Yes, follow the money. It's always about the money.

Ashton is a pawn in the Palantir con.

Years ago when McCain ran for President I used to call him "Insane McCain". I didn't support either side, but he's very crooked.

He plays upon his time as a P.O.W. a great deal. People don't seem to get, being imprisoned and tortured has nothing to do with whether you are a good person or not. Were you mistreated? Yes... but, that doesn't mean you suddenly became a good person.

EDIT: If that worked that way then rehabilitating the entire planet would be easy. :)

Not only does being once a victim doesn't make somebody becoming a good person by default, but it also doesn't automatically produce good judgment on the part of the mistreated. Here is John McCain guaranteeing Russia and Iran would not get involve in Syria and being ask about being photographed with known terrorists:

Yeah he is scum as far as I am concerned.

EDIT: It'd be nice if people like him and Nancy Pelosi would stop being elected by their respective states. See what I did there? One is a democrat and one is a republican. I'm an equal opportunity house cleaner.

Good point, he really milks the POW thing. It seems that he can use it as a shield in many instances.
I Totally agree - being tortured does not make one virtuous - maybe people give him a pass because of that.

He's a war monger. Always showing up in conflict zones.

If he had his way we'd be deep into World War 3 by now and he'd be loving every minute of it. He's not the only one with that problem in BOTH parties.

For sure...

You know, McCain and Hillary are reported to have solid friendship?

Makes sense.

War mongers, and big money prostitutes.

I'm a firm believer in the idea that the US has only 1 party, and use wedge issues to differentiate themselves, while their core interests are the same.

I work today as a paralegal. I can show you actual cases right now in AZ where McCain focused most of his "No Such Thing" campaign, which we were not a part of I'd like to add, that are now where the system itself is now involved in the sex trafficking of children - just like what's going on in Ohio for example, and Nevada, and the other states where it's also been leaked to the press that the so called "rescues" and "rescuers" are the ones doing the actual trafficking. If you don't know what I mean by that - google Joohon David Lee out of Las Vegas who was using Homeland Security money and ICE badges to actually bring over victims on taxpayers' money and time from China, or what Rob Portman finally got exposed as happening in an Ohio sex trafficking rescue, and the list goes on. Only we can't get the news out about what's REALLY going on with respect to domestic sex trafficking because of events like Ashton Kutcher getting all the press, or Samoly Mam's hogging the mike, or the other fakes they've been hogging up the mike with so the REAL voices and stories aren't heard. Forgot to add - what McCain did was WIPE OUT CPS in Arizona - and replace it with the DCS. What's the difference? Instead of CPS staffed by trained socail workers, it's not the Dept. of Child Services (sounds alike right), only ran by the Attorney General's office. Instead of social workers, they now use COPS. Do you know the REAL reason why McCain wants them classified as "victims" instead of "criminals"? Because as a "criminal" you have the right to an attorney for one. For another, due process. Meaning if you aren't charged with a crime they have to let you go. Right now there are 1000 children behind indefinitely detained by DCS in Arizona being held in detention without an attorney or even a counselor as a "witness". They're being held until they can have them "testify" against "traffickers" they can't testify against because they're either their parents, or people within the system the system won't prosecute because they can't such as Joohon David Lee - who they couldn't prosecute for sex trafficking because he was immune. So while they sort out these problems - these kids are being held by DCS indefinitely - and guess who is racking in the bucks on that number at the expense of these kids' lives? You think I"m kidding? That's why a team of lawyers right now is trying to get these kids out of there and you're not hearing about it in the press because of Ashton Kutcher and McCain making sure they hog the mike.

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