Trump to Remove Troops and Withdraw From Syria After Claiming Defeat of ISIS, Establishment Criticizes Move

Deep State Shenanigans

Jeff Bezo's CIA-contracted WaPo, mockingbird machine, puts out this headline one hour ago from 12PM Dec. 19, 2018...


Earlier this year when Trump signaled that he was seriously moving out of Syria, the ridiculous false flag "chemical" attacks by the white helmets in Syria occurred, prolonging Trump's military presence in the region and provoking him to conduct air strikes. Putin called out the lack of evidence for the attacks and Assad claimed they were complete fabrications.

Trump Pulls Out of Syria

Reuters broke the story this morning after getting confirmation from Pentagon officials and as expected, tow the MSM line in criticizing such moves which may "endanger" Israel and hurt military progress in the "War on Terror", reporting:

Reports of a full U.S. military withdrawal drew immediate criticism from some of President Donald Trump’s fellow Republicans, who said leaving would strengthen the hand of Russia and Iran, which both support Syrian President Bashar al Assad.

Trump giving more signals that he intends to move out of Syria.


In response Marco Rubio, sell outs alike and other mockingbird media outlets are criticizing the move.



If the establishment, mockingbird media and Neo-con chickenhawks are criticizing you, that's an A+ in my book... Or is it all a show? Will Trump get derailed by foreign and deepstate interests? Thoughts?

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