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RE: America Gets PUNK'D by Ashton Kutcher and the McCain Institute for Public Funds

in #humantrafficking7 years ago (edited)

Outstanding- I must admit I was hoodwinked by Kutcher's performance- thanks for connecting the dots- would you mind if I linked your post on my FB page as a correction? Can non- steemers open links to stee
mer's posts?


Thank you,
You can absolutely link to my article and I'm farily certain that non-members can access Steemit posts.

Cool -
thanks- just posted up in several groups totally about 30k members

Awesome, do me a favor and give me some feedback later on, cheers!

Update- still getting lots of shares, likes and comments on your article in the various FB pages where I posted it. Way above average activity.

Thanks for the update, happy to hear that^^

Thank you for the research- I'll also add that a few peeps aren't so happy about my posting- LOL- oh well. The facts and connections speak for themselves.

LOL, now that's more like it!

If people are none too happy about the article then it means that I'm doing something right in this muckraking. This is by far the most views I've had here but it hasn't translated into more votes.

Given time, I think people will realize the truth.

Thanks again

I'm the person who led the movement to have modern domestic sex trafficking recognized as real with the passing of the Trafficking Act of 2000 that turned this issue from something people once thought of as an "urban myth" into something where victims were now able to be treated as that and not as "criminals" as they were before. I say that because in the past, before the Act was passed, police would raid such illegal brothels and arrest the victims as criminals along with the pimps and traffickers. Which means that if there was "alcoholism" I'm Bill Wilson who founded Alcoholics Anonymous. You can verify this fact with REAL news clips that can be looked up and verified as such at I earned that nickname when the first safe house in the country for adults got me busted under the false charge of being a "pimp" by the men involved in Iran Contra who wanted the place shut down and me shut up. So when Ashton Kutcher is up there talking about this issue while I was even invited to watch - clearly something's wrong with this picture. I can assure you the money that's being raised is not going to REAL victims EITHER. Why do you think they had to bring in an ACTOR? Because while the actor was there - no one is asking "where are the real survivors?" We weren't invited so it's not about us then is it? Every single event so far since 2009 that's been held where the largest, and oldest, group that started the movement itself hasn't been invited has been proven to be bogus - from this to Samoly Mam to name but only one other of many examples. Thank you for pointing out about Palantir by the way - many of the so called "events" lately are being held strictly to gather information by the CIA - the very people I witnessed involved in international sex trafficking of American women. A fact btw Bruce Lee actually did try to alert us to in the opening sequence of "Enter the Dragon" - the film that he was found dead only 3 weeks before the film opened and no one even talked about why it seemed like American women were featured as the victims in that film?

Yeah, i think they play well together.

I was just commenting to another steemian about McCain's war mongering and how he's always popping up in war zones (Syria / Ukraine).

Good stuff, upvoted and following

Yeah that POS is the proven father of ISIL- plenty of evidence- including photographic that supports that assertion. Following as well

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