "gay novel" stuff, which maybe wasn't the best starter. 

Not that there's homophobia here, more like... homoapathy. I tried to get around that by talking about my latest  novel, Strength in Numbers, which is about a quest for the Satoshi Hoard, with, admittedly, lots of breaks for hot gay sex. Again, a photo would have been smart.

In fact, I should have totally started with Adam Vance, my "Progressive Military Science Fiction" avatar.

As Adam Vance, I’m writing “progressive military science fiction,” breaking the conventional space opera/war porn/bug hunt bonds of the genre, and working with ideas about colonialism, counterinsurgency, artificial intelligence, imperial sclerosis, and more…all of course with lots of badass action scenes and space battles. 

Adam Vance is a fucking badass. 

Really, I should have led off with my interest in...

"...cryptocurrency and blockchains, and the potential of smart contracts." 

So, let's try again...

#introduceyourself #reintroduceyourself #ifatfirstyoudontsucceed

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@Bradvanceauthor - you are fast becoming one of my favorite people to follow. And YES - great job on the second try! I love the pictures and use of white space. Bravo and happy whale hunting. :)


Someone wants to make money ? ;-)