A new "Our Purpose" post, Curation Guidelines, and Mod "Scheduling"

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(written by @stevescoins)

First of all, I'd like to welcome @truthforce to the team as a moderator, and @fight4truth as a backer!

I'm going to make this post the new "homepage" for our comment link...

  • This post will explain Our Purpose
  • This post will list our mods and their biases, as well as those people who back the account in other ways
  • This post will cover curation guidelines (these will be guidelines, mods have discretion to curate)
  • This post will serve as a discussion point for how we curate...(we can take this discussion to steem.chat if necessary!)
  • This post will give you the scoop on our logo

Our Purpose

The tag informationwar, and posts that would be classified under that tag include methods of Information War, Propaganda, and Disinformation. The discussion would include governmental doctrine, historical application, Information War on the spectrum of warfare modes, recognition of fakenews, public OSINT, the concept of a Deep State and reaction to it, and critical thinking in analyzing these concepts.

By necessity, conspiracy theory can be discussed under this tag as they often address what many view as Deep State disinformation; this means that discussion of PizzaGate could fall under this discussion. However, I don't want to make this type of discussion the focus of the tag, but rather discussing these issues in terms of method

The ultimate purpose of ourfocus on InformationWar is to provide you with the tools to defend liberty within this mode of war.

The purpose of the account is two-fold:

  • To reward Steemers who contribute to informationwar knowledge with an upvote
  • To pass that knowledge on via reSteeming

This account will be manually curated.

Note to mods, use this new link for the "Our Purpose" link in our comments!
Also, feel free to add to this post with your own comments!

The Team - Moderators (and our biases)

The Team - Backers (those providing Steem Power to the account)

If you have delegated Steem Power to this account, and I have not recognized you here, please let me know and give you credit!
@newsagg (managed by @dwinblood)

If for any reason, a Steemer feels like they have not been recognized for their contributions to this account and tag, please speak up!

Curation Guidelines

Note- These are guidelines, not rules. Mods use their own discretion to curate.

  • Yes, curate your own related content. Try not to go more than 3 times a day, but I understand that events can cause waves of posts...
  • Tags to search for related material (feel free to add your own to the list)
    introduceyourself (looking for new Steemers who are interested in our concepts...@bashadow has already introduced a new Steemer to us, for example)
  • Video - Video submissions should be accompanied by a written summary of what the video is about and who is featured. Feel free to suggest this to video creators whose work you'd like to curate here
  • Try not to curate the same person too many times a day; use your own judgement ;>
  • When leaving our comment on curated posts, be as specific in the Relevance: section as possible as to WHY you curated the post
  • We can curate w/content we don't agree with if we feel the post fills the basics of our purpose
  • Don't engage in argumentation on this account; if dispute occurs, move to your own account and continue from there.
  • Don't engage in "backhand" curation...Relevance: this poster is an asshole...;> I'd suggest a counter-post on your own account and then curation from this account.
  • Avoid curating copypasta posts. Feel free to suggest to such submitters to add their own analysis. Perhaps refer them to this post, You can write for #informationwar....easily and on a format...kick that writer's block in the junk!
  • Every once in a while, read Our Purpose ;>

change our comment template to reflect
[Our Purpose] (https://tinyurl.com/aboutinfowar)
delete space

Mod "scheduling"

It doesn't matter if all 3 of us are curating at the same time; we each have different views as to what qualifies as worthy content, and we might pick up on posts that others miss.

We may confuse each other by resteeming something that another of us just resteemed, but we know the possibility and can look and see ;>

If we need to communicate, I'm fine with being transparent by commenting on our posts, but we all have steem.chat accounts and can communicate there as well.

What does the logo mean?

Symbols, from top to bottom

  • Rising Sun
    A) Illumination
    B) A New Day

  • Computer Monitor
    The battle is fought on an information/cyber battlefield

  • Daggers
    A) War
    B) Covert
    C) Specialized

Thank you everyone who participates, and everyone that reads, and to everyone that shares this info!


The ultimate purpose of our focus on InformationWar is to provide you with the tools to defend liberty within this mode of war.

This is a simple easy one line Mission Statement for me to use when trying to relate the "purpose" of informaionwar page/tag. Thank you.

Please consider my blog for curation. I could use some resteems

Conscious Resistance (sic)
Disobedient Media(sic)

These are all proven disinfo sources, evidence in my blog. Any journalist or politician or spiritual leader who responds to basic questions about their work with psy-op tactics at the very least is disinfo, at worst outright police infiltrators.

People who claim to investigate but just repost and rehash are also highly suspect.

I am available for all questions about my work, which is entirely the work of myself, a single individual in a tiny room with some old computers and an internet connection.

make sure you add #informationwar to your posts for visibility. sometimes we don't catch everything in the tag (or, in our replies)

and we make no judgement about your dispute with the other accounts; they make their case, and you make yours; we'll try to share all viewpoints other than totalitarian ones (leftism, for example)

Can one of the mods please look into this user and the accusations and harassment he engages in. He literally goes into peoples posts, bullies and trolls them and all users who comment on the page, throws around unfounded and absurd statements, picks fights with everyone, and now he has the nerve to come in here and and defame me for no reason at all. Now he's also sharing a link to my entire history on the platform? How is that not creepy and stalking of other users?
It's so hilarious in a lot of ways, but unacceptable because nobody is engaging in any bullying like he is. I stumbled upon this post by checking out your account and what it's about, and I see this! It's infuriating that this person is doing their best, to destroy your platform. Completely disgraceful behaviour.

I (@stevescoins) am not curating his stuff, due to the behavior you have discussed.

Neither am I engaging with him. I haven't seen any other of our mods curate him.

However, we only curate the #informationwar tag, not Steemit as a whole.

There is a mute function you can use so that you don't see posters that annoy you


Thank you @stevescoins for the reply. I have no problem with anyone conversing with or curating this persons work. That is entirely of their own choice. I do however, not appreciate the lengths they go to, and tactics they use towards others on the platform. I don't think that going into random posts, and spreading unfounded accusations about users is cool! So I don't make this sound like a rant or a sob story, I will take your advice and mute them. Thanks again.

Hi, this is @truthforce talking now, we appreciate you reaching out to us. It always good to alert us to stuff like that. Me being a bully victim I have zero tolerance for it.


I wrote a whole section about bullying in that. Please reach out in the future if you see us curating something from someone who is a bully/harassing and stuff like that, as we may miss something.

It's pretty obvious, I am really starting to believe it is russians. If you are into inforrmationwar, then this is what it is about. Analyzing information and determing what is deceptive and what is not. Right? And there is an information war going on right now between the united states and russia. I have done a lot of actual work now to determine the true nature of these entities, and conclusions can be reached.

I just muted this user, the 3rd person to come to the thread I started where I asked 'activist post' what they were all about, and got all evasive answers.

The pattern is exactly what palikari123 upvotes, assange's points, pro-trump points, anti-DNC points, the conscious resistance BS, anarchulpulco BS, and whatever disobedient media does, in this case 'the 13 indictments doesn't prove anything, russians buying campaign ads in american elections is just like what hillary did! lock her up!' etc etc.

I have given them every chance to reveal themselves as real people, but they respond as if on some kindof account rotation.

Meanwhile, my main work goes nearly totally unnoticed, and I have to watch their blatant agitprop(designed to confuse and divide americans) gets much SP in upvotes.

My post yesterday took a long time to put together and it is of much more significance than anything their entire circle are doing. I haven't gotten a single thoughtful comment or a single upvote that is worth more than few cents.

So if you are into information wars actually, I am the one actually fighting one, even though I actually hate to conflate just writing and debating with warfare. War is a much different thing than typing and the problem we face is how to de-escalate the situation, and hyperbolic rhetoric(check out ms vos's terms ie 'murderously timed' etc) work against that.

What I have done is proven that the entire internet party of New Zealand, and Kim Dotcom, are russian operations, and that suzie3d isn't seeking asylum, she's' going back home to her masters. I think that is a pretty big accomplishment, I welcome you to question my logic.

I have been wondering what Kim Dotcom's deal is for years, following the breadcrumbs from suzie3d's crap put it all together :)

I hope people who are into information war can appreciate this.

Plus yesterday I proved that the american government, or somebody, is beaming voices into peoples heads to make them kill, and then running a honeypot trap for people who want to complain about the voices they are hearing, which is directly applicable to what just happened in Parkland and the NSA. Which everyone else seems to ignore.

I invite scrutiny.

Thanks @informationwar for Taking a STAND against #FakeNews!
I will start using your tag #informationwar!

Always great to run into like minded people about this HUGE problem!


I like it, so when I read some stupid bullshit in the MSM that is obviously Operation Mockingbird disinformation, like every time the WaPo or NYT breaks a story about the president from anonymous sources, I can post them here and point out the lies? That's something I do from time to time. Like anytime I read the WaPo or NYT

exactly! use the #informationwar tag, and dig in as deep as you can on the story. Add your own alayis, point out where they have done the same thing in the past, etc etc

Great job guys! Fairly impartial, and focused. Resteem.

Welcome to the #informationwar tag new mods!!!
Thanks @stevescoins for the support!

looks like steem.chat is down, atm...do you have my (@stevescoins) email if you need it?

I don't

working for me

This is an awesome idea and I look forward to voting for people using the #informationwar tag.

glade to hear about it, and thanks! I've been sick and out this week, but I did want to say thanks!

Very interested in getting involved. I am a reporter for The Daily Sheeple, and have worked with the likes of intellihub, Steve Quayle, and Infowars. Just now getting into using steemit.

Let us know when you start posting again!

Here to Rock and Roll!!!!

ooh rah!

after 15 minutes of trying to sign up for steemconnect & getting nowhere I quit- that may be why your not getting more voting power donated.- by others