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Dear Steemians,

From a Former Post
While I have never really been a blogger before I came to Steemit, I came to realize that one feature that has been uncomfortable is that fact that you can't really organize your blog. Steemit seems like a very linear blog, in the sense that the latest post is on top all other posts move down the chain. The hard part of this, is that it's very hard to find older posts. For me, since I don't have many posts out there, is not too much of a hassle, but I really wonder how the Steemians with over 1,000 posts are able to reminisce?

Here is my indexing list for this week!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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I do not have many posts, but if I remember them because I have them written down in a notebook. Try that tactic


Sorry, I must have missed this message. Thanks! I mean I try to keep it organized, but for some reason, I forget where I wrote stuff down as well. It's really an issue.