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RE: [Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1 of 3

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Dan has created something big. He's a blockchain superstar now.


I love Dan's quote in the video: "I believe there is a way to structure society to be completely voluntary and non-violent."

Love this vision!

I really love this quote, and vision as well!

I've been meeting so many lovers of Peace in this community that it's giving me a new sense of hope for the future. :)

Check out what tau chain and agoras will do for humanity. Even a child will be able to program on tau, as it will be using a new language. The future is here and it looks hopeful now

I want to learn more about both of those project. I've briefly come across them but their website seemed very hard to get some good info. Do you know of a better place to learn more than this site? Thanks so much. Great to be connected!

Makes you wonder why he isn't more in the spotlight...

this is an awesome thing so infomative

Long live Blockchain.

Yep... lol ;)

Agreed, Dan has a bright future ahead of him.

Long live steemit.

It is so nice to see that such an influential person within the crypto space, have such positive views on the future of blockchain tech. If he wasn't an anarchist, i would say "Dan for president".

Surpassing the Bitcoin devs now and the example to coding what Andreas Antonopoulos is to Bitcoin speeches.

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The platform is already working and making a profit :)

Even if true flip is legit, and amazing... (Which I doubt based on your promotional technique) this is the wrong place, and wrong way to promote it. Flagged for Spam.