[Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 2 of 3

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On April 3rd, 2015, Cryptofresh Pictures had the chance to interview Dan Larimer at the Bitshares headquarters in Blacksburg, Virginia.

While some of the footage from that interview was included in the original Bitshares Peer To Peer Tour Video, the rest has not been seen, until now.

If you missed it, you can see Part 1 of this interview here:

[Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1 of 3

In a wide-ranging and forward-thinking interview, Dan Larimer gives us some insight into his personal philosophy, as well as his perspectives on the many issues, possibilities, and opportunities confronting those within the cryptocurrency space, and the whole of society.

In Part 2 - We ask @dantheman these questions:

  • What's beyond Bitshares?
  • What's your vision for the future?
  • How do you think this movement will play out?
  • Do you feel that there are any threats to the internet itself? Or, what will happen if the internet breaks?

To many on Steemit, @dan, or @dantheman, needs no introduction.

Dan Larimer is the co-founder, and lead developer of several second generation cryptocurrencies including Bitshares, Steem, and is currently leading the development of the EOS blockchain as CTO of BlockOne.

Video By Cryptofresh Pictures

From the Bitshares Peer To Peer Tour
Produced by @lovejoy & @roadscape.
April 03, 2015


It's important to bear in mind that this interview was conducted pre-Bitshares 2.0, Pre-Graphene.

So when Dan is asked, "What's beyond Bitshares?" you just have to realize that the modern Graphene toolkit hadn't been released yet. The kind of 'flexibility' with 'scripting' that Dan alludes to in blockchain development, indicates to me that over two years ago Dan was already thinking about what would later become the foundation for EOS.

"...and I can see the the ideas we see in Bitshares are going to be matured, optimized, and applied at a broader scope. I see blockchains becoming faster, more efficient, and more flexible than they have been in the past. That probably means some kind of scripting and configurability, but it has to be high performance, because anything that cannot handle thousands of transactions per second is not going to be adopted by the masses. "

There's so many more great quotes here, but I'll leave them for you to discover.

Stay tuned for Part 3 tomorrow!

Best wishes,

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Keep in mind that this interview was before the announcement of Graphene.

It's always very inspiring to hear you.

Yes, I tried to mention that in the commentary. :)

Added the term 'Graphene' for clarification.

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Well to start with, your comment here is completely off-topic. You will not get good results from this kind of self promotion. Just create good content, and leave meaningful comments in other posts. Follow others, support them, and they will support you. There's no fast way to do this. Good luck.

Hey @danm2017

If you want to really grow badly, i have a good idea: Post badly (good content). Comment badly (insightful comments). Respond badly (to almost every comment on your update) Follow badly (everyone that interest you). Then watch the magic hugh

It's cool to see how the Graphene toolkit has become a foundation of sorts for EoS.

are you sure? check it again buddy i think you are wrong

But it was a great interview after all. It's a good and inspiring one

For me it is a silver line in dark cloud , but soon we will know

@dan I hope you have a plan to do more important interview soon so that people will have a great confidence in EOS projects!

Great interview good to hear Dan talk about his vision

Thanks! There's also a good video of Dan interviewing Vitalik from that time, which is rather actual: https://steemit.com/eos/@crypto.girl/dan-and-vitalik-discussing-etherium-3-years-ago-why-eos-would-be-better

That's the type of interview i love watching right now-got to check it out asap

Dan is A very talented and clever man

I have so much to learn as I am new to all this. I don't even know what a blockchain is. I'm very interested in all this but lack knowledge and experience. Baby steps for me, little tiny baby steps. Hopefully some day soon someone will take it upon themselves to educate us minnows in the vernacular of Steemit and teach us what it all means.

I´m already addicted to Steemit

xd me too

really really great job

thank you @shahmaqsood

"My vision for the future is a non-violent society where people can co-exist peacefully with unparalleld economic prosperity" - Dan Larimer

Through his efforts, he's giving this ideal future a chance to really, truly, and actually happen :)

Proof of Stake coins aren't real cryptocoins and they plain don't work. Why post this nonsense?

Lol, as you type on a website powered by one.

Steem has a unique scheme in that it requires work in other ways: providing content and curating content. It is not PoS in the strict sense that bitshares is.

No it's the same consensus mechanism as bitshares

So grateful for this post
Dan Larimer @dan ( A true Archimedes of our time) is a game changer...innovator and a corporate entrepreneur of our generation...he is someone always having "The eureka effect" and turning it into benefits for many. I am honored to follow his work especially in EOS, Steemit and bitshares recently since having joined steemit just a bit above 3 weeks now and seeing positive results especially in my steemit daily lifestyle ( I am steeming hot).
So @lovejoy where you stated and i quote; "The kind of 'flexibility' with 'scripting' that Dan alludes to in blockchain development, indicates to me that over two years ago Dan was already thinking about what would later become the foundation for EOS".
is not a surprise anymore for me...

Well, I am not here to sing praises ( not my intention) but this guy seems to also be the "Nostradamus" of our time as what he predicted below is becoming a truism...
Quoting @dan as cited in @lovely post...

"...and I can see the ideas we see in Bitshares are going to be matured, optimized, and applied at a broader scope. I see blockchains becoming faster, more efficient, and more flexible than they have been in the past. That probably means some kind of scripting and configurability, but it has to be high performance, because anything that cannot handle thousands of transactions per second is not going to be adopted by the masses. "
From the above, we all can see that we should give honor to whom honor is due. Lets follow and support visionary leaders. I rest my case...

Thanks @lovejoy & @roadscape for Producing / sharing this wonderful video from someone i have come to admire so much
Wishing us steemians successful Steeming...one for all and all for one
Upvoted and following as always for part 3...


Quote Sources: @lovejoy

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I've watched a video a few months ago and I would have never thought that it would be EOS and certainly not as fast as this year.

You must be thinking of a different video. Today is the first time it has been seen by anyone. ;)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Yes! thanks for correcting my post, I was pertaining to the one where he was interviewed by Anarchist where he mentioned Bitshares and its code and it's potential when it matures, sorry about the typo. Fixed it. Thanks again! :)

Nice interview! Nice to see a face to put to the name Dan as well!

END GOAL!!! If we can all communicate person to person without any wires it's game over . Love it.

That's one of my favorite statements as well. ;)

Thank for the great interviews..

Lovejoy really really great job. Thanks for sharing

Thank you! =)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

@lovejoy this post is amazing ......I was waiting for this one.It's rare to find interviews of people like Dan.Thanks for posting it here.Dan has given to crypto community so much.From Bitshares to steem he has taken crypto world by storm and changed everything. <3

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

the interview is awesome, his contribution in the crypto world is unprecedented , the world will always be a better place becouse dan lived. plz follow and upvote me .Am new on steemit and i realy want to grow thanks.

Thanks for your words! And you're welcome! Glad to be able to share this with the world. :)


THank you for the share...awesome job

Always good to learn and know more about the upcoming crypto currencies that are probably change the future. As investors and traders its a great insight into them. @lovejoy: Thanks for sharing. Can't wait for the third.

A peek inside the mind of a genius. Thank you for this interview

I love it. "The ability for a person to operate outside the system will become much easier." Many of us, including myself are already experiencing this ease outside of the box. So dam exciting. Thank you for sharing. I hope leaving your house in MN behind is treating you well so far! Are you off and traveling already?

I'm here until mid September, then off to Loutraki! :)

inspiring interview. So interesting the massive effect this technology could have on society.... these are benefits I had not yet considered, but love to hear about the possible future crypto could provide to the world.

Hi @lovejoy !
post is really great , i was waiting for it. its very informative and best of luck for the next part. see you soon.

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

Oh so Daniel Larimer is a co-founder and lead developer. I see.

Hello @lovejoy, Thank you so much for making this inspiring interview available. There indeed is hope for the future once this vision takes wider hold.

It's great that you mentioned Graphene because a lot of people dont even know what it is and what a role it plays in technology. Upvoted and following!

Dan is the man! He will be the most popular and respected person after 2018 once EOS succeed! I like EOS! Don't you?

EOS is very promising. :)

Dan is such an important piece of this community and his opinion is highly valued! Thanks Dan for bring so much to the Cryptosphere, it needs it now!

I enjoyed the interview well done

:) Thanks!

Very informative i think it's time to invest in some bitshare because cryptocurrency value are declining

What a person does and how they do it are less important than why they do it.
He says "my vision for our future is a nonviolent society where people can coexist peacefully with unparalleled economic prosperity".
This alone should be enough for anyone to be interested in what he's doing.

second part of the great interview interesting

chuck approves.jpg

Very inspiring and interesting post :) thanks for sharing #keepsteemin


interesting, thanks for sharing
personally BitShares Did not seduce me
good continuation

Great interview with Dan Larimer. Let see how well Bitshares will do in the near future.

follback me


Amazing contents shared. Interview was very informative.

Thanks for sharing this.

Hello @lovejoy,
I so want a free and open system.
We need to protect the Internet.
What do you think of MadeSafecoin ?
I did not know Dan Larimer is the co-founder, and lead developer of Bitshares, Steem, and currently leading the development of the EOS blockchain as CTO of BlockOne.
Does Dan have a life? I mean, a girl friend/wife or kids?
We should start calling him Super Dan?

thank you for the info

Thank you for sharing this interview, will watch it when I find some free time.

Thanks for the share.

there's a couple of parts? Missed that in the first one. One would call him the Bill Gates of crypto haha! Cheers! Thanks for sharing again!

I added links to parts 1 and 2 now, to make it easy for everyone.

I have mixed feelings about this guy, he looks like a quitter and an opportunist to me, he is very smart though and that makes him someone to watch carefully.

I agree! EOS is not looking good today. Then again everything is crashing as well...

Great job Dan for creating Steemit and contribuiting to a better global economy.

good videos,inspirating

I have followed you
please follow me

really really great job

follback me all

Hello, I come from Aceh, Indonesia. I am a new user in this community. Regards.

have a read guys livecoin.net is also like poloniex now messing with users


Thanks for sharing this

Remain in intention that this interview was before the promulgation of Graphene.

Loved the first as well as second part. Wonderful! Both parts are upvoted and resteemed. Waiting for the third part!
Check out my posts too.
A Token of Thanks to ana-maria😇


x D

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Loved it . The post is really amazing and very informative too.


thnaks for share that information!

Nice Interview thanx for this nice post

wish you all the best


Really great post😊 Dan is a joy to listen to. Thx for sharing good job. Cheers

Great message from @dantheman :)
And awesome production of course!
Sharing it to pass the message further and looking forward for more... ;)

Dan Larimer is a very innovative man. He motivates us to see beyond the obvious and to set our goals high in what we do. Great interview there. I will be working on a topic to appreciate him also for their innovations because we are benefiting from them so much

for you @lovejoy and you all

dan the man

Great interview.., keep them coming

It's cool to see

Interesting reference to Napster.

hoş makale takip etmek

nice to meet you on the steemit ,my idol !

Nice interview

It is really nice information about Bitshares & Bitshares Future Plans.

Congratulations @lovejoy!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following category:

  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 875,78

They have an amazing project with a great future!

nice post!

Lots of controversy I was really unsure.
THANKS SO MUCH. Made things much more clear.

Thanks for the info!

It was a great one. very informative

Very interesting post

So great to see Dan talking about voluntary societies and the future!

I'm only one of the many that miss reading him.

P.S: I loved the ending "it would be game over" :)

My 2 cents is that I don't think they can cut off the internet at this stage, because if there's any cause that would unify this generation is separating them from their wi-fi... head will roll haha.

Anyways, thank you @lovejoy and @roadscape for bringing this to us!

Hope more interviews like that are on the way :)

All the best guys!

Great interview. I am following you now :) How do you like my posts? I will start my own tradingview series. What would be most interesting for you and your audience?


I so mean the interview is a really fat spoiler

Always good to see anything by Ned,what a legend he is.

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my thoughts: thanks for sharing....

I'm having a good time here, so much useful information to learn from this interview. Knowledge is power... Thanks for sharing

How can I make money in Bitshare???

Dan is the man. He is visionary and I can't wait for more great ideas from him.

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Good post

great content you have! It was an absoulutely brilliant idea to follow you! thank you :)

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informative post, get so many things from the interview

@dan The GOAT! 😃

nice friend

EOS will be the most popular and priceless coin after 2018! Start saving your future wealth from now while it's still cheap to get.

Keep in mind that this interview was before the announcement of Graphene

Go @dan go! ;D

Always Keep going like this! Done upvote can u upvote mine