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RE: [Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1 of 3

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Really enjoyed that interview and it was good to see a face to the name @dan. I'm still new to steemit and cryptocurrencies in general but i'm keen and eager to learn.Dan is definitely on to something here,the things i've learnt in the last 3 weeks have amazed me.It seems like this could be a turning point in time, an end to the super elite who control the whole planet.Power and wealth can be given back to society.


Bitshares isn't really a cryptocoin since it doesn't have a Proof of Work security model. People have tried things similar to Proof of Stake since before Bitcoin and they never worked. Bitcoin has worked because it has PoW. It's what made it a cryptocoin. Bitshares is just using the blockchain hype to sell a scam coin. Sorry, but it true.

This. Cryptocurrency, decentralization and everything that Dan writes in code and is able to put to words is what the 60's generation put in motion 50 years ago. We are taking it all out of the hands of "trusted third parties" and moving the human race forward away from control and toward freedom and free will.

Sounds good to me.

Yes, yes, and YES! :) Glad to have you here. Thanks for your thoughtful comment!

Enjoy every moment because a lot of power will be coming back.