[Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1 of 3

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On April 3rd, 2015, Cryptofresh Pictures had the chance to interview Dan Larimer at the Bitshares headquarters in Blacksburg, Virginia.

While some of the footage from that interview was included in the original Bitshares Peer To Peer Tour Video, the rest has not been seen, until now.

In a wide-ranging and forward-thinking interview, Dan Larimer gives us some insight into his personal philosophy, as well as his perspectives on the many issues, possibilities, and opportunities confronting those within the cryptocurrency space, and the whole of society.

In Part 1 - @dantheman answers these questions:

  • Why now?
  • What gives you hope?
  • How do cryptocurrencies like Bitshares help solve some of the issues that stem from deregulated financial industries?
  • What do you see as the ideal form of human organization?

To many on Steemit, @dan, or @dantheman, needs no introduction.

Dan Larimer is the co-founder, and lead developer of several second generation cryptocurrencies including Bitshares, Steem, and is currently leading the development of the EOS blockchain as CTO of BlockOne.

Video Produced By Cryptofresh Pictures

During the Bitshares Peer To Peer Tour
With @lovejoy & @roadscape.
April 03, 2015

In my estimation, Dan's words are still just as relevant as ever, and amazingly so considering they were recorded over 2 years ago! Dan Larimer answered all our questions with only a cursory awareness of what we were about to ask him. I hope you all enjoy the video and hopefully, the interview will spark some interesting discussion here.

Best wishes,

Watch Part 2 Here:

Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 2 of 3


nice to see @dantheman in this way, it's crucial that people understand the backstory of a person when they can visually see someone eye to eye in this manner, nice one for recording it! great timing to release it now - upvoted and resteemed (now watching the rest)

Thank you! I'm grateful for the positive words, I couldn't agree with you more.

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I totally agree with this!
Lovely day to all!

So many extra details come to light about a person when you actually get to see them and interact with them in person, even via a recording such as this interview.

yep, absolutely. as someone who did a lot of interviewing in person you get to see all the uncurated elements but what i can see from the video is a starting point for dialog which you cannot get from text!

Really enjoyed that interview and it was good to see a face to the name @dan. I'm still new to steemit and cryptocurrencies in general but i'm keen and eager to learn.Dan is definitely on to something here,the things i've learnt in the last 3 weeks have amazed me.It seems like this could be a turning point in time, an end to the super elite who control the whole planet.Power and wealth can be given back to society.

Bitshares isn't really a cryptocoin since it doesn't have a Proof of Work security model. People have tried things similar to Proof of Stake since before Bitcoin and they never worked. Bitcoin has worked because it has PoW. It's what made it a cryptocoin. Bitshares is just using the blockchain hype to sell a scam coin. Sorry, but it true.

This. Cryptocurrency, decentralization and everything that Dan writes in code and is able to put to words is what the 60's generation put in motion 50 years ago. We are taking it all out of the hands of "trusted third parties" and moving the human race forward away from control and toward freedom and free will.

Sounds good to me.

Yes, yes, and YES! :) Glad to have you here. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

Enjoy every moment because a lot of power will be coming back.

Dan has created something big. He's a blockchain superstar now.

I love Dan's quote in the video: "I believe there is a way to structure society to be completely voluntary and non-violent."

Love this vision!

I really love this quote, and vision as well!

I've been meeting so many lovers of Peace in this community that it's giving me a new sense of hope for the future. :)

Check out what tau chain and agoras will do for humanity. Even a child will be able to program on tau, as it will be using a new language. The future is here and it looks hopeful now

I want to learn more about both of those project. I've briefly come across them but their website seemed very hard to get some good info. Do you know of a better place to learn more than this site? Thanks so much. Great to be connected!

Makes you wonder why he isn't more in the spotlight...

this is an awesome thing so infomative

Long live Blockchain.

Yep... lol ;)

Agreed, Dan has a bright future ahead of him.

Long live steemit.

It is so nice to see that such an influential person within the crypto space, have such positive views on the future of blockchain tech. If he wasn't an anarchist, i would say "Dan for president".

Surpassing the Bitcoin devs now and the example to coding what Andreas Antonopoulos is to Bitcoin speeches.

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good interview.

thanks for sharing :)

I feel that it's so important to hear this type of information from someone as prolific as @dan. I could not agree more with his conclusion of blockchains ability to increase the freedom of one's property pertaining to certain events. In my opinion, one's freedom and rights pertaining to their property are of most importance. Dan's words still carry much of the same weight two years ago as they do today as myself and many others would agree that we are still in the early stages of blockchains development and implementation. Thanks much for sharing this @lovejoy. Looking forward to seeing the second 2 parts of the series!

I wonder why Dan Larimer is the co-founder, and lead developer of too many second generation cryptocurrencies,
I f He put all his focus in One of them,, I mean Steem here, and apply all the features and technology that others like Bitshares and EOS have. this will make Steem in the Place of Ethereum or Even more.
This is my point of view.

Dan's work is done here. The Steem blockchain itself is lightyears ahead. The development that's needed on Steem now is front-end development , which they are working on! I for one love that Dan is always pushing the frontier of what's possible in the blockchain space!

Edit: While Dan's work may be done here, I spoke too soon!

Ned says:

"There's plenty of back end development needed, fyi"

There's plenty of back end development needed, fyi

I am looking forward to what the future holds @ned. I heard from nate regarding thoughts on moving away from @dan suggestion of using ringCT for confidential transactions. Not sure I feel too great about that because of the heavy research that ringCT has undergone..it is vetted crypt0 compared to most. The best we have imo for confidential transactions. With that said I have faith the team you are leading to make the best moves possible. Privacy is a very important right and the STEEM blockchain is capable of delivering it to the entire world.

Hey Ned! Thanks, I guess I was under the impression that things were well along in that department. I stand corrected! I hope Steem / Steemit has all the talented backend developers it needs!

Yes @lovejoy dan has done a great amount of the work and laid a solid foundation but many features are still to come.

Steem doesn't currently have the technology to handle traffic that Facebook has etc. There's a lot to be done at both ends.

Need improvements in ways that users can be presented with content that is customized to their interests. That would have a big impact on the future rate of growth of the user base.

Is graphene a blockchain or another tech all by itself? Steemit and Bitshares were just a test to implement EOS. In other words, EOS would contain both features (a social media platform and a token exchange platform of some kind similzr to bitshares but more improved). Expect to see another social media platform built on EOS, in the near future.

You can think of Graphene, aka 'The Graphene Toolkit' as "an industrial strength software platform for deploying third generation cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers known as block chains" - http://docs.bitshares.org/

The Graphene Family of blockchains include Bitshares, Steem, Muse, Peerplays. And EOS is essentially a further expansion upon this toolkit.

Steem and Bitshares could both decide to migrate to EOS in the future... it will be up to the respective communities to decide what's best for them. For now, EOS is still in development, so I expect Bitshares and Steem to be quite relevant, and independent, for quite a while.

Ok thanks for the info. I just havent had time to read indepth into the tech. Will try to touch on it later on.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply! I agree, and I think you'll find the next two parts to be even more thought provoking! :)

Oh goodness, I just got excited!

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nice video

Without a Proof of Work model for creating coins, they're worthless. What you pay for bitshares is equal to how much you're being defrauded.

Proof of Stake doesn't work. PoS has never worked. PoS coins shouldn't even be called cryptocoins.

Hey lovejoy, congrats and all. I am jealous because dan doesn't upvote my marketing. I would like to get some feedback from him if I should continue or not.

Dan doesn't upvote much... don't take it personally. I appreciate what you do... I can't help with the feedback though. "Do your work, and then step back, the only path to serenity." -Tao Te Ching

ok thank you.

Dan's the Man.. 😄

Great post, Thank you

this was a brilliant interview @dan , @dantheman - I too believe blockchains have the potential to be more powerful than any army across the world. They are the key to moving humanity forward and connecting everyone on the planet. There will be no use for all these weapons on Earth years from now. The trillions of dollars spent on war/weapons can be allocated to expanding the human race upward to the galaxy and beyond.

Agree. The concept of blockchain allows all people participating in the community to be an owner. That's why cryptocurrency is so amazing. It gives us all control of our lives and hopefully ends all violence! Yes to the moon, Mars, and the next galaxy! :)

Very Great - thanks for this @lovejoy!

"The majority of people are good and they don't want to harm others - they just want to live and let live .... " Dan Larimer

Crypto is here to stay and here to free us from the central banking system!

Excellent interview. I always like to know the back story of anything I am interested in pursuing. Dan's character and reputation speak volumes. I, too believe that most people are good and just want to live and let live, (paraphrased}. Dan is working to give the average person those tools to enjoy a free life. Thank you for posting this important interview. I look forward to the next video.

Thanks. We set out to do these interviews exactly because we wanted to show everyone the backstory, the people behind the tech. I'm glad to finally be able to produce the interview for everyone to see.

this is true insight into the shape of our future if we have the courage to make it work

Yes! I'm posting this now because I believe we must muster all the courage we have to keep pushing forward, and I find Dan's words to be very inspiring. :) Glad you appreciated it.

happy to follow you


Just knowing that no one can freeze our assets if we privately own them is awesome. Let's decentralize the world!

I wish him success in all of his endeavors, may be continue to reap success and impact the lives of many more people

Dan is breaking new ground with EOS. I have high hope for this one, and I'm really looking forward to seeing it all come into play. Thanks for the video.

Absolutely, and I totally agree. Thanks for your support!

Hi lovejoy!
i'm fatema from Pakistan.its really an important information i hear . its a great work , and best of luck for 2nd part .
up voted and following u.....

I would love to hear what the status of cryptocurrency is in Pakistan. Adoption, mood, chances, availability of infrastructure (smart phones, mobile Internet, literacy, etc). Withnso many people in one country, it should matter big time.

Great to hear from someone in Pakistan!
If you can, join us on https://steemit.chat
I would love to learn more about the community there.

Nice and very useful post @lovejoy thank you so much sharing your valuble knowledge with all steemians....keep it up...GOD BLESS YOU

Thank you. More to come!

Great that I have found you here, very interesting interview and good content!

Nice interview

As a minnow and someone new to cryptocurrencies, a lot of this is basically a foreign language to me. I'm still learning and it's always insightful to hear from the top brass if you will. I find Dan interesting and look forward to hearing more.

It takes a while to digest what is going on in the cryptocurrency / blockchain space... but keep studying and you will start to piece it all together. It's nothing short of a revolution... and a peaceful one at that! :)

Thanks. It's intriguing for sure...and yes, it sounds like a peaceful revolution...a brilliant revolution at that.

good interview

if He sees it now he will be happy thinking how his vision become a reality :)

Dan has brought a great vision into reality... it's true! :)

Thanks for sharing this interview with us, good one indeed. @lovejoy thanks and following you in order to stay in touch, upvoted

U r definitely not alone anymore even if the vid is 2 years old
The world is joining you, they just needed to get together .

Indeed! Our forces are gathering. :)

Together we are one.

Love the vision of this young mind. Definitely​, ​he is creating something​ that can beneficial to society and the global economy.

I totally agree. Thanks for your comment. :)

Thank you for this interview! very interesting!

Glad you enjoyed, thanks!

wonderful content... I like what i see on you're page

Very interesting! Dan is a visionary

Dan does appear to be a super star in the Blockchain World. My only concern is too many projects.

Is he going to stick to EOS for the next year? Or will we hear about some newer incredible start up he is part of?

What do you think?

I suspect Dan won't stop until he achieves his goal of securing life, liberty, and property for all... And then he'll probably start working on other solutions to humanities problems. He's a serial problem solver. EOS should bring Dan, and the rest of humanity a significant step closer to achieving that goal. Where it all leads, or what distance a particular path is taken... is anybody's guess!

Congratulations! You have been chosen to appear on "Who to Follow Daily". Thank you for adding such value to the Steemit community. Steem on!

Thanks! Much appreciated. :)

Nice , Bitshare, Steemit, EOS, what next?? I hope Dan can make Decentralize Internet Connection or Tokenize Internet connection , Internet that has High Speed and in low price ,, because may Internet now is very slow and in a higher price.

Yes, decentralizing the Internet is key... stay tuned for parts 2 and 3... more on these ideas. :)

It appears there could be order in anarchy after all.

What a interview... Really Great

He is amazing and I really love his vision😊

It is not often that we are presented with the opportunity to make a profit while quite possibly changing the world for the better. After hearing Dan's thoughts, I think this may be one such opportunity. I am so grateful to have discovered this community.

Indeed! Well said. :)

Dan will have all eyes on him again after reaching record numbers in the EOS ICO and the high stakes involved in launching of the EOS infrastructure. If he wants to bring something extraordinary to the world (in additionto Steemit), EOS will be his highest goal for now.

Thanx for this post ;) non violante approach !
looks good to me, SteemOn

haha, yes, agreed! :)

Peace Buddy ;)

Dan is underlooked genius !

Interesting to hear directly from Dan

Thanks for sharing



My pleasure! Thanks for your comment. :)

A great guy and a great interview.

But I can't help seeing the similarities between them both :)


What a rockstar!!! My brothers are BiG fans and we were discussing precisely thi last night at one of our family gatherings... which are always educational lol - https://steemit.com/life/@jaynie/curry-cousins-and-more-crypto-welcome-to-my-world-4

Great interview, really liked it. Cant wait for the part 2! @lovejoy

Thank you so much. :) I won't keep you waiting much longer now... part 2 is on the way!

Thank you, being new t0 Steemit (ny second week) this was the first time I heared (of or from) Dan, nice to know.

Welcome to the blockchain @joedirt! Yeah, there's a lot to learn. Keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3. Yet more good info to be gleaned. :)

So glad Dan doesn't feel alone anymore with all the friends he made on Steemit! I agree with Power to the people and shunning violence!

He seems to have great future ahead! Thanks for the post.

Thanks for sharing this video, it is informative.


I was talking to a collegue of mine who is looking into launching her own ICO, just three days after I introduced her to Steemit. I was trying to explain to her how Steemit works when she asked me a question that I couldn't fully explain myself. She first asked me:

Why did @Dan resign as CEO of Steemit?

I told her, it was because the founders wanted steemit to be a self sustaining entity that was regulated by the blockchain and not vulnerable to some random guy putting a gun to the head of any one individual that could jeopardize its integrity. I also said, Larimer needed to be free to launch EOS and other ventures in the cryptospace.

She then asked me a question that had me a bit stumped. She asked,

Why did Ned Scott not resign?

I had no clue what to say. I didn't even know if it was true or not because to be honest I hadn't really read beyond the whitepaper, which I discovered was dated shortly after I finished reading it.

Does anyone know where the official documentation on the forks are?

Steem, the blockchain, is not Steemit, Inc.

Steemit is the first of many front-ends utilizing the Steem blockchain. So the decision for Dan to leave, whatever his reasons were, would have had nothing to do with the integrity of the Steem blockchain itself. Dan is still one of the major stakeholders of Steem, but he's no longer with Steemit Inc.

Ned is CEO of Steemit Inc., and in my opinion, they're making all the right moves. There's no sensible reason for the captain of the ship to resign.

As to the documentation of the forks:

Also, check this out for a survey of all the projects either utilizing the Steem blockchain or providing off chain services: http://steemtools.com/

Long live Steemit!!!

he has a vision

Awesome :) Seems like he knows his stuff. Nice post brother.

@lovejoy this is such an beautiful interview you are so great interview and is an inspiring one. Thanks to @steemit platform and all the @whales on steemit. @naseerbhat

Thank you much! :)

Thanks for the educational content! Crypto will surely reach new highs going forward. There are a lot of dedicated developers involved in this maybe the greatest on the planet!
Keep it up :)

I really enjoy the interview, the crytocurrency in this moments is too important for the markets, dude, the value of 1 bitcoin is more high than a 1 oz of gold, the 1st world country's should pay un bitcoin jaja.

God, I'm sharing this to the STARS.

Awesome, thanks. I love your description... and it seems you're in the driftless, cool! followed.

Super interesting to see the man behind the magic! Thanks for posting!

My pleasure. Thanks for the good word! :)

Great interview. Lots of positive to derive from this. Thanks for sharing. By the way love the quote you chose....so simple yet so true, which is what makes it profound. Followed and upvoted you. Please feel free to do the same. Look forward to your future posts. Cheers dude. "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye"

Thanks for sharing! Links to your post were included in the Steem.center wiki pages about Dan Larimer and Bitshares. Thanks and good luck again!

I can completely feel you that the starting period is the most difficult part , but quite glad and prode that you have got it through and achieved so much which you deserve. And it is definitely ture that blackchain makes it so much easier to track the cryptocurrency record. Can't wait to read your part 2!

Thanks for sharing.... Looking forward for next part :)

Very interesting post went ahead and gave you an upvote

Thx for sharing. Have a nice day!

awesome video

What a great guy!


steem will lead blockchain..