True Flip {ICO} - Already running a transparent blockchain lottery! Bomb! Bonus 20%! Hurry! :)

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True Flip {ICO} - Working draw blockchain lottery!
ICO working platform! Bomb!Bonus 20%!Hurry! :)

Our goal is to become the most popular and transparent blockchain lottery with the largest Jackpot in the world. Most existing lotteries are totally centralized or even held by governments, and are hardly transparent. We want to build TrueFlip as a provably fair and decentralized lottery platform that neither any nation state, nor a single authority, nor members of our team
The platform is already working and making a profit :)

True Flip ICO (Affiliate link)

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If grateful. Do everything by my links :) official ANN


Fuck you and your spam.

Stop spamming or eat a flag/downvote.

Already flagged.

I’ve just posted a review of the True Flip ICO, if you’d care to take a look.

Why are you supporting a spammer? Is it because.. oh you are the same?

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