My first Blog

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This is my first blog post ... ever!!
An entrepreneur
A cyclist
A vlogger
These are the best description of who I am.
An entrepreneur since 2002, when I quit corporate life to strike out on my own, I have learnt more in the first year on my own than in all my educative and corporate years.
A commuter cyclist, who started cycling on a whim to beat the morning jams, who despite being a petrolhead uses a cycle as the primary mode of commute across the city. Having my office off Brigade road, most of Bangalore is 30 minutes away!
This craze (as my wife calls it) for cycling led me to start a youtube channel ( wherin I am trying to cover as much of the cycling world as possible, while keeping things simple.
The decision to try blogging was all thanks to @firepower. Over a telephone call while discussing my youtube channel, I was telling him that it is difficult to have a clear talk while cycling and he suggested that I start a blog. so here goes.

ps - Being my first blog, comments and suggestions are welcome!!![vlogger.jpg]


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your first blog,
That's really sounds good,
keep going on and i hope so you'll be the best cyclist.

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