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RE: [Interview] Dan Larimer - A Prescient Retrospective - Part 1 of 3

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I feel that it's so important to hear this type of information from someone as prolific as @dan. I could not agree more with his conclusion of blockchains ability to increase the freedom of one's property pertaining to certain events. In my opinion, one's freedom and rights pertaining to their property are of most importance. Dan's words still carry much of the same weight two years ago as they do today as myself and many others would agree that we are still in the early stages of blockchains development and implementation. Thanks much for sharing this @lovejoy. Looking forward to seeing the second 2 parts of the series!


I wonder why Dan Larimer is the co-founder, and lead developer of too many second generation cryptocurrencies,
I f He put all his focus in One of them,, I mean Steem here, and apply all the features and technology that others like Bitshares and EOS have. this will make Steem in the Place of Ethereum or Even more.
This is my point of view.

Dan's work is done here. The Steem blockchain itself is lightyears ahead. The development that's needed on Steem now is front-end development , which they are working on! I for one love that Dan is always pushing the frontier of what's possible in the blockchain space!

Edit: While Dan's work may be done here, I spoke too soon!

Ned says:

"There's plenty of back end development needed, fyi"

There's plenty of back end development needed, fyi

I am looking forward to what the future holds @ned. I heard from nate regarding thoughts on moving away from @dan suggestion of using ringCT for confidential transactions. Not sure I feel too great about that because of the heavy research that ringCT has is vetted crypt0 compared to most. The best we have imo for confidential transactions. With that said I have faith the team you are leading to make the best moves possible. Privacy is a very important right and the STEEM blockchain is capable of delivering it to the entire world.

Hey Ned! Thanks, I guess I was under the impression that things were well along in that department. I stand corrected! I hope Steem / Steemit has all the talented backend developers it needs!

Yes @lovejoy dan has done a great amount of the work and laid a solid foundation but many features are still to come.

Steem doesn't currently have the technology to handle traffic that Facebook has etc. There's a lot to be done at both ends.

Need improvements in ways that users can be presented with content that is customized to their interests. That would have a big impact on the future rate of growth of the user base.

Is graphene a blockchain or another tech all by itself? Steemit and Bitshares were just a test to implement EOS. In other words, EOS would contain both features (a social media platform and a token exchange platform of some kind similzr to bitshares but more improved). Expect to see another social media platform built on EOS, in the near future.

You can think of Graphene, aka 'The Graphene Toolkit' as "an industrial strength software platform for deploying third generation cryptographically secure decentralized ledgers known as block chains" -

The Graphene Family of blockchains include Bitshares, Steem, Muse, Peerplays. And EOS is essentially a further expansion upon this toolkit.

Steem and Bitshares could both decide to migrate to EOS in the future... it will be up to the respective communities to decide what's best for them. For now, EOS is still in development, so I expect Bitshares and Steem to be quite relevant, and independent, for quite a while.

Ok thanks for the info. I just havent had time to read indepth into the tech. Will try to touch on it later on.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply! I agree, and I think you'll find the next two parts to be even more thought provoking! :)

Oh goodness, I just got excited!