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No stranger to child sexual exploitation, the former teenage underwear model took his cause to Washington DC this past week to speak on behalf of victims of human trafficking.

He testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the subject of human trafficking and was lauded in the MSM for deliveing an impassioned speech against modern day human slavery.

Before delivering his emotional speech, Kutcher took time to thank the Committee's Chairman, the American flag and, in particular, Senator John McCain.

The founder of THORN, described as digital anti-human trafficking software company, Kutcher detailed the terrible reality of the modern day slave trade known euphemistically as human trafficking and child sexual trafficking while choking back tears.

Mr. Kutcher's performance art was well received by the mainstream media like the Huffington Post which ran the headline: Ashton Kutcher Gives Emotional Testimony At Hearing to End Modern Slavery.

What you may not know is that the Two and a Half Men star is also a board member of the McCain Institute.

More critical minds, such as investigator George Webb, explained how THORN, backed by tech partners Google and Palantir, is to become the new social justice face of clandestine operations that had previously been concealed at the Clinton Foundation .

In his video Day 116 - DynCorp Harvest Part 2, George breaksdown the THORN facade.
starting @3:11

“They can almost not keep a straight face when they do this social justice thing.

“He blew a kiss to McCain…I mean the theatrics are a little bit extreme…”

“THORN is going to be the new front for Palantir.” -GW

George Webb’s perspective is that since Peter Thiel, CEO of Palantir, has been ‘outed’ they are moving Ashton Kutcher in at the front end and as the social-justice face of their operations.

Some YouTubers have noted that the woman behind Ashton can hardly keep from smirking throughout his entire opening monologue. There’s definitely something odd about this woman’s behavior but instead of trying to decipher body language, I would like to draw your attention to the man who appears at the opposite side of the screen.

This is Ernie Allen a member of the McCain Institute and long-time CEO of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC). Mr. Allen was the President and CEO of NCMEC for 23 years up until 2012.
Today, he is on the board of directors of the McCain Institute and heads the Human Trafficking Advisory Council.

In his glowing biography, Mr. Allen is portrayed as a tireless advocate for children and victims of human trafficking.
Among other things in his biography:

In 2015 he was appointed by then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron to serve as Chairman of a global initiative to combat online child abuse and exploitation. He is also an advisor to the Ethisphere Institute, the McCain Institute for International Leadership, the End Modern Slavery Initiative Foundation, Shared Hope, and Thorn in the US, Il Telefono Azzurro in Italy, ECPAT International in Thailand, and others.


He brought global attention to the risks of unregulated virtual currencies and the anonymous “Dark Web” and created a task force whose policy recommendations are being implemented worldwide. He also created a coalition involving the world’s leading financial institutions which reduced commercial child pornography from a $30 billion industry to virtually zero; created a coalition with leading technology companies to address child victimization; and formed a global health coalition with major pharmaceutical companies to address child sexual exploitation as a public health crisis.

So, having Kutcher and Allen (The McCain Institute/ THORN) testifying before the SFRC and Senator McCain, it should raise some eyebrows.

If you watch the complete 2hr+ CSPAN coverage the speaker that immediately follows Kutcher is introduced as Elisa Massimino. She's introduced to the committee as the President and CEO of Human Rights First. However, what is not mentioned is that Massimino is also on the board of trustees at the McCain Institute along with former US general and head of the CIA David Patraeous.

The hearing is literally a sales pitch by the McCain Institute to John McCain and the SFRC.

There's nothing wrong with bringing attention to the issue of human trafficking, of course not. Except for the fact that, as Mr. Kutcher explains:

“So, where do we go from here? What do we need? Obviously, we need money.”


Not surprising, really. Throughout his performance piece, a phrase never far from Mr. Kutcher lips was - Public-Private Partnerships (P3). P3 sounds wonderful on the surface but what exactly is a Public-Private Partnership? Well, it's code for privitization.

P3 is at a rebranding of privatization. The phrase implies a win-win circumstance by connecting corporations (for profit) and Government (non-profit) for a common good.

P3s are contractual agreements between a government agency and a private entity that typically involve the renovation, construction, operation, maintenance, or management of a facility or system. The agency generally retains ownership in the facility or system, but the private entity has additional decision rights in determining how the project or task is completed


Something else stands out when you watch Mr. Kutcher's speech, he describes himself as an entrepreneur and a 'venture capitalist'. Again, nothing wrong with adventures in money but if we really think about what's implied here, it seems rather self -serving and well, exploitive. In essence, Kutcher sees his digital company THORN, and the proprietary software it creates, as a capitalist pursuit in the realm of humanitarian aid.

Unashamed, Kutcher exploits the personal tragedies of trafficking victims before asking the SFRC for a government handout.
This will not come as a surprise to anyone familiar with his co-conspirator Ernie Allen who gave himself an annual salary of over a million dollars while he was at the NCMEC.

Not only that, but the NCMEC is a quasi-governmental organization and -

[NCMEC] gets more than half of its money from U.S. taxpayers.

In this economy, the venture capitalist knows that there are very few new markets to 'exploit' and therefore they have their eyes on the public purse, taxpayer money.

A company sponsored by billion dollar corporations such as Google, Palantir, and Facebook comes to the SFRC hearing to beg for money.

So before you praise Mr. Kutcher, THORN and co. for their valiant and noble pursuits, know what you are really watching. Corporate welfare dressed up in a Hollywood facade.

The only one getting PUNK'D here is the average American taxpayer.

If we're to take Mr. Kutcher and his theatrics seriously, he asks us to believe that the Department of Homeland Security called a former underwear model, the guy from the movie "Dude Where's My Car?" and the TV show "Punk'd" for help, as a last line of defense to combat human trafficking...rrriiight...

Good luck with that venture vulture capitalism Ashton.

Relevant Post: Hiding in Plain Sight - NCMEC

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Because of your post, I have joined steemit. Great Job! I will also be covering this on my show tomorrow.

We're following you on Twitter now.

Nice work! My bullshit radar was definitely going off during his performance. Thanks for taking the time to dig a little deeper. We all need to keep an eye on those who serve as public advocates for human trafficking in our own cities because unfortunately they end up being related to the operation in some way. Look up the organizations set up to fight child trafficking in your own area and keep an eye on their board members. Many are devoted to the cause but many are on the take.

Your article got plugged yesterday by What They Won't Tell You's YouTube channel:

My partner follows that channel and told me a steemit author was credited. Keep up the great work.

Nice details. Good post. Keep up the good work. Investigation is good. Question everything. Follow the money.

Yes, follow the money. It's always about the money.

Ashton is a pawn in the Palantir con.

Years ago when McCain ran for President I used to call him "Insane McCain". I didn't support either side, but he's very crooked.

He plays upon his time as a P.O.W. a great deal. People don't seem to get, being imprisoned and tortured has nothing to do with whether you are a good person or not. Were you mistreated? Yes... but, that doesn't mean you suddenly became a good person.

EDIT: If that worked that way then rehabilitating the entire planet would be easy. :)

Not only does being once a victim doesn't make somebody becoming a good person by default, but it also doesn't automatically produce good judgment on the part of the mistreated. Here is John McCain guaranteeing Russia and Iran would not get involve in Syria and being ask about being photographed with known terrorists:

Yeah he is scum as far as I am concerned.

EDIT: It'd be nice if people like him and Nancy Pelosi would stop being elected by their respective states. See what I did there? One is a democrat and one is a republican. I'm an equal opportunity house cleaner.

Good point, he really milks the POW thing. It seems that he can use it as a shield in many instances.
I Totally agree - being tortured does not make one virtuous - maybe people give him a pass because of that.

He's a war monger. Always showing up in conflict zones.

If he had his way we'd be deep into World War 3 by now and he'd be loving every minute of it. He's not the only one with that problem in BOTH parties.

For sure...

You know, McCain and Hillary are reported to have solid friendship?

Makes sense.

War mongers, and big money prostitutes.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that the US has only 1 party, and use wedge issues to differentiate themselves, while their core interests are the same.

I work today as a paralegal. I can show you actual cases right now in AZ where McCain focused most of his "No Such Thing" campaign, which we were not a part of I'd like to add, that are now where the system itself is now involved in the sex trafficking of children - just like what's going on in Ohio for example, and Nevada, and the other states where it's also been leaked to the press that the so called "rescues" and "rescuers" are the ones doing the actual trafficking. If you don't know what I mean by that - google Joohon David Lee out of Las Vegas who was using Homeland Security money and ICE badges to actually bring over victims on taxpayers' money and time from China, or what Rob Portman finally got exposed as happening in an Ohio sex trafficking rescue, and the list goes on. Only we can't get the news out about what's REALLY going on with respect to domestic sex trafficking because of events like Ashton Kutcher getting all the press, or Samoly Mam's hogging the mike, or the other fakes they've been hogging up the mike with so the REAL voices and stories aren't heard. Forgot to add - what McCain did was WIPE OUT CPS in Arizona - and replace it with the DCS. What's the difference? Instead of CPS staffed by trained socail workers, it's not the Dept. of Child Services (sounds alike right), only ran by the Attorney General's office. Instead of social workers, they now use COPS. Do you know the REAL reason why McCain wants them classified as "victims" instead of "criminals"? Because as a "criminal" you have the right to an attorney for one. For another, due process. Meaning if you aren't charged with a crime they have to let you go. Right now there are 1000 children behind indefinitely detained by DCS in Arizona being held in detention without an attorney or even a counselor as a "witness". They're being held until they can have them "testify" against "traffickers" they can't testify against because they're either their parents, or people within the system the system won't prosecute because they can't such as Joohon David Lee - who they couldn't prosecute for sex trafficking because he was immune. So while they sort out these problems - these kids are being held by DCS indefinitely - and guess who is racking in the bucks on that number at the expense of these kids' lives? You think I"m kidding? That's why a team of lawyers right now is trying to get these kids out of there and you're not hearing about it in the press because of Ashton Kutcher and McCain making sure they hog the mike.

Outstanding- I must admit I was hoodwinked by Kutcher's performance- thanks for connecting the dots- would you mind if I linked your post on my FB page as a correction? Can non- steemers open links to stee
mer's posts?

Thank you,
You can absolutely link to my article and I'm farily certain that non-members can access Steemit posts.

Cool -
thanks- just posted up in several groups totally about 30k members

Awesome, do me a favor and give me some feedback later on, cheers!

Update- still getting lots of shares, likes and comments on your article in the various FB pages where I posted it. Way above average activity.

Thanks for the update, happy to hear that^^

Thank you for the research- I'll also add that a few peeps aren't so happy about my posting- LOL- oh well. The facts and connections speak for themselves.

LOL, now that's more like it!

If people are none too happy about the article then it means that I'm doing something right in this muckraking. This is by far the most views I've had here but it hasn't translated into more votes.

Given time, I think people will realize the truth.

Thanks again

I'm the person who led the movement to have modern domestic sex trafficking recognized as real with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 that turned this issue from something people once thought of as an "urban myth" into something where victims were now able to be treated as that and not as "criminals" as they were before. I say that because in the past, before the Act was passed, police would raid such illegal brothels and arrest the victims as criminals along with the pimps and traffickers. Which means that if there was "alcoholism" I'm Bill Wilson who founded Alcoholics Anonymous. You can verify this fact with REAL news clips that can be looked up and verified as such at I earned that nickname when the first safe house in the country for adults got me busted under the false charge of being a "pimp" by the men involved in Iran Contra who wanted the place shut down and me shut up. So when Ashton Kutcher is up there talking about this issue while I was even invited to watch - clearly something's wrong with this picture. I can assure you the money that's being raised is not going to REAL victims EITHER. Why do you think they had to bring in an ACTOR? Because while the actor was there - no one is asking "where are the real survivors?" We weren't invited so it's not about us then is it? Every single event so far since 2009 that's been held where the largest, and oldest, group that started the movement itself hasn't been invited has been proven to be bogus - from this to Samoly Mam to name but only one other of many examples. Thank you for pointing out about Palantir by the way - many of the so called "events" lately are being held strictly to gather information by the CIA - the very people I witnessed involved in international sex trafficking of American women. A fact btw Bruce Lee actually did try to alert us to in the opening sequence of "Enter the Dragon" - the film that he was found dead only 3 weeks before the film opened and no one even talked about why it seemed like American women were featured as the victims in that film?

Yeah, i think they play well together.

I was just commenting to another steemian about McCain's war mongering and how he's always popping up in war zones (Syria / Ukraine).

Good stuff, upvoted and following

Yeah that POS is the proven father of ISIL- plenty of evidence- including photographic that supports that assertion. Following as well

4 votes 4 views! Thank you for this!!!!

So an actor can't use his fame and his following to do something right? So a price tag involved to do this work bothers you?
Thorn is responsible for rescuing 6000 children so far!
I don't see anyone anywhere doing that kind of excellent work. But you're bitching because they're asking for money? You focus on this rather than caring that sadistic pedophiles are raping and murdering infants and toddlers ?
Twisted priorities much?
You and your agreeing commentators sound more like embedded apologists who have been covering for this sickness for ages. Disgusting that a business model matters more to you than rescuing the children from this nest of vipers
For shame!

@mesawind, Is there a reliable source behind that number of children rescued, and what happened to them after said "rescue"? It probably bears investigation in light of all the "child protecting" agencies that have been used as trafficking fronts over the years.

In any case, even if they are asking for money, I highly doubt the involved parties actually need the money. It's more probable that using a celebrity darling to request such funds is just a handy narrative within which to sales the sleeping masses into a belief that entities like Palantir should be allowed involvement in policing these atrocities when some of their affiliates are linked to the problem. A clear conflict of interest, and a hypocrisy it seems that @v4vapid is working to shine a light on. So I don't really understand your animosity, or accusation that the author actually cares more about a business model than about rescuing children. It seems, rather, that by dedicating their time to untangling these lies and keeping the public informed, the author cares very much about TRUE protection for the children in question, and not just about the warm-fuzzy-feeling one gets when an entity vested in cover-up tells you "the children are safe" (wink-wink).

I hope you are a paid troll of sorts, and not genuinely missing the intentions of people who devote so much time to research.

Yes there is - and each one of these "projects" have proven to be completely faked. Children of the Night is the first program founded in 1979 to actually assist said juvenile victims. I created the program for adults shortly after her. You'll notice news stories of things like the "innocent lost" project did not contain either of our names, but were later proven to be "one of the largest sex trafficking scams of the century". Just as Samoly Mam was proven to be bogus - who also didn't have me or Lois Lee (Children of the Night's founder) invited to their events either.

I think it's the fact that he's a part the McCain institute and other leakers within government are hinting that John McCain is probably one of the pedos being investigated too now, and we will find out soon enough. McCain for sure isn't a good person, that much I already know, so this post makes Ashton's involvement w/these types highly suspect. We all care about the children, that's why we're doing this work, trying to see who's real and who's actually helping the perverts!

The "price tag" for what he did was the silencing OF REAL SEX TRAFFICKING VICTIMS WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN TESTIFYING AT THAT SAME TRIAL WHO WERE SILENCED BY HIS APPEARANCE. Or didn't anyone notice that we weren't even invited to the dance when it's supposedly about "us" right? Hmm. Let me ask you this - if James Woods who played Bill Wilson in the film spoke at Congress about alcoholism while Bill Wilson, and no members of AA were invited (if Bill were alive as I'm alive), then would you really be saying that what you saw was really about helping alcoholics? Hm? It's called a technique to hide our voices in plain sight - while you're listening to him you're not listening to US. Oh that happens to be the oldest and largest group and hotline that started the movement to have this recognized as real from a time when people used to laugh and say sex trafficking didn't even exist anymore.

Wow! I never liked him anyways but another thing to keep in mind about human trafficking and the "cause to stop it" is... at the end of the day it is a business! Just like any other non profit 501 C3. Yea, I guess people care but what truly motivates is money. Anti-human trafficking coalitions with 501 C3 exploit human trafficking by using it to make money. People who contribute do it to save money. I can say in truth from personal experience in that world that there are alot of people out there who are in the streets helping victims and using money out of pocket with the only motivation is making changes in personal lives of people who suffer. One person I would like to mention is not a celebrity except to the hundreds of victims and what she calls "High risk" victims, (a high risk victim is described as a person who has found themselves in a situation that puts them in the position that makes them ideal targets for human traffickers.
Her name is Veronica Lamb, in Honolulu Hawaii. She started a safe house using her own money and opperating under her churchs 501 C3 for legal reasons. The only money she ever got to help were donations from the people in her church. This was not big money. We are talking about money to help cover rent to house the victims when she fell short some months. Money to feed the woman until they were approved for food stamps. She never took more then she needed to keep her safe house afloat. She kept the womans location safe from not only traffickers, but from the honolulu police, knowing that corruption trickles from the highest sources.
The safe house was called "Zoe House" and it was a place that even the police themselves reached out to for help when they had a victim with no place to turn.
What was her motivation besides love? She felt she had a calling from Jesus to do this. I will share a story and interview her in a future post.

So let it not shock anyone when money appears to be the motivator in human trafficking causes. I have no doubt in 10 years they will have lost interest and move on to the next hot ticket in non profits. Ever hear of save the whales anymore? Have the whales been saved?

interesting report!

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