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This post should be unnecessary as it should be obvious that healthcare should be kept away from markets as far as possible. It's actually even simpler than that; is healthcare a right or not? Do we agree that we're past the point of hunter-gatherer tribal society or not?

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Really, it's that simple, and that goes for food and water and housing and education and having a computer and an internet connection; it's everyone's right, and maybe even duty, to live and to participate in a functioning democracy of well informed individuals. It's that simple. If we agree we all have that right, all those things should be excluded from market forces, it should be illegal and immoral to keep these things scarce for them to have a price. It's that simple, really. We have everything we need to realize this "Utopia" for all 8 billion people on this planet and it's a disgrace for us as a species to not just do it. That's my honest opinion, even if I'm fully aware of the very real evolutionary, biological, psychological, cultural and political hurdles we still have to overcome.

Let me tell you a story many of you may recognize. My girlfriends parents are both old and struggling with increasing health problems and age related challenges. They often have to visit their doctor and the hospital, but my girlfriend and I make sure they never go alone. This is extraordinary in my opinion, that one of us HAS to go with them. You want to know why that is? After all, you'd think that if there's one person in the world we can trust with our elderly, it is the doctor; it's their work, their task, preferably their passion in life to take care of people, to care about their well-being. But doctors in the capitalist world have another responsibility now...

Western health care systems are, following economic thinking, is moving towards increasing "consumer choice." Like the capitalist dogma clearly prescribes, it is assumed that such a policy will improve quality, enhance patient satisfaction and reduce health disparities. Government isn't the solution, government is the problem, said Reagan, and markets are much better at allocating resources and services said all that followed him; this utterly stupid idea that consumer choice would mix well with healthcare can only take root in a society captured by market-fundamentalism... It should be obvious that health-care can't be treated as if it was just another market. And that "free choice" is completely misguided when it comes to something as vital and as complicated as medicine.

Just half a century ago, when you went to the doctor with an ailment, the doctor would check you out and give one definitive diagnosis, and prescribe a pill, treatment or surgery based on his or her expertise, which took many years of study to attain. When I go to the doctor now, he or she checks me out and then says something like "you have symptom X, usually caused by ailment Y, and you can choose this pill, costing you nothing because your insurance covers it, but you'll suffer side-effects Z. However you could also choose treatment A which isn't covered by your insurance and will cost you B. But there's also the possibility of surgery in specialized hospital R, for which we have a financing plan spread over X years..."

This is sick, pun intended. Besides the fact that this transfers the responsibility for such an important choice to the non-expert in this transaction, it shouldn't be a transaction at all. If markets are based on the consumers ability to make a well informed autonomous choice, healthcare in particular should be protected from any and all market-forces. If the choice is medicine or death, there is no choice, it's really not rocket-science. This is not freedom of choice, this is the tyranny of choice. This is why doctors can not be trusted to tale care of the sick and elderly anymore, and we'll all be "the elderly" sooner or later, so better speak up against this health-scare right now! Now watch this video of some fundamentally misguided individuals, one of which is signing a very damaging executive order under the guise of increasing consumer choice;

President Trump Signs An Executive Order To Promote Healthcare Choice And Competition | TIME

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