The Awakening Project: Introduction

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Hello lovelies, hope you're all doing well. 💚

Again I apologize for the long lag in posts. I’ve been dealing with multiplex of things and difficulties in my own life. But I finally managed to center myself in between the eye of storm ~ quite a nice place for relaxation to be in during storm, lol.

From now onwards this Awakening Project and all the upcoming posts will be co-authored by 3 entities including me aka @starangel. We will do our level best to oversimplifying everything, but we hope it puts things in the right perspective.



What This Awakening Project is About and What We Will offer Through This?


This project is all about awakening the sleeping masses and expanding their consciousness, to make everyone aware about the greater truth, about the bigger picture. To answer the most asked, unanswered questions of the ages ~ that will truly quench your lifelong curiosities to KNOW ~ what it's all about, why are we here, what’s our purpose collectively, how it's all working, how long humanity have been on Earth, who is behind everything, and what is going on behind the scenes. We will cover the history of this universe that are linked with humanity. There is so much to talk about and we would do our level best to go into every details with extremely simplified, easy to understand content.

Note: We do not claim that we know everything. And we can be wrong, too, as we too are learning and evolving through trials, errors and mistakes. We just want to simply share what we have in hopes it will benefit you. Please use your own discernment.

Disclaimer: If you're deeply religious person, this post will offend you deeply. If you're a religious person, this is not something you want to be exposed to, unless you want to find the truth and you're ready to put aside all the religious stuff that you've been doing for so many years.

If you still want to go further then we would strongly recommend you to take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. You don't need to believe whatever we say here or mention, but we urge you to do your own research and then decide yourself if we are speaking truth or not.

Are you ready to go on a real, personal journey to understand the nature of you and reality? To come out of MATRIX of illusions/maya?

If yes, let's begin... ||KEEP YOUR MIND AND HEART WIDE OPEN||

As of lately we have been going through tons of energy shifts that are putting us through lots of difficulties/challenges and self-reflection, in our reality bubble, That are awakening the masses from the deep sleep as well. Cosmic shifts are happening and major astrological events taking place which catapult many into the light. Like an onion, who we are really is being revealed to us.

unnamed (2).gif

So those of the sleepers may ask, what this awakening is about? See here, we are already awakened and conscious. (While rising their hands. 👐) 😂

To this, we would respond: It's about Spiritual Awakening, lovelies. It's your wake-up call! Once you get it, there is no turning back. It will make your whole life upside-down and twist you in the infinite directions. You will literally go through grieving process, purging process, learning process, integration process, alchemical process and evolutionary process towards the enlightenment! With this level of change, comes a great challenges.


Before we go further, we would like to make it clear that, “we are spiritual beings having this physical experience not the other way around.”

Many people will degree with this^ statement before their awakening, because our present system on this planet is designed to disconnect us from our spiritual Self which makes us WHOLE and COMPLETE.

But THEY don't want that we become whole and complete, otherwise who would give them power to control the masses? Who would follow their orders blindly?

As THEIR power lies in separating/dividing the masses and then conquering it.


We are groomed to be muppets (mindless puppets) and become hypnotised sheep, who follow blindly, sleepwalking our way through the world. We are even taught to count sheep as a children to help us fall asleep at night.

THEY aims to control us, manipulate our thoughts, feelings and existences by various means of inflicting fear, greed, anger, hate, pain, sufferings, limitations, separation.

We are constantly being fed fear and propaganda as truth, which conditions us to doubt our natural instincts. So we choose to stay in our separated boxes of imagined safety because we are so afraid of what we are told is “out there”, beyond the iron clad walls that are built around our hearts, to “keep out” and protect us from the boogeymen, and other things that go bump in the night.

THEY want us to follow their orders blindly, to work 8+ hours for them. THEY designed an education system where they create faithful workers, who acts like a drones, who struggle to be their authentic self due to programming/conditioning by the system. THEY created a system that intentionally keeps us stuck, complacent, dependent and enslaved, and that system actually feeds on people's energy, which is a pyramidal power structure propagated through economics, religion, politics and war.

unnamed (6).gif

We are being controlled and manipulated through our food and water supply, not being told what we are really consuming, yet being told it is good for us when it is brimming with chemicals and hidden toxins that our bodies can’t possibly process, which results in disease and a litany of illnesses on all levels (mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic). We are forced to vaccinate our children who become sick from the poisons and toxic substances they contain. We are told lies of fear through the news and media, as if they are truth, and we are really only shown what fits the specific agenda of those with the power, the puppeteers who are installing, and then pulling our strings.

And yet people are agreed upon social norms, and in limiting belief system constructs that are constantly hammering us. THEY precisely designed this whole MATRIX system to limit, abolish, and constrict free thought and expression; all under the illusions of freedom.

Why do people allow it?

Its answer is very simple. Because, they're being programmed and conditioned since their birth, by this very capitalistic educational system and our society who is just repeating the heard and what they are being told or taught to follow from one generation to another. THEY taught us to stay in the box and follow the rules, like a “good little boy or girl”, to be rewarded, to graduate up to the next level, which simply means moving to the next little box with a new illusionary distraction reward pool, that is promptly set and sealed firmly in place, It is all woven into the very fabric of our society.

The programming and fear is so thick at this level, it is infused in everything and found everywhere. So we believe that it is normal and that it is “just the way things are”. We become a valley of complacent cows and submissive sheep waiting to be slaughtered by the very hand that fed us the lies to begin with that keep us enslaved and unaware, all the while oblivious that we are even enchained. All this is done with a big fake smile dripping with enticing false promises, that find and push on our pain points, inflicting scarcity and fear to convince us of an illusion designed specifically to keep us in struggle; to keep us separate; to keep us subdued; to keep us from questioning; to keep us from remembering how powerful we truly are.

images (9).jpg

THEY don't want you to question authorities, the status quo. If you dare to question too loud, THEY will shut you up, mock you down, put you behind the bars, attack or abuse you, or cease your existence.

It is sad to observe the tremendous limitations people set upon themselves, to stay quiet in the small world of stereotypical concepts, memorized knowledge, and imitation. These self imposed disabilities prevents us from realizing just how small the cubicle which imprisons us is.

Are we really living in the natural freedom? Absolutely not! But still, we have freedom of thought, action and belief for us...we just need to step into it.

We are pumped full of fear based, hyped-up, trumped-up scenarios designed specifically to distract us and keep us focused away from the real solutions, and even the real issues, whose discovery of does not serve the status quo, nor the hidden agenda, of keeping us sedated, dumbed-down and completely disconnected from the actual real conspiracies (not theories) that are going on, often being hidden right under our noses, in plain sight. When we live in a matrix of fear, we are anchored into the lower denser frequencies. The vibration at this level is thick and dense and heavy and dark. This is designed specifically to keep you hooked into the program of control, running on the hamster wheel, going nowhere, while eternally drowning and gasping for air.

Please take a moment to watch this animated short film. This will surely open your eyes

Almost everything and everyone is being manipulated, pretty much all the time. It takes lot of effort on your part to identify and understand how.

You will realise everything eventually after your awakening by experience the truth yourself. We will cover everything with jaw-dropping details and make everything clear as we move forward with this Awakening Project.


What is Spiritual Awakening.

Spiritual Awakening is all about self-realization, awakening the real/true/spiritual Self. It's about seeing past the veil of ignorance, this limited 3D construct, labels, beyond the boundaries of physical proof. Not everything needs proof but to experience it as being.

In spirituality, as well as science, nothing ever is completely true or false ~ only plausible until proven otherwise.

The majority of people are living in a dualistic reality of everything where they take sides of either be right or wrong, good or bad, black or white, left or right, and that's where they're living from a place of misunderstanding.

unnamed (1).jpg

During the process of spiritual awakening you will understand that there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, no white or black, no permanence besides impermanence, and their is a third way that will turn everything into balance, into Trinity, and the only thing that really exists is the “IS”. The “is”, is all that ever was, all that ever will be, and all that ever can be ~ and the IS, is impossible to name or to put it in labels or names, otherwise that will only create limitations as we try to put it into the box of belief that constrict its ability to expand.

To be the “is” is to know that everything is happening in the “Now”, in the present moment. All past, present and future is happening all at once. Your life is an ever-evolving manifestation of the NOW. (We will explain these in details in later posts.)

images (11).jpg

So it's important to be in the present moment as much as you can. And to understand that our purpose on this planet is to forever remain a student and within every school of thought there is a teacher, that gives you chance/opportunity to expand in infinite ways, because your potential, as the universe, is infinite. This is the exciting part of life, that it is forever a journey, and the destination is never final.

When you begin to observe yourself. When the observer and the observed become one, that is awareness. And when you remove or release all social programming/conditioning as you expand and increase in awareness of who you really are ~ as part of, awakening process of “unbecoming” what doesn't serves you good and putting you out of alignment; is Spiritual Awakening.

There is no specific type of moment that the Awakening process occurs through. This moment may be experienced through a psychedelic experience, a meditation, a connection to a new teacher, a book, a documentary, through your yoga practice, etc, but when it happens, you know, and your appetite to know more becomes insatiable.


Awakening is the only first stage. There are many layers and stages that will come afterwards. The collective awakening will be the byproduct of a mass individual awakening. Every individual is destined to go through this process.

After you have found yourself awake, you begin to view life before your awakening as though it was just a dream. When you step outside of the “Matrix” and see with this new vision, you may feel an urgency to be the “alarm clock” by trying to wake up those who are still asleep. It becomes impossible to understand how you ever lived with a different point of view, and relating to others still stuck in that mind set becomes very frustrating. You may find that those who are sleeping, are not ready to be woken up, and would prefer to hit the “snooze button”.

Experiencing everything that you have learned so far in your evolution of consciousness in your three-dimensional reality ~ is the only way to integrate with your new way of thinking.

You will find that your reality becomes anew, you will start attracting new friends, and experiences, which will ultimately lead to your acceptance of your role in the karmic wheel of life that will always spin, with or without you sounding the alarm to the sleeping masses.


What Realisation of Self Means.


''Every decision you make - every decision - is not a decision about what to do. It's a decision about Who You Are. When you understand it, everything changes. You begin to see life in a new way. All events, occurrences, and situations turn into opportunities to do what you came here to do.''
-Neale Donald Walsch

Realization of Self basically implies that you have realized Who You Are. There is kind of not much left to do after that. This is where we are going once we awaken, that is, suddenly become aware that there is spiritual dimension to life, and it is even more important than the material dimension.

unnamed (5).gif

Interestingly enough. Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the world. Knowing thyself is where one grows leaps and bounds through self realization, self love. Knowing your full capacity and all your truly capable of. Merging body, mind and spirit in a full cohesion of love.

Let's compare the two scenarios

Before Awakening

  • They pursue SERVICE TO SELF.
  • They pursue human activities to support their human existence based on materialism, wealth, status, power.
    They are driven by ego: fear, pride, greed, ignorance, jealousy, arrogance, self-righteousness.
  • They think they got only one life to live and enjoy and after that they will be gone for forever.
  • They think 3 dimensional, physical reality is the only reality.
  • They think God/deity will save them.
  • They blame to their destiny for whatever is happening to them.
  • They think they’re separate.
  • They think they need to conquer everything.
  • They think they need to race/compete with everyone and they need to be on the top, above all.
  • They think they are mortal.
  • They are not aware of the wider spectrum of multidimensional realities.
  • They think they’re alone in this universe and there is no such things as intelligent Extraterrestrial race more advanced than them.
  • They don't believe in reincarnation.
  • They go about their daily business/routines without questioning the authorities. Seeking the money, going and following the herd without doing their own research.
  • They think they have only one body that's their physical body.
  • They sold information for recognition and profit.

After awakening

  • We commit to promoting other's achieving a positive reality along with our own.
  • We don't do things for our ego satisfaction.
  • We recognise and value personal journeys.
  • We see love in all things.
  • We seek to radiate unconditional love individually and collectively.
  • We realise that we are multidimensional spiritual beings, we live multiple/infinite lives in multiple dimensions, realms. In past, present, future all at once.
  • We realise that our present reality is not the only reality, but there are many infinite realities and many dimensions and densities.
  • We realise and understand that only we can save ourselves, no one else.
  • We own our responsibilities and understand that destiny is just the blueprint, but we create our own path/destiny through our ‘free-will’ choices/actions/decisions.
  • We realise that we are all one and the same, not seperate. But we are individual expression of One Infinite Self.
  • We realise that we don't need to conquer everything, we just need to become the best versions of ourselves.
  • We realise that it's not about ME, it's about WE. It's about being equal to one another, not above or below.
  • We realise that we are immortal souls.
  • We become aware of the reality beyond physical 3 dimensional construct, I.e. Multidimensional realities.
  • We realise and accept the truth that we are not alone and there are many advanced, intelligent Extraterrestrial races that are intimately connected to our human race.
  • We realise that reincarnation is very real.
  • We question everything and do our own research.
  • We realise that we have many different bodies like, Astral body, Mental body, Etheric body, Light body, Time body, etc.
  • We share information freely.

Spiritual Awakening changes the whole paradigm of one’s life. It changes one’s perspective to see, feel, think the life with more expanded understanding, with more conscious awareness, with more love (Unconditional love), With an open mind that sees past all boundaries and limitations.

You cannot create anyone else’s reality aside from your own. And change can only be brought by being the change ourselves, leading by example. There is nothing you need to do, you only must be ~ because the being is the doing, and soon enough others will become by-proxy.

unnamed (3).gif

After the Awakening and some inner work, some mystical phenomena starts happening that defy logic, literally. In some instances, a sudden remembering happens that gives us broader understanding of our path, purpose and potential in this life. We would talk about many such phenomenon and share our mystical experiences with you in our upcoming posts.


Questions and Answers

Q: How does your spiritual development/awakening/metaphysical progress impact your life in the "real world" aka the material world?

A: Our spiritual Awakening gives us wider perspective, wider spectrum about our Self, about our life, about the whole universe, literally. We become very aware/conscious about ourselves and everyone around us. We get more intuitive, more empathetic. We become very connected to everything, we become more compassionate, more patient, more tolerant, more accepting, more forgiving, more loving, with ourselves and everyone involved, and we gain more understanding and expansion of consciousness happens quickly. We react less and respond more with wisdom/understanding. As we get triggered less, deeper processing of emotions and more aware (of subtleties) in general. These have huge benefits, e.g emotionally understanding the present moment and therefore birthing right action.

Q: Are there any positive changes in your "real" life which you could attribute to your newfound knowledge/skills?

A: There are many positive changes that includes letting go of fear and my need for control. I’m becoming more of myself, more non-judgemental, more calmer and not buying into drama. A deep feeling of peace and contentment for long periods. An ability to be completely present in the flow of life, time stops and my actions and words arise without thought, seemingly from nowhere. Synchronicities occur more regularly, and more frequently. Any 'problems' that do arise I can quickly identify the learning experience, process and move on to the next level by integrating it.

Q: You mentioned about ‘Synchronicities’, can you please elaborate on this?

A: Sure. As our consciousness expands throughout our awakening journey ~ So does our awareness, and when we start paying attention to more details we start noticing synchronicities as well. Everything has a meaning behind its happening and every synchronicity has a specific meaning behind it, for instance, when a person start seeing/noticing 11:11 synchronicity, which means he/she is aligning his/her misaligned energies and walking on the divine soul path of the spiritual development with unconditional love.


So as the person get more aligned with the universal energies, all the events, circumstances in their life start reflecting that in their reality as a form of synchronicities.


Final Thoughts

We have been tricked, manipulated, lied to, subliminally influenced to harm each other for so long, it's time to realise and become aware of the bigger picture about what is happening behind the scenes for eons. We are here to wake you up to see past the illusions of what it is. We are rolling massive wake-up call to all humanity, to ignite your inner light and start shining your light more brightly than you ever have been. It is time for a massive wake-up call to all of humanity to remember and ignite your own inner light.


It's time for us to come together in unity, in the frequency of love, truth, and collective empowerment. We are so much more powerful than we were ever taught to believe. We do this by being true to ourselves, be being the beautiful self that we are, by being the light, by speaking our authentic truth and by releasing our own dark shadows that want to drag us into debate and separation and superiority triggering our need to be right or better than others.

Awaken the light within yourself. Because the whole universe is waiting for you to stand tall, to shine brightly, and to become one of those shining stars that you always destined to become! 🌟



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Thanks for sticking with us, and for all of your support!

Much love, light and positivity to you!


That pretty much sums it up 😂 Thank you for your beautiful service.

This is really great work with lots of amazing information. Keep doing what you are doing :)

Ever since I stopped watching television (in particular the news) I have found myself to be much more connected with who I really am.

Thank you very much,
@samstonehill! I'm very glad you liked it. ☺

Yes, switching off the television (Tel-lie-vision) completely is the best thing we can do to turn our heads away from the matrix. :)

Thank you very much, @metaradiant! ☺

How are you?

Brilliant absolutely spot on; can't what to hear more! When I woke I thought that was it but now I am I realise there is so much to learn and am now like a sponge. 💯🐒

I posted new post on the same series, which you may like to read:


Thank you so much for your comment! ☺ I'm glad this^ post helped you to realise that there's so much to learn/remember.

We feel you, being the love. We wish to share a reminder to honor all paths. As you know there is no other place to go. Being here now, wholeness is balance as no one exists without the other. With this we send our love and blessings. ❤️🙏

Thank you! Yes, we are honoring all paths. Thank you for your comment. Namaste! 🙏

This is one of those “wow” posts, someone else gets it! The masses are like sheeple, no critical thinking involved. The elites throw out the feed and they devour it even though it’s tasteless. They are happy to just exist with no sense of curiosity or wonder. Thanks for this, it was great!

Thank you for your comment. You're welcome! ☺

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