Hello Steemit ! Here I am.

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Hello Steemitian's

This is Krùtík Pãrmâr from India.

I've joined steemit yesterday and I'm having a very good experience by using it but I am very disappointed about their approval system.it's very slow,it took 3 days to approve my account but right now,I'm really happy and excited to share some post about interests.

My Interests :-

  • programming
  • reading books
  • writing
  • computer science
  • hacking(computer)
  • growth hacking 
  • investing
  • cryptocurrencies
  • Entrepreneur and lot more.

I'm  interested in various kind of field because i'm keen believer in one quote :- 

Never depend on single income.Make investment to create second source - Warren Buffett

And A second reason is I love to learn,I learn everything passionately.

Which topics will i write about ?

 I will write about every topic that i've mention above.

My Dream : 404 Error Not Found (Have Goals with Plans)

I'm much obliged to you to read this post.

I'm really looking forward  to collaborate with you steemitian's

Kind Regard!

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