Hello New Friends!

Hey there Steemit! I'm @AutyWithABody. You can call me Autumn. I'm new here! So I shall introduce myself.

Steemit Intro.JPG

I’m a classically trained, contemporary modern dancer. Currently I work as an aerialist and specialty performer, handling height and fire and other captivating risks in nightlife/theater/film&television.




In this day and age, funding for the arts is hard to come by and I believe in cultivating the community for the next generation. I also do a lot of teaching, workshops, and outreach, both nationally and internationally.

Musical theater and Chinese dance workshop in Shenzhen with Peking Opera performer and Broadway choreographer Jamie H. Guan of Tony award winning M. Butterfly.

I'm very much excited to be a part of Steemit. Social media networks are a fascinating new development in human interaction and the next stage in social evolution. The acceptance of cryptocurrency is becoming more widespread, and coding is becoming a common language. Outerspace is no longer the final frontier, the internet is. It has the ability to bring people together in a new way and connect every corner of the world. I'm looking forward to sharing my art and passions and seeing whom I shall meet in the Steemit community.


Any tips for a newbie on blockchain and cryptocurrency appreciated. I am doing my homework and I have so much to learn!

Thanks for reading :)

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Join our #Discord Welcome to the #Steemit Family we are all here to #Help and Support Good content Creators such as yourself. We love the #photography and it looks like you are very good dancer.



Oooh thank you for the suggestion! Haha and the compliment as well :))
It is good to hear recommendations on hashtags and topics to search and follow. I'm enjoying exploring and I will check out #discord. Best!


@adsactly - Joining #Discord is in my to do list for tomorrow :-D


Exciting! I must do my research :)

@autywithabody - Welcome to this amazing social platform. I like your post and all the pictures. Very inspirational. Looking forward to see some more informative posts from you.

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Its good to see that you are giving this community your valuable time. For good cause. Upvoted and good vibes to you mate.


Thank you! I'm glad you let me know!! Like everyone else on here I was not sure how well I would be welcomed. I spent a lot of time researching how to best become a part of the community. I'm excited to receive positive feedback that I'm headed in the right direction :)

Hello @autywithabody Great introduceyourself post!!

I'm @andyluy and I've been here for almost 2 months, and I can tell you that steemit is the most amazing thing I've ever seen at the internet so far. I'm happy seeing it grows every day!

I had some hard time on the firsts week, so I spent some time searching information to improve my experience with it, latter I've decided to make posts about those and others helpful information in order to help the new ones to have a shortcut to get deeper knowledge of steemit and its potencial.

here is some of my posts, I hope It mitght be helpful to you:

SteemBnB(this post is not mine, it is fruit of an amazing Idea from @chicosonico, but I've made a traslate to portuguese, you can find it at the comments section)
steemit awesome tools #2
Steemit-Police First official Investigator
The Randowhale

Here is a post from @hannahlicious That i think Is useful to have a look too (she is also a great source of information and high quality posts):
Randowhale is CHEAPER Now!!

I intend to keep posting useful info that I manage to gather, and in a near future some give away. Feel invited to follow me and if you have any question about steemit you can ask me in any of my last posts, I'll try my best to help.


I love the Dr. Who!!!
Thank you for all the great links to further knowledge :)


Dr. Who is the greatest Tv serie of all time (and also the longest XD)
You're welcome anytime, I just love to see people recognize my doctor who gifs! =D


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Welcome to Steemit, Autumn :)

Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you :)

Hello Autumn, welcome to Steemit and enjoy :-)


Wow !

Welcome to Steemit

You are at the **Right Place**

Would be fun to see what you post.

Followed :)


Thank you for the support! I've found such amazing content on Steemit and the more I use it the more I can't wait to learn more about it. I'm doing my research and exploring and I hope I can continue to bring quality content to the community :)

welcome to steemit.com.

awesome Clicking Pictures and Beautiful Article Post . Best Challenge to Others

Welcome to Steemit Autumn , Im also a new member and Im more than happy to discover your profile and passion for the dance. Keep the good work and lets make the community bigger and share with our Friends :)... Will follow you and excited to see new posts from you ...


Welcome! I have been looking forward to joining Steemit for a while and I'm glad I finally got over my nerves and dove in. Thanks for posting. I followed you! I'm excited to meet you.


Tnks for following I will also try to dive in and wrote my first post. And yeah looking to meet you as well :)
Where are you based btw?

Very interesting and well done. I'd follow me and I follow.

Welcome to the community, Autumn. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

Hey and welcome!
Nice post och pictures! (:

Welcome to Steemit..glad you're here! I'm a new member as well and learning as I go. Please feel free to give me a follow, and if you like my posts, please pass along the upvotes!


Best of luck! I'm having fun here, I hope you are too!


Glad to hear that...and thank you @autywithabody! :)

Welcome to steemit😁

Very cool post :)) And welcome :)

Welcome to Steemit @autywithabody! It is great to have you here! :D

wow perfect body
nice to meet you
I followed you, please follow me back @safril21


The pleasure is mine! Thank you for the follow. I'm happy to be meeting new people! I followed you back!

If you were located in NYC, i'd love to do a TFP shoot with you! :D

How I wish i can have you as my personal trainer. It's great to have you here. You have my upvote and following


Hello! I appreciate the welcome and support! I'm having fun meeting new people!!
Haha and why thank ya! But I'm willing to bet you have some super secret ninja skills of your own. I see your fitness posts on your blog ;) Keep up the great content! Looking forward more!

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Welcome! We're happy to have you join us! I'm going to follow you! Enjoy Steemit!


Thank you! You have great content on your blog. I found a very useful post for newcomers. I gave you a follow as well. ;)


Thanks for checking out my posts and following!

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@autywithabody Welcome, I hope and your experience in steemit is the most pleasant. Give yourself a tour of my blog if you like my content follow me, it would be nice to read us

Welcome to join steemit. Very useful information master, happy to read your post. I already have additional knowledge thanks to read your writing in.saya hope will be able to continue to follow your post. Hopefully we can exchange information.


Welcome to Steem @autywithabody I have upvoted and sent you a tip

Welcome to steemit 😊

Welcome !!! I am new here myself... Yet to post my introduction post.. Anyways welcome..


How exciting! Best of luck :)

Welcome @Autywithabody to Steemit:) Glad to see you. I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunpoom


Haha you got it. Thanks for the follow! I like making new friends!

Welcome to steemit my dear.

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Welcome to steemit @autywithabody. I wish you success here. Enjoy.

Welcome to Steemit! I wish you a good days and inspiration to create in our community! Please follow me :)


I'm excited to be here! I gave you a follow ;)

Hey Autumn Welcome to Steemit, I love the pictures :)

great Welcome to Steemit !!!1

Welcome to Steemit @autywithabody nice to meet you in a great community

Welcome to steemit . You got popular fast .


Ooooh I don't know about that, but I do thank you very much for your confidence :)
I'm still very new here and I have so much to learn about how I can best be a part of this community. Looking forward to experimenting and exploring!!

Welcome on steemit, @autywithabody ! Awesome profile :) May I ask what is an aerialist ?


Hi there! I'm excited to be here :)
Why of course! I would be happy to answer your question. It is quite an uncommon profession I have. Another name for it could be "aerial acrobat." I hesitate to call myself a circus performer because I don't work in an actual circus... but you could equate it to something along those lines. Looking forward to sharing more posts of my work with you! I have several apparatus ranging from fabrics to ropes to different shapes and sculptures of aluminum and steel. I rig them all to the ceiling and do performances in the air ;)


Thanks for your reply! :) Can't wait to see more! Have a good day!

Welcome to steemit! Have fun exploring and posting here

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welcome to steem , you have a great potential to bring something new to our community

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Welcome! I just joined as well! looking forward to learning from everyone on this great platform as well! :blush:

Hey autumn it's so so nice to have found you on here! I have a deep burning passion for the arts. Dance though has a special place in my heart. I was a dancer till my teenage years when I got a not so lovely injury and stopped dancing sadly. Wish I powered through it looking back but it is what it is. Now I just watch beautiful people like you dance.

I too am brand new so I don't think I'll be of much help, haven't even posted my first introduce me post yet, guess I've been stalling a bit, eeeeek, I will do it soon though. Lol. Anyways I upvoted you and really look forward to reading more posts you assembled for us all and seeing more pictures and possible videos! Keep up all the hard work you do! Sending you buckets of love! ❤️


Wow thank you for all the love and support! I do hope you start posting soon. I see that you are a natural birth advocate. A great friend of mine I grew up dancing with in high school who no longer performs, has become a doula and a farmer. She crosses my mind often and I think...in another lifetime that would be a path I would love to investigate. This life, however, has given me other gifts and has lead me in another direction. Please share your stories and experiences! I would enjoy living vicariously. Following you and looking forward to reading your posts!!!


Wow! Your friend sounds like my people! My partner and I have been into sustainable farming for awhile now! Very cool stuff! Will be posting my first post soon! Next chance my little man gives me to sit down and focus I will be doing it! Eeeek! Thanx for the support and encouragement to make things happen!

Hiiiii Autywithabody nice to read about you.i am Manas from india,am also a new on steemit and welcome you to steemit.i have followed you.so, can you also follow me and upvote me. All the best for your future. I believe teamwork is the good requirement for steemit.

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Welcome to steemit @autywithabody. You'll do great here

Welcome to Steemit! You nailed your introductory post!


Here's some links that may help... https://www.steemithelp.net/



Upvoted and Following you

follow mithrilweed.png

welcome to steemit.

Welcome to Steemit. Please upvote my posts and follow me @wealth777 and ill do the same. Thanks .